Sunday, December 28, 2014

What does a homeless man do with US $100?

Josh gives a homeless person $100, US. He then secretly follows him to see what he does with the money. After Josh gives this man the money, he receives a hug from him.

The first place this man goes is to a Liquor store. But he doesn't go in there to purchase booze. He buys some food and then goes and shares it with other homeless people. There is a lot more to this five minute video, including some background info around why the person became homeless. It has been seen just about 23 million times now over the past five days.


Fantastic Fox said...

They have raised already 115k dollars for Thomas in just a few days:

Truly heartwarming.

temporaryangel said...

That was beautiful, thank you Laron. I want to live on a planet full of people like that. I know this sounds strange, but it is comforting to know that should any of us end up in such a predicament, there are good people out there to form a tribe with.Caroline