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Sony and Microsoft Hack - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 27 December 2014

Q. There is a group calling themselves "Lizard Squad" who keep attacking Sony and Microsoft and shutting down their video game services. They've done it many times and always post about it on Twitter but have never been stopped. They've even caught the attention of Anonymous who are now getting angry at them for attacking Tor which is a service that Anonymous uses. 

Who are these people? Why are they doing this? And what is their goal with these kind of attacks?
A. I see this as a similar if not the exact same group that took down Sony (and then the US falsely blamed North Korea).  They look to be working alongside (but not for) the government.  They are testing our vulnerabilities and where we need to strengthen our cyber security.  I hear something about some of the biggest (and most disliked) companies are Sony and Microsoft, and I see this group enjoying the challenge of trying to hack into their system.  They are getting government funding, but the money is filtered to them in such as way that it looks like a donation rather than payment to reduce the tracking ability.

I then get that the head of these companies is aware of what is going to happen, and their goal is to try to ward off the attack.  Sony and Microsoft were fully aware this was going to happen, and were to see if they could prevent it from going down.  They didn't have a choice to participate, but were told- This is happening- Get ready...

 I see this group of about seven people sitting in what looks like a control room working on multiple computers and then high-fiving each other when they make a "breakthrough."  I see this going on for about the next month while they finish all the testing, and then the story will die down.  The media is serving as a source to not only spread fear but to give a little shame to these companies that were breached on American soil.. This all all being done to create a good defense against "real" future attempts from other countries.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.

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