Saturday, December 27, 2014

Unspun News for the 27th of December, 2014

By's contributing news service, Unspun

“Russia has made progress the past week in stabilizing the ruble and quelling its financial crisis, officials said.”

“US paranoia weakens ties with China “  Good article …..

“Bush & Cheney Should Be Charged with War Crimes Says Col. Wilkerson, Former Aide to Colin Powel“ .. “39 people were killed in the interrogation process. Why does no one ever mention that?"

“U.S. War Against Russia Is Now Against Hungary Too”  “Hungary has decide to align itself with Russia against the United States”.

You BET this is under-reported - there’s over a dozen genuine research projects here, any of which can produce free energy.  This is well worth reading - if for no other reason than to see how you are being scammed.

“From Energy War to Currency War: America’s Attack on the Russian Ruble”

“Peter Dale Scott shows that several administrations participated in the concoction of the official version of the 9/11 events, either by fabricating evidence, or by withholding information. In doing so, the former Canadian diplomat brings to light the role of U.S. institutions deeply buried within the State, unknown to the general public.“

“Japanese prosecutors likely not to indict former Tepco executives over Fukushima disaster …..”  The Old Boys Club comes in many guises and knows no borders, religions, ethnicity or loyalties ….. Except their own.
“Fukushima Children Thyroid Cancer Rate Continues To Rise“

Moscow was gripped by the worst gridlock ever seen as unexpectedly severe snowfall hit the Russian capital on Christmas day, literally paralyzing the city.

“While high winds or tornadoes may explain how some objects (such as fish or frogs) have been swept up and rained down on the Earth, it seems unlikely that days-long rains of large stones can be explained this way.”  Go figure!

“Tropical Cyclone Kate has only caused minor damage on Cocos Islands after passing to the north of the tiny community, more than 2,000 kilometres off the Western Australian coast.“

“Hawaii Gets a White Christmas Following Blizzard Warning“  Chaotic, random, unpredictable …..

“Malaysia floods: More than 100,000 evacuated after Malaysia hit by worst monsoon floods in decades“

Bangladesh - “Bone-chilling cold paralyses normal life in Rajshahi”

India - “Intense cold has gripped the entire Himachal Pradesh with unprecedented snowfall covering even the areas where it had not snowed in many years.

M5.1 @ 80km, Vanuatu

“According to the Disaster Management Centre, the number of those affected by the flooding in five provinces of the Sri Lanka, (Northern, Central, North Western, Eastern and North Central) has now risen to 292,000.“

“Australians expected to spend more than $2 billion at Boxing Day sales; shoppers camp overnight to secure a bargain”  What a great tribute to societies’ moulders …..

Topical!   “Ancient Mythic Origins of the Christmas Story“  “Valerie Tarico interviews Dr. Tony Nugent, scholar of world religions.“ Some logical analysis and some interesting speculation here - HIGHLY recommended.  Text piece, and Nugent seems to be a serious scholar - not a brainwashed ‘believer’.

“Music – and singing in particular, as the oldest and only ubiquitous form of music creation – plays a central role in our lives and shared community experiences, and this has been true for every culture for as far back as we can trace..”  Hence hymns, rugby songs, barrack-room ballads, war chants, and more - isn’t it time we put this social bonding to some better uses?


“This stunning time-lapse footage shows the spectacular moment the Northern Lights were spotted over parts of the UK skyline this Christmas Eve.” … “Experts say it is quite unusual to see the spectacle with such clarity here in the UK.“

“With no sunspots actively flaring, the sun is quiet and solar activity is low.”
ALSO - “On Dec. 21st, ground-based neutron monitors detected a sudden decrease in this cosmic radiation.” … “The ongoing Forbush Decrease is producing some of the lowest radiation levels of the current solar cycle. This is good news for airline passengers, pilots, flight attendants and astronauts, all of whom absorb cosmic rays during their travels.”

“Galactic Hexagon”  “A principle of physics underlying all aspects of Electric Universe theory is that plasma makes up 99.99% of the Universe. From lightning, to auroral curtains, to the solar wind, to the interstellar medium, to stars, to the galactic glow permeating space, everything is plasma”
I wonder how that fits with this?  (Dunno, but I bet it does!)

“What is the environmental impact resulting from production, distribution, and consumption of food? To answer these questions, the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition created the Double Food – Environmental Pyramid model, a tool that compares the nutritional aspect of foods with their environmental impact.“

Mary and Joseph en route to Bethlehem ….. Last week….

“When Anna Stoehr was born in 1900, her family had no electricity or phone on their farm near Manning, Iowa. The Wright brothers’ first airplane flight and Henry Ford’s introduction of the Model T were still a few years away.  Still, Minnesota’s oldest resident was an enthusiastic user of technology right up until she died in her sleep Sunday at age 114.”  WAY TO GO!!!!!!

“Sydney to Hobart: Seven yachts pull out of race after a battering by heavy seas“

“Today, America would be outraged if United Nations troops entered Los Angeles to restore order;  tomorrow they will be grateful.”

~~ Dr. Henry Kissinger, at 1991 Bilderberger meeting.

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!


temporaryangel said...

Laron, I am really enjoying this newsfeed. It is giving me a perspective that American's never see on msn, cnn, fox, etc.. we are all citizens of the world, not just our perspective countries. This truly is "fair and balanced" reporting.
blessings, Caroline

Laron said...

Thanks for your comment Caroline.