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Unspun News for the 31st of December, 2014

By's contributing news service, Unspun

“Why America Can't Stop;  Or an attempt to describe how US problems correlate with international security. “

THIERRY MEYSSAN - Syria - “Not only are Washington "liberal hawks" doing everything in their power to prolong the crisis, but they have devised a plan to prepare a third war. Thierry Meyssan reveals here how they intend to use to their advantage the peace conference planned to be held in Moscow in late January 2015.”

“The Russian media forecasts a gloomy 2015”  Anyone going to argue?

“As a new year dawns I believe that those who are entertaining hope that the cause of justice for the Palestinians will be advanced by another Security Council resolution are guilty of wishful thinking. They may also be unaware of the history of Zionism’s success in corrupting and subverting the decision making process of the General Assembly as well as the Security Council.”

“New Snowden Docs Reveal Wider Net of NATO 'Kill List' Targets;  Reporting by Der Spiegel shows low-level suspected Taliban, drug traffickers targeted for killing“

MIKE WHITNEY - “Why would the Saudis suddenly abandon a strategy that allowed them to rake in twice as much dough as they are today? Don’t they like money anymore?”

Peter Koenig - “Europe Beware! – WWIII Could Destroy Europe for the Third Time in a Century”  Yeah - remember PNAC?  It’s alive and well…..
Wayne Madsen - “U.S. Citizens Continue to Infiltrate Eastern European Governments”  SHeeeesh - I’ll bet even a cancer cell would envy this success….

This is old, but still very relevant - “Anti-intellectualism is taking over the US”

US - “ [18 ] acute-care hospitals closed across the United States last year (…) and experts who see a raft of new regulatory processes being heaped upon the healthcare industry in the coming years, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, believe that a wave of additional closures are ahead.”  And where America goes today ...

“Chile’s center-left president Michelle Bachelet, (….), introduced new legislation Monday seeking to reform the labor code, boost union power, and reduce the gap between the rich and poor in a nation beset by severe income inequality.”  Guess that puts Chile on the list of terrorist countries ….

More on US “Perception Management” …..

“Iran Ready for New Round of Confrontation with US if There is No Other Option“

“Fukushima in a Nutshell: Here is the Truth“  “Some people might think: well, if the radiation leak would be that bad, then the authorities would do something about it, right? Unfortunately, they can't do anything about it.”  And they dare not admit that or they’d all be swinging from lamp-posts ….  

“Researchers from Norway and Russia have found significant amount of the greenhouse gas methane is leaking from an area of the Arctic seabed off the northern coast of Siberia.”

M5.2 @ 10km, S’n Iran.

Etna - an “intense but brief” eruption on Dec 29.

“At a maximum length of 23 centimetres and weighing just 16 grams, the world's smallest species of goanna has been discovered in the Kimberley.”  Always something new - even though we’ve almost trashed the planet!

“Floods and storms kill dozens of people in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines”

“A 2,500 Square-Mile Methane Plume Is Silently Hovering over Western US
Legacy of fossil fuel drilling is "giant cloud" of powerful greenhouse gas now visible from space“  Still think fracking is a good idea??

“Cold weather: Record 2014 freeze for England, Wales and Northern Ireland”  And Winter’s only just started?

“The Netherlands – Supermarket roof collapses“ under heavy snow.

“Frost and snowfall expected in Tunisia (Africa)“

BULGARIA - “Six-foot drifts blocked more than 1,000 cars and hurricane make traveling in the region impossible, according to traffic police.”

US - Oklahoma - “Oklahoma City’s one day snow fall record of 1.3 inches set in 1968 was smashed with 3.5 inches of snowfall on Saturday.”

“Huge Ukraine Snowstorm”

“Based on NOAA’s 2014 Arctic Report Card, the past 2 decades of ice loss in Greenland has slowed dramatically in 2013-2014.”

Philippines - “Tropical Storm "Seniang" (Jangmi) leaves a trail of destruction, “

“Sea Shepherd Retrieves 25 Kilometres Of Illegal Gillnet” in Southern Ocean.

“Bizarre Chinese forum posts may have predicted doomed AirAsia Flight QZ8501“

This is a rough-cut of a 1hr banned ‘Discovery Channel’ docco re pedophilia. Is there any doubt left that this sickening perversion is part of the culture of the world’s ‘elite’?  OK - Why?  I’d be thinking ‘control’, disenfrachisement, an accessible corps of PTSD victims ….

“Year End Thoughts On 2014 – Allen L Roland” … “We are slowly creating a soul based World Order where our minds are driven by our hearts, social cooperation and altruism (the innate driving forces of Evolution) and not by the ego’s need to dominate and control.   The universal message is simple ~ Be the change you want to see in the world, the directions are deepest within you.“


“Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) is now a naked-eye object.”  (Just!!)

“Jupiter …..  (…..) The Galileo spacecraft discovered electric currents flowing around the planet, just as Electric Universe advocates predicted. As Jupiter’s moon Io revolves, more than 2 trillion watts of power is dissipated between them. The electricity travels in Jupiter’s magnetic field, creating lightning in the planet’s upper atmosphere, as well as intense aurorae at the poles.”  Get used to it -  your Universe IS electric!

“Can we live to be 200 but feel and look like 21?  This doctor says Yes!“

“Study unveils new half-light half-matter quantum particles“

"The more you look at fear from an objective standpoint, as if you were not in your body - bring it out, hold it to the light, examine why it's making you crazy - the more power you have to eradicate the fear of it you are harboring."

~~ Jackie Lapin

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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