Friday, January 9, 2015

France and the Charlie Hebdo attack - Focus Sessions

Bad things happen every day. And so do many good things. We can choose to focus on anything we want to focus on. If we focus on the negative too much, that can become part of us on so many levels to the point of our personal vibration being impacted in a it's own negative way. This is also how great fear can manifest. Fear holds people back from consciousness and spiritual progression.

Situations like this may not be as simple as another distraction for the populace or another false flag, but may just have a much grander and thought out plan as Lyn has touched upon within this psychic based reading on the recent Charlie Hebdo tragedy in France. These attacks in different countries in relation to ISIS, may just be the beginning of something that will impact people in a more real way, if it escalates eventually.

So with this situation, it's good to just be aware and from being aware we don't need to fear. (yes, that certainly does rhyme)

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 8 January 2015

Q. Psychic Focus, What did you see in this horrendous Charlie Hebo attack? Do you see more attacks by Islamist terrorists in Europe? How did the French police manage to identity the 3 attackers when they are masked? We shall not bow to Fear & Intimidation
A. The first thing I get is "When things start to get quiet, a sprinkle of fear needs to be laid down."  The energy around the world feels like it is building, and at some point there will be a point where the energy bursts, and at that time a major battle will ensue. The seeds are being planted everywhere (Canada, Australia and now France along with others) of how there are terrorists and rogue ISIS groups emerging.  The groundwork is being laid that we need to be fearful, we are not safe and eventually action will need to be taken to stop ISIS.  Many people don't want a war, but with enough fear and worry, a war will be justifiable, and "the people will want it to feel safe again."

I do see more attacks.  I see them being very sporadic, and intentionally"odd" (facts don't add up, evidence doesn't align with what is told, facts appear to be assumptions and some evidence gets misplaced or contaminated).  I get an image of a board meeting, and in the center they are rolling dice to see what they want to focus on next.

I don't see any definite evidence in being able to identify these people.  I get that when this happened some names were "dropped" several times, and by hearing it over and over, they became the "names" that were used. It was as if the names they wanted used were known, and talking about them made it real.  ???  I also get that the names given are not these men's birth names- something between the face of the person and the name doesn't match. They feel like "spokesman" for ISIS in this.

Q. Why do we really care about ISIS? 
A. I keep seeing Hitler references.  Hitler (even though is viewed as bad by many people) unified Germany, got them out of debt and formed a strong army.  The world didn't want him to advance or grow beyond where he already was, and he was stopped.

I get ISIS (or the illusion of ISIS) is similar to that (by what I am seeing).  The image we are shown in the media is that ISIS is growing, has dedicated soldiers, and is becoming strong.  We are creating the same emotional feelings that we had towards Hitler.

There are a couple of reasons that we care about this group: 1. Many countries helped to create this "group."  Many countries thought a partnership was being made that allowed a way to monitor oil and political events in other countries (kind of like the CIA without being called "CIA") that didn't have an outside military presence.  2. The world revolves around oil (I hear it referred to as "black gold.")

Q. Hamid M,  an 18 year old brother in law of the 2 suspects went spontaneously to he police. If the 2 others are really not involved, why don't they follow his example?
A. I see that once a "patsy" is named, it is nearly impossible to reverse it (then I get a flood of Boson Bombing symbols come to me).  The brother in law went to clear his name, and when he realized he couldn't, I see a deal being made where he has to admit some level of guilt.

Even though terrible things are going on, we have to break the cycle of fear.  I get that fear is a dominating force used to control us physically and mentally.   I see an image of a child that is scared of the dark, but once we turn the light on, there is nothing to fear.  I get much of our world is like that- we live with the lights off.  We can't live waiting on the next event because doing so just adds more negative (fearful) energy to the universe.  If we focus on positivity and sent out higher vibrations, we can really make a difference (and start turning the lights on)..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

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