Thursday, December 25, 2014

Severe cold wave paralyzes northern India

Via The Watchers, 25 December 2014

Severe cold wave and dense fog are paralyzing northern India for the tenth consecutive day now. Unusual winter conditions are especially harsh in the state of Uttar Pradesh where at least 26 lives were lost on Tuesday, December 23. The total number of casualties has now crossed 150, according to latest media reports.

As the maximum temperatures continue to slump throughout the state, with a fall of an average 10 °C, met department officials warn the extreme cold will continue for the next few days.

Due to the fresh snowfall in many parts of neighboring Uttarakhand, the cold wave has intensified, they said.

The lowest temperature Tuesday was in Churk in Sonbhadra district where stations measured 1.8 °C.

Lucknow, the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, recorded a maximum of 10.4 °C, which was low by 10 degrees while the minimum was at 3.7 degrees, 4 degree below normal.

In Agra, the maximum was at 13.9 degrees, nine degree below normal while minimum was 3.6 degrees.

In Varanasi, the maximum was 17.4 degrees, seven degree below normal, while minimum was at 8.2 degrees.

Bareilly registered maximum temperature of 10.8 degrees, 11 degree below normal while minimum was seven degrees.

In Allahabad, maximum was 12 degrees, 12 degrees below normal and minimum was 7.5 degrees, while Gorakhpur registered maximum of 15.2 degrees, nine degree below normal and minimum was 7.4 degrees.

Sources: WebIndia, IndiaGazette

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