Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grestian convolutions resolve

Via GAIA Portal, 20 January 2015

Grestian convolutions resolve.

Traditional movements are seen for what they are, and are released.

Stellarisations come to the forefront, as Illuminaries subside.

Fraternal orders stand down.

Maternal paradigms stand up.


danilo verticelli said...

With much respect for the choice to publish these messages but... is there just one of you understanding what actually they would mean?
There's one, just one of you who knows to who these messages belong actually?

Michael said...

I've asked myself the same questions.

Laron said...

I find on a regular basis that they match right up to other aspects going on. For example, this one and the previous one coincides with the dates of the energetic and astrological situation that Michael spoke about in the Energy Shift article.

So they correlate with other events and if you are following such things, or if you are able to sense into the energies or hear from people that do, this can also help understand what they are relating to, since the messages are usually very difficult to understand.

So if I did a quick interpretation of this one, i would say that a situation is coming to a resolution. Energies are being releases, and subsiding. Fraternal orders standing down could mean that there has been an intelligence involved with the recent situation, from multiple fronts, so what was planned by more than one, is now ending.

You could say with the last sentence, mother earth is perhaps once again the more active energy, as it stands back up and continues on with whatever it is that's its doing which influences us, but it could also relate to the new earth process.

My feeling is that this is not a person writing these, but software that has been developed to connect into what is going on, or possibly a combination of the two.

Laron said...

What I will do is post this on transients Facebook Group and see what else people can pick up from it's meaning this time around.

Rustam S. said...

Danilo, I think real question should be - at what particular group are these messages aimed at? It is why they are coded. There was some information at GP 'blog' that these messages are not 'for everyone'.

Rainbow Warrior said...

hahaha… Every time I read Gaia Portal's messages, I find myself looking up the definitions of words used. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has no idea what's going on here. The messages usually sound pretty good, though, so I just go with how it makes me feel.

Laron said...

Comment from Linda (USA),

"The Gaia Portal messages frequently make sense to me. The best way I can explain it is that the words resonate deep within me. Trying to parse them out for meaning does not work very well. The rhythm and flow of the words carry the message, rather than just the words alone. Among my friends, the ones who “get” the messages are closely involved with the energies of the earth. I am more at home outside and with animals and than anywhere else.

Often something unusual happens in my life right before one of these messages appears. I experienced flocks of birds around me and a group of doves lining a walk way just before a message about “spreading of wings”. Yesterday I wrote a response to a news article, which flowed from my heart. My husband remarked that only a mother could have written it. Today, there was a message about “maternal paradigms”.

Again, when I look at my friends who find meaning in the messages, I see a group of people who appear quiet, ordinary, and don’t attract much attention. We are here; we just don’t make much noise."

Ma Pantha said...

These are messages which resonate. Maybe they’re about truth which is already manifested on the astral or etheric level, but they’re given because they are becoming truth here-now. I looked up a link offered by Earth plan website http://www.bible.ca/history/philip-schaff/5_ch08.htm) which pointed to Grestian Abbey, a place in medieval times where the monks and nuns were engaged in all kinds of abuses, avarice, quarrelling, murder, profligacy. These convolutions are now resolving. Abuses will be disclosed and dealt with (overcome); no need for greed when the money system disappears, no need for profligacy (could mean for example governments using quantitative easing to print more money – not backed up with actual value). Quarrelling is an aspect of duality – when we “get” the Law of One, that will subside. Murder is what has just gone on within false flag operations all over the world. Monks and nuns are supposed to live spiritual lives, but these Grestian ones got off the track. Fraternal twins are when a single egg splits in 2 and both are fertilized. Negativity splitting and dissecting things is going to take a back seat. Illuminaries light the way but now they are outshone by the full glory of the stellar manifestations. An emphasis on the female polarity (not necessarily specifically women) will emerge and the patriarchal paradigm will slow down/cease. The female polarity may signify empathy, giving rather than receiving, unconditional love, or even a fierce stance of protection. It is the regaining of balance after the patriarchal age of Pisces.

danilo verticelli said...

In few words we are reading sentences written by a software? Transhumanism at its first stages?

I wasn't talking about what "actually" (yes, I wrote this but let's go a little bit over), grammatically they could mean, even though often the grammatical meaning is as well very wrong or cryptic.
I was rhetorically asking, having read them from the beginning, that is from 2012 more or less, what are the inner differences among the messages. If we take randomly one of the past messages they say more or less the same concepts, that are the same that Laron is clearly exposing above. A situation is "coming" to a resolution. Ok.
Then, as I am often skeptic about messages, channelers etc, not all but many of them, I simply was wondering who practically was inputting these data in the website and "why". Who registered the blog, his/her history, experiences, affordability.
Maybe they are targeted to a chosen group who can understand. Ok. This is a romantic interpretation even if not that wrong. It reminds me the famous London Radio in the IIWW sending out sentences and advises apparently without any sense of logic.
If it was this the right option, it is absolutely useless for us to publish or to read them. Or to force ourselves to try to understand a simple iota in them. Instead, spreading the messages we could force the interest of the Cabala on them.
Then, there are lot of things giving us good vibrations. Drugs included. LOL And it is not that significant if someone thinks that they produce inducted outer effects.
They don't induce effects. They likely just force our own mind to produce the effects we would like to produce. They, as well as every picture, song, sound, event, emotion, religion.
This is not the point.
And the point is not if we find some logical and reasonable meaning in them. We do it. Me too.
- follows

danilo verticelli said...

... The point is: how affordable and reliable is the unknown font writing them? Who is? Who can really (out of this small group of dreamers reading these sites they could think us crazy) bet one cent on the seriousness of that blog?

Maybe these are just empty questions. As someone uses to state: the important is that we feel good.
I don't agree at all.
While we feel good reading nice sentences, pages, messages, out there things are going like the Cabala planned. While we feel good in the consciousness that "Gaia" is changing things, etc, etc, we refuse to "stand up", instead, against real problems. Because we put our confidence in "Gaia", "SaLuSa" and all the plethora of strange messengers talking for years and stating, every damn message, that things are "soon" to be completed and ready. More or less the same dry concepts of GP.

So, to drive to an end of my question, IF we don't give up to the practical problems and we use these messages just as a folkloristic help to our mood while we do real actions against the real problems, they are welcome.
But IF they presume to replace the "action" with the "emotion" given us by message slike these, they are only the nth tool of the Cabala who wants us sleeping in a virtual happy hope of the changing from the "outside".
Gaia, if "she" wants to send us messages, must introduce herself to us and demonstrate to exist. If she wants to "speak" she must demonstrate to be able to speak, or the whole process thrugh "she" communicate with people that eventually write on thet blog, etc.
Otherwise we are, as Laron suggest, in the hands of a software dropping casual sentences and aggregating them randomly. Virtual marketing.

Someone of you have studied these sentences trying to find out similar structures (I talk about language) repeatedly used with the rotation of chosen words?

Excuse for my intervention. I often am very long when I write. And I must admit that these messages have the characteristics to uplift me as well.
But this is not the target. There are thousand of real and normal things uplifting us much more than these messages. A simple and mute dusk, for example. :)

Just curiosity. Regards

Flood said...

I have been commenting a lot lately and I know this is not a forum so I will keep this short. Danilo I will give you my opinion about positive change. We are receiving a lot of help, behind the scenes so to speak, from benevolent extraterrestrial races and the angelic realm. This is something we just have to have faith in. I do not believe that humanity can overthrow the cabal and power structure without this help. But I sincerely believe we are getting this help. It is humanity's part to effect positive change at the grass roots level.

There are many people out there who are in contact with these benevolent beings from other places and they are working alongside them in a variety of ways to effect positive change. Once again this is just something we have to trust. There are probably frequent visitors to this blog that are involved in this.

Peace, Josh

Laron said...

I think that the about section of the site provides a good insight into these, if a person hasn't already read this before,

"GaiaPortal conveys messages regarding changes and progress in Mother Earth’s planetary energy phases. The messages contained herein are to inform, assist, and alert those drawn to it, to energetic events transpiring moment to moment.

Those drawn to this site will know instantaneously if it is theirs to read.

The authors of this site are Star Beings connected to the sacred land of √Čire, and embody the original sacred feminine energy of that place.

This site is for transmission of messages only." https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/about-gaiaportal/

Danilo, when I first came across them I felt very much like you and as most of you know, I am very skeptical about anything 'channeled', and I have very good reason to be as I have found out certain things about channelers out there through asking questions via QHHT and also how the method works generally speaking. I have practiced it myself and have a limited understanding from that perspective as well.

Over time I continued to wonder if the effort that is required to actually work out what in the world each one is referring to, is actually worth... the effort. If i was not paying attention to the time period where one was posted, I couldn't really figure out what it was referring to at that time. (I mean I may have had a break from the internet and was not 'in the know' about anything else going on that could relate)

I know some people I trust put these messages in high regard. But I have to make my own decision around their usefulness, so what I did was just feel into them, and over time, I got to know them a bit better and I decided that some of them were worth sharing, some were not. I felt that they were actually picking up on the situation surrounding the times they were released, but of course in a really annoying and complicated riddle like way which required a dictionary most of the time, but then even that wouldn't always help as some words are made up. I also felt that there was a component to them that could be software based, and that made them even more interesting, as if that is true, it means the elimination of the human mind which can really impact the quality and reliability of a channeled message.

One thing I still ponder on though is what I mentioned above, how each one may not be worth the actual time it takes to decrypt them and how many people actually get something out of them because of that.

Today I added a question to a long list of questions, within Lai's next QHHT session (early next week at this stage) to find out about this GAIA portal.

danilo verticelli said...

Tx Laron. Indeed.

@Flood. Nobody states the contrary. It is. The question remains open: who is telling us that these fonts (personally I kinow at least four serious people who met different races and people from the space and I am involved in it even though it seems like not, but Laron can argue to QHHT about me) are sincere and not part of the dualistic game?
I also think that, due to the Annunaki and Bad Reptilian intervention who created us like we are, we are actually unable to evolve by ourselves and we need an outer intervention (hopefully by the "good" ones LOL).

Many other people involved, instead, think that they will never intervene and it is up to us to decide and free ourselves from the "Cabala" and Archons etc etc, however they still do exist here or not.

So, and I speak about the whole "channeling System", who can state that some particular channeling or message is released for our wealth and not for a much more hidden aim?
Especially if it is so cryptic, how can we be sure that by reading those letters and words, their pace, their sound don't allow hidden mechanisms, likely not that opportune?

I could go on for hours, speaking of Nidle, Quinsey, Lie, and many many channelers who promise, state, forecast and then find every excuse to justify their fails. Obviously they work for the Cabala or for their own Ego. In the meantime people follow them with "faith" and find very useless to spend time fighting (bad term but...) the opponents... "in the wait for Godot" (S. Beckett cit).
Ok, we'll see.

Flood said...

I suspect many channeled messages out there are tools used by the cabal for their own evil and insidious purposes. Whether Gaia Portal is real and love I don't know, higher minds than mine will have to answer that question. In my opinion though whether a person is reading authentic messages or subtle mind-control tools they are still better off to only check in on this stuff sparingly, and to actually go out and take action and try to effect change on the grass- roots level. Or better yet work on raising their vibration through one of the ways Laron has previously suggested. Everyone's situation is different though and people have to decide for themselves.

Some people who are not open to reading about metaphysical/esoteric things or even conspiracies are also not concerned with activism or grass-roots change as well. And a person has to be very careful about what types of organizations and activism they support. Many organizations funnel money to the powers that be, and are set up to actually support the current power/control system. If you are giving your energy and money to these organizations, you are not supporting positive change, you are actually supporting the bad guys and the cabal and the current control system. I am sure you already know this Danilo we are just having a discussion. A pertinent example that comes to mind is the "CURE CANCER", "FIGHT CANCER" , organizations and funds. We already have multiple cures and treatments for cancer that cures it, but the pharmacuetical industry will not allow these to be widespread and they want you to buy in to their pills and barbaric ways of treating this disease.

danilo verticelli said...

Following the thread. I meant "to fight" in ourselves and through the daily work of spreading the alternative news. There's no rational organization that's no linked with TPTB. But, some way, there's also a big difference between to wait the help or the change or the disclosure or the ascension (all themes of the latest two years) being "centered" and "detached", and to fight, against ourselves too (how many sedimented convictions must we had to change lately?) against the System, against the convictions of the other's, etc.
I think, but this is only a thought of mine, that never like right now Human Kind has had the task to "fight" for its freedom, without waiting for some "cities of lights" (another BS by Quinsey and Genii Townsend, never happened) or "pillars of light" (this one, dated 2011 by Blossom Goodchild) or the fantastic travel on the Neptune (this one by the staff of Beckow & Co, Linda Dillon first). Just to quote few examples that drove thousand, if not millions, of people far from the real need. But not far from those persons' incomes.

Those people, sadly deceived and still they are, by reading comments to the weekly communications of the various channelers, gave up the contrast (debate) on the real playgrounds, preferring to sit and read and meditate, in the hope (for them certainty) that the "energies" would have been enough to change the mind of the Cabala. And the consequences are, one for all, a new Charlie Hebdo or some bomb in some Syrian school, etc, etc. All naturally related to the same old, boring, Power-That-Be.

We need ALL the people "fighting". We cannot stand millions of people closing their eyes and meditating. It is not the moment. Not now. Channeling, messaging and all the post whose origin cannot be rationally proved, distance people from this poor old world, showing them an alleged new world, new era, new age, gold age, something good, precious and new, where our pains don't exist and will never do. Nice but... tricky. At least, not in this form and way. Not immediately. Not during the night (still remembering all the things said about the 12/21/12...

Naturally, we all know that all this stage doesn't exist, we are only a virtual game and my words are some way like useless, if we see the real essence of being. But IF we want to play the game of living the Life, the rules are others. IF we want to evolve as a Kind and not singularly, rules are others than simply isolating ourselves and closing the eyes and accessing astral or other planes of existence.

This is 3D, baby (I quote).

"SOMETHING’S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love, and Healing! are now available for $34.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling in the US ($19.95 in Canada and $23.95 other countries)." by Genii Townsend. During the publication of the book, in December, she forecasted that cities of light should have shown themselves in Christmas day. Quinsey (SaLuSa) confirmed. Her books went sold quickly. No cities seen. LOL

It is not my ad for her, it is just the documentation of how those people do gain money by spreading channeling around.