Sunday, January 25, 2015

Change to the commenting system

This is just a post explaining that I have removed the embedded commenting system and replaced it with a 'full page' system. (This is just a setting I modified very easily)

A lot of people have trouble commenting through the blogger system that this website is hosted on. Research tells me that embedded comments can cause login issues and errors, and that full page comments can solve some of them.

As you will now see, the comments look different and you can no longer reply under another persons comment, you have to reply at the bottom. So this feature has been lost, but if more people can now comment, it will be worth the change.

When I say embedded, that means that you scroll to the bottom of an article, and type up your comment without being re-directed anywhere, and then submit the post button. But now, when you click on the 'Post a comment' link at the bottom of an article, under any existing comments, you will be redirected to a totally different page. From there, you can see the existing comments in relation to the specific article you were previously at, and you can also post your comment. There are some HTML options now available as well.

Above is a screen shot of what I mean after you are redirected to the commenting page. You can still choose an identity, which you might want to do before you write up your comment. If you are logged in, you will need to click on the box 'I'm not a robot', or it may not even be there at that stage.

If you are not logged in and you click on that box, a pop up will appear with a capture code that you need to type in. This should only happen if you are not logged in. So log in first, then click on that 'I'm not a robot' box. 

From my tests, you will not loose your comment if you are not logged in and you then log in with a google based account, but you will loose your comment if you are not logged in and then try and log in with a wordpress account. It's best to log in first before commenting and you will know if you are logged in based on what is displayed in the identity section. 

Once you submit your comment, it will appear on the left side of the screen unless you are commenting on an old article as I have moderation turned on to catch spam. But if that is the case, you will see some text telling you that comment moderation is turned on, exactly like what is displayed in the image below.

If you are not logged in, you will also see an OpenID option. If you don't have a google account or don't wish to use a google account, you can first select your OpenID name, if you have one, otherwise you still have the same choices as before. The most common option when not using a google based account would be Wordpress. 

If you want to use a wordpress login, you will have to click on the OpenID box, which of course doens't make sense as you are trying to find the option of logging in with wordpress, but that's how blogger has it set. As you see above, once you do that, wordpress can be selected and you can then log in.

However, if you are using a Wordpress login and that username is not setup as a name of your own blog with wordpress, it will not work. For example, when I tested all of this just now I logged into wordpress, but when I try to comment back on an article on transients, it tells me "You do not own that identity." So I am unable to comment with my wordpress account because I do not have a blog setup in wordpress with the same username of my wordpress account.

Also note that you will loose your comment if you are trying to log in with wordpress, as you need to be logged in first. You will be redirected if you are not, and the comment will be lost. 

I may look at another commenting system that I can implement to completely replace the blogger commenting system, as I know how much a lot of you dislike google and would prefer to comment with wordpress. (i will be moving the whole site to another hosting platform this year as well)

Hopefully those of you that prefer the embedded commenting system will understand why I have made this change.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you can now comment, where before you may not have been able to. It would be great to understand if this has helped anyone. I am unable to test this on a mobile device so feedback from mobile users would be great to hear as well.


Mannizev said...

Test. Well Laron, the new system is already already working. said...

..... and the winner is... these envelopes are always so difficult to open, ha ha.... said...

The "prove you're not a robot" prompt took three tries to give a number/abc to retype, but it went through! So far so good! I've been unable to comment for a couple months.

Laron said...

With a google account, all I have to do is click on the robot box and a tick comes up.

So I don't need to type in a captcha if I am logged in already with a google account.

For the record, I really dislike captcha codes and I always find myself getting them wrong.. no matter how focused I am. So I hope that people don't have them come up every single time they comment now.

Laron said...

And thank's for the feedback so far you two.

Wherami said...

Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition

Maunagarjana said...

Yay, I can commment again! But damn, these captchas are hard to make out.

Linda said...

If you search captchas and TED talks, you will find a talk by the man who invented them. As we deciphering the squiggles, we are helping digitize books. When old books are scanned and run through OCR, some of the words don't make the transition. That is where the captchas come in. So, you see we are the Librarians!!

Fantastic Fox said...

I certainly hope that this comment system will receive the reply option in the future!

I'm already a bit annoyed with the captcha system. I had to type different numbers several time while writing up this comment here with my Google Account. I don't particularly like Google btw. ;)

Also I have to say that personally speaking I liked when this site had the darker theme, it was more easier for the eyes, but maybe that's just me!

Laron said...

FF, after you are logged in and you come back and comment again, do you have to do the captcha once more?

FF I am thinking about implementing this for comments,

Ahhg the captcha juts asked me to put numbers in ahhggg (i was signed in already)

Laron said...

@Wherami, I think the Spanish inquisition arrived! ;-)

Wherami said...

First time signed in nocaptcha lets see now . This is safari iPhone with logged in Google account
Lol yes it has!!

Wherami said...

Nope no catchas for me

Ivan Lukačević said...

testing! :)

Angelic View said...

Testing Testing 123

Laron said...

Confirmed working Miss View =)