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Sydney Siege at the Lindt Cafe - Focus Sessions

This psychic reading from Lyn below my introduction, is in relation to the lone gunman that took 17 people hostage at a Lindt Cafe, not far from where I am located here in Sydney.

During the siege, it was revealed via the hostages with social media, and shared with radio stations which didn't reveal this information at the time, that the gunman said there were two bombs planted in the city and one in the Cafe. It was reported that he wanted to speak with the Prime minister live on radio, which was one of his important demands. Another demand was that he be sent in an actual IS flag, as it seems he took in the wrong one. He also wanted the media to publicly ask his other two so called accomplices, to disarm their bombs in Sydney city. All this information was kept from the public, so not to cause fear, and also because there was no actual proof that what he was saying was real.

Around 2:14 AM, roughly 16-17 hours into the event, it was reported that the manager of the Cafe decided to try and grab the sawed-off shotgun that the gunman had on him, as he was falling asleep. Something went wrong there and in the resulting minutes, the manager was killed and the tactical teams moved in. Sky News reported that a police sniper shouted 'hostage down, window two' shortly before police / armed forces entered. The gunman and two hostages died, including the manager, during those last moments of the siege. Fifteen hostages escaped in the end.

Short video showing the moment the armed teams moved in

There was no bomb found, after bomb sniffer dogs were sent in and also a bomb disposal robot. So it was very likely he made up the story around the additional bombs in the city and the two others who he said were involved. My understanding based on two sources, is that the Australian SAS were on site by that time, and could have been involved at the end when the tactical teams went in. This group is said to be one of the best special forces teams in the world.

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 16 December 2014

Q. Hi Lynn. Sorry to bother you with yet another question. But could you please look into this "Sydney Siege" that occurred yesterday (15th Dec) in Sydney, Australia. Apparently an Islamist took hostages at a cafe and now he and 2 of the hostages are dead. Was this whole thing a false flag? Or was it just the action of a crazed man? There's just something that seems really off to me about this incident. Thanks for all that you do, Lynn. Love and light.
A. The first thing I see is someone (a normal guy) and he is dressing up in a costume like he is getting ready to do a show.  There are people helping to primp him (referring to the gunman), and I see them strategically placing microphones under his clothes.  This was premeditated, and people were "pumping him up" before the performance as I see he was really nervous and having a hard time pulling it together.

(Man Haron Monis, the gunman who took 17 people hostage - Laron)

Q. Who helped him and what did Man Haron Monis get for all this? 
A.  This looks complicated, like a layer within and layer, so let me explain... I see caucasian looking men (American?, British?) dressed up in muslim clothes (feels like a costume) approaching Man Haron Monis.  Man Haron Monis is somewhat imbalanced, and very much believes in the muslim culture (the religion and belief system resonates with him).  Man Haron Monis isn't an activist, but yet still stands out and many people knew who he was.  So, we have men pretending they are muslim (and they aren't) getting a man to dress up like a muslim and act out (which isn't him either).

I see these caucasian men paid Man Haron Monis a great deal of money to create this hostage situation BUT there were conditions to the agreement.  Man Haron Monis was given money, prepped (so they could maiting contact and know what was going on) BUT once he entered the cafe, he was on his own.  It was up to him to pull this off and escape, and he wouldn't be protected after he went on his own.

Q. Was the gunman under any psychic influence? Any drugs involved? 
A.  At a glance he is sweating (A LOT) and when he talks spit keeps flying out of his mouth.  He looks to be under something, but when I really focus it looks like his nerves... I keep getting references to this being like a show and he has to preform.

Q. What was the purpose?
A. I definitely see that this man was coached and encouraged to create this hostage situation.  The emphasis of this situation was to include ISIS-ISIL (that was the need for the clothing and flag). The goal of this was a few things:

  • The want to keep the idea of ISIS in the media.  Many are disputing the true existence of this group (versus a fear based "idea").  The want it alive and well. 
  • They are planting the seed for other attacks (even self-inflicted) that promote and protect other agendas. I hear the phrase "If / when these attacks do happen it must be ISIS." 
  • They keep talking about "Lone Wolf" attacks and how individuals are rising up doing these horrible things.  In reality the media is inspiring the attacks (by people that aren't government sponsored) because they keep talking about them and creating false fame.  Media is promoting the exact thing they are telling people to be fearful of. This is also a tactic to have "patsys" available for when something does go down.
  • This is used to reinforce the idea that "guns are bad" to make that another issue.  When false attacks have occurred on American soil, America still didn't relinquish their guns, but if it happens somewhere else it is viewed as more "shock factor."
  • Most importantly, they want a war to get a reason to occupy and control oil-producing countries.  As the monetary systems start to suffer, gold is where the value lies, and oil is "black gold."

Q.  In a semi-sort of unrelated way, what is the future of guns?
A. I see that countries that do still have the right to bear arms will have a forced registration to the owner.  For you to own a gun, it must be registered and you will have to pay a tax (like a property tax) on each gun.  The tax is determined by the type of gun (something about barrel length, per inch).  This allow the government to have a data base to determine who has what, what certain geographic areas have (density of gun owners) and creates more revenue for them  It will be considered illegal (even a felony) to have an unregistered gun.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

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Sandra said...

That's pretty well how I saw it, someone wanted to create an event for whatever purpose and they wanted someone else to do it, all they needed was a patsy who was somewhat aggressive and slightly unbalanced and all they needed to do was say they right thing in his ear over and over and leave the rest up to him, some of the giveaways were the terror drills in Martin Place 18 months ago, so that tells us that he has at least 18 months of brainwashing and then there was the terror drill in Brisbane in a café !!