Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Webbot's Clif High on Veritas Radio - Webbot Trends 2015: Part 1 of 2

A few hours ago Veritas Radio, hosted by Mel Fabregas, posted an interview with the webbot's Clif High. For the first time, Clif High has decided to perform an interview over video. He explains that the reason he decided to reveal his identify this way, is simply because of the risk factor being lower now, in comparison to the past, and therefore there is no reason to protect those around him as much as he went to such great lengths to.

This is part one of a two part series of interviews with Clif High. A number of topics which come are below.

  • Earth Changes / Expansion of the Planet. Clif High goes into detail on how a plasma ball in the middle of the earth is being impacted from external energies hitting us, which in turn is connected to the changes going on
  • The webbot shows that the Mini ice age will come along more strongly around 2017/2018, which Clif High thinks is the planets way of correcting it self because of the changes going on. The Earth in a way, is therefore achieving balance from this process. Clif High mentions that around this time period, the global consciousness will want to then 'get moving'
  • Clif High gets into detail on the global consciousness, and how its reaching a point where great change will occur, simply because of the similar patterns of thinking which is occurring globally
  • They touch on the breaking down of the systems which are inhibiting new technology, including free energy
  • The science of water is discussedand how its an energetic matrix, which means people can manipulate it magnetically
  • 'You are not your body' - Clif High goes into a discussion around this and mentions there are a number of experiments we can conduct to show us individually that this is true
  • The purpose of life - Clif High touches on why we are here
  • In his own unique way, Clif explains a 'seven mind' system which basically relates to our ego's controlling us and how we don't have to let that happen
  • Seeding of the Earth through intelligent design by aquatic beings from near the Sirius star system. Clif High goes into a great detail about the Nummo specifically, and how they were responsible for our design as a human (fascinating topic and adds some further validation to what Dolores Cannon covered in her book, 'Keepers of the Garden')
  • Definition of a Soul and how bad behavior, or lower quality consciousness development, can take us backwards in soul evolution and what happens to us when that occurs
  • Where consciousness resides and how our soul does not enter our physical body fully, until a later age in life
  • How academics and priests of the past, are stuck inside a box and are taught to teach specific things, which in turn keeps true progression from occurring within society
  • Clif High predicts a tsunami and large earthquake around 2017-2018 that will impact Japan and the pacific north west of the USA. This sounds similar to what he was expecting as an element of the Global Coastal Event (So its one of those destined events that may indeed occur eventually)

Here is the interview by Mel Fabregas with Clif High below. Note that it looks like you need to subscribe to Veritas Radio in order to access the second part, which is 90 minutes in length. 

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Rainbow Warrior said...

This was a very interesting interview. I had never heard of the aquatic species, Nummo, before but it seems like another piece to my puzzle. I've been reading Dolores Cannon's books and was just wondering which one to read next - now I know! Thanks!

Laron said...

How to make the free energy light bulb thingy that Clif was talking about can be found here,

rememberinginfinity said...

Great interview...I'm definitely a "Clif" fan! Thanks for sharing, Laron!


Martin said...

Yep, this was a great watch/listen. Tempted to sign up for a temporary Veritas pass to watch the second part. Maybe come the holidays. :-)