Saturday, January 31, 2015

A collection of messages from GAIA Portal for the month of January, 2015

It has been an active month over on the GAIA Portal blog. As those long term readers know, from time to time I will post a message from there if I think it makes sense and fits into the current timing around what I know. But then each message can mean something different to the reader and can be interpreted in their own unique ways.

Here is a collection of all the messages from the GAIA Portal for the month of January so far. 

30th of January (GAIA Portal)

Forestations of confrontationals are now removed.
Next energetic phase begins.
Harbingers of Light are viewed in spectacular displays.
Concomitant releases and influxes of variant energies come forth.
hu-man awareness leaps to the Hue-level.
Rapid uplifts come for all of Gaia.

25th of January (GAIA Portal)

Long-standings are finished and no longer carry “attachment points”.
Moment-ous living is the “norm”.
All non-followers of the moment will fail.
Continuities come only with discontinuic BEing.
Inertial entities have left.
Such is the moment.
Gaia is prepared for finalization, in this moment.

22nd of January  (GAIA Portal)

Conclaves of Inner Guidance form at both Hue-manity and hu-manity realms.
Restitutions are considered for all, and revealed for some.
Timeline scenarios are narrowed to knife’s edge.
Remnants are cast off.
Truth is unveiled… to all… from within.

20th of January  (GAIA Portal)

Grestian convolutions resolve.
Traditional movements are seen for what they are, and are released.
Stellarisations come to the forefront, as Illuminaries subside.
Fraternal orders stand down.
Maternal paradigms stand up.

13th of January  (GAIA Portal)

Storm clouds gather to announce the next phase of Gaia Illumination.
Essence of Hue-Manity comes forth quickly.
Lights are manifested for all to see, as Gaia transits.
Flashes of brilliance signal the Higher Age.

9th of January  (GAIA Portal)

Stagnations have terminated.
Flow patterns establish within Higher Energetic grids.
Lenticular assets are carried forth.
Entry to Higher Light realms comes at moment’s notice.
Star Children are born again.

5th of January  (GAIA Portal)

Precipices reached and transcended.
Life forms of all Higher Dimensionals now activate for the finals.
Centricities have collected and assumed necessary formations.
Flights of passion and flights of joy are the sole travel options.
Comprehensive upgrades near completion.
Comprehensive global comprehensions are at home.
Expressions of Light come with ease.
Beings of Peace continue.

2nd of January  (GAIA Portal)

Star enchantments have been unveiled.
Flustering winds are calming.
Presence of night-watchers are no longer hidden from the Higher Levels.
Transmittance of essential energies is fluid, and such are received in clarity.
Gaia manipulations are finished.
Awaiting final instructions.

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