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Looking back at webbot forecasts and the ongoing progression of the Global Coastal Event

Within this article, John in the USA has delved into past webbot ALTA and IDIR based forecasts and included a few links to support the recent hits based upon them. Note that what we have observed over a long period of time now, is that the year is not always accurate in specific relation to the webbot based IDIR forecasts, but the months can eventually be, if a month is given within the forecast by the webbot.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai - Wikipedia

By's contributing writer, John

A webbot hit from 2013 spoke of a tropical growing flower that would come to be known for many healing properties. Turmeric is a real medicine.

These are some bulletins from the 2013 IDIR for Jan 3 2013

"War going on end of Feb. Disrupts shipping. Volcanoes causing shipping issues."
"Social unrest and increased govt oppression."

Clif High had forecast an economic collapse for March back then. That prediction seems about right now, to occur in 2015. March the 18th to 20th was said to also show more asteroids. The weeks around March the 20th in 2015 is looking likely to be the time of the final financial collapse.

Here are a few webbot IDIR forecasts from January, 2013.

Data shows major climate issues for Europe. Specifically from Iceland down to Greece. There are small clusters around Ireland and France and back to Greece again. This time period is relating to the next two weeks. Also the alps down into Italy, but not into Spain. The mountains are going to get really slammed he mentioned, in terms of snow and ice. Transportation problems. 
Very harsh weather conditions are showing up in the data which continue into spring in America. (end of march). The implication is that in four weeks the winter discussions will be more extreme and fierce than at the moment. (3rd of January 2013 is when this was done) 'Trapped in winter', 'frozen in winter' are words coming up.
A new movement is showing up in Europe. It is in relation to people getting into meditation, so that they are calm from all the problems that will be effecting them and from other issues coming along.
A queen will abdicate in Europe.
Civil war showing in the US. There is some attempt to create one and motivate one. Over the next few weeks this will come out more.
Conflict and antagonism coming along relating to Obama care and 'rules'. Hitting the mainstream media and will dominate for a few days.

Some of the predictions which never manifested back then, are happening now. It also seems that some of them have been building each year and getting more accurate as each year approaches. Clif High mentioned in a recent Nov/Dec 2014 IDIR, that he is seeing the months and dates coming about correctly but sometimes being off by a year or more, which is certainly something I have been seeing for about 2 years now.

IDIR Jan 3 (note the time frame of 30-90 days so start of feb onwards its refering to)

"Within 30-90 days there will be significant issues relating to the economy. Something akin to hyper inflation will occur, most likely in America, but possibly in Europe. It will hit multiple currencies, not just one. It will start coming in relation to food supplies. There is a lot of language about scarcity, loss, lack, missing, empty in relation to individual commodities and food stuffs. Data shows we should start seeing the scarcity words next week. Indicators show that areas, perhaps Britain, there will be rationing on Big Macs, rationing on fast food items, so we won't be able to get as many as we want at any given time. People will be rationed per person. So scarcity will lead to rationing, and that will hit big food marts, as in the mega corporations that deal with food. They will go into a self feeding cycle. Food supply prices will be effected. By the time we reach the 30-90 day period out, the scarcity word/situation should be well established and we will be running on up to the rationing situation regarding the larger food corporations. This is somehow tied back to the powers that be, the factional war."

Food scarcity has been occurring all year now in 2014.  Due in large part to the California drought, but also to extreme cold and rain in other parts. I see many people talk of their local groceries being empty or lacking many things in small towns. This is typical of shortages as small towns and country parts get shorted first to make sure that cities have plenty. I live next to a medium sized city and we have been seeing shortages and scarcity for a few months now. The things that arent scarce are of much poorer quality than in the past years. I suspect that its only going to get worse. Especially beef, many dont know about all of the cow die offs a year or two ago and now the majority of the storage of that beef is gone and prices are rising fast.

Image Source: Live4Soccer(L4S)

"there will be rationing on Big Macs, rationing on fast food items so we won't be able to get as many as we want at any given time." This is happening in Japan right now. It's in the news.

The 'Burning ferry' is a temporal marker for bigger events. Confirmed by Clif on twitter back on Dec. the 28th, 2014.

From Jan 3rd 2013 IDIR - "In the USA subset, public servants, as in unions and collectives of public servants at various levels, are going to be involved with some contention with the federal government. Unions may be involved, claims of rigging and fraud with computers. It has some relation to computers." From the recent December 19th 2014 IDIR, the data brought this up again at this time. It appears this one is very close to coming true now in relation to rigged financial data.

Recent sleeping gassing of people is a temporal marker for the '220 million language moving north'. From the April 5th 2013 IDIR - "Data shows people trapped in valley. Gases overtake people. Some level of gas and destruction. This event relates to 220 million. It may be masking the larger issue in relation to the 220 million. People will be driven north by the sinkholes and gas. People fleeing in cars. Fleeing by boat east and west. On the cusp of the sinkhole gas event and it will come soon. It will make the MSM by first week in May. If that happens then the 220 million driven north event will be occurring soon afterwards."

More solar lunacy, as forecast by the webbot.

I could go and find days and days enough to fill a book on the solar lunacy that is going on. Its escalating and increasing. Go check on SuspiciousObservers or look at clifs twitter feed @clif_high. Here is the twitter search feed to look over all of his posts without signing up for twitter.

'End the Fed' language. In 2013 that was barely a whisper. Now even the MSM talks about ending the Fed and many have spoken up. World wide, people have protests over the Fed and its influence.  So again a huge bot hit that you might not have even noticed as it just worked its way into the consciousness slowly, but a year ago it was barely alive. Now you cant go a day without some news about the Federal Reserve and its troubles.

The time to get into bitcoin is now. Even Russia is going to lift bans on it. Its slowly been maturing and growing into use all of 2014. 2015 will be the year it becomes mainstream and used daily worldwide by large groups of people and countries. It is a long term investment for sure and the price is way cheaper now than it ever will be again. Just based on the mathematics of it only allows 21 million bitcoins and as more people pump their currencies into it then each bitcoin must increase in price. There are many economic articles around the world about bitcoin and even major universities are now offering classes in how to program for it.

Police officers outside the church turn their backs at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's eulogy for slain Officer Rafael Ramos - Source: Tiocfaidh ár lá 1916

All of these articles on the NYPD turning its backs on the Mayor are straight out of old ALTA's and IDIR's from 2013 and 2014. The contract with the police from TPTB is broken and the contract with the populace is broken. It couldn't be more evident of that now. The police, which are minions, are being sold out by TPTB. The officialdom wanted the police to be ugly and bloodthirsty to enforce their political will, but as soon as the people rose up, the officialdom tried to make all police the sacrifice for the anger of the populace. There is so much more to see coming from that now, that the first parts that were in the reports are coming to fruition. So what we should expect to see now is,

  • Police allowing politicians to be assassinated 
  • Allowing mobs to rule in various places
  • For many of them to flee for their own safety
  • For some to be even more bloodthirsty
  • For Posses to form of former police that join the populace to arrest corrupt politicians

Remember when this summer in the US, the webbot talked about how Colleges, for the most part, will all go away. I think it must have seen it happen because of the economic crash that will occur.

Clif High said in 2014, within an IDIR, that the tropic of cancer would get cold with arctic and snow conditions. Hawaii just had a blizzard alert about a week ago. They are getting freezing conditions there, and Hawaii is on the tropic of cancer.

Previous IDIR's spoke of the current weird weather in the USA. It said that after the GCE (which we now know has been going on since 2013) the weather in USA would have fire next to ICE. A region would be burning and hot, right next to one that was raining and frozen. This is occuring now this Fall in the US if you are watching SuspiciousObservers videos when he shows the current USA weather maps. Go back for past months to see the data. The earth is expanding and tilting differently. Alaska is turning warmer but from ultraviolet radiation as if the tilt is now more facing the sun. Thats what is killing off so many animals there. Extreme radiation from the sun. I can tell you here is the same for me in Middle of America. I bought 3 radiations devices for ultra violet to do my testing and even now in the Fall and Winter I can go out and get extreme levels of sun radiation on me, when the sun isn't covered with clouds for days. Earth has certainly rotated differently and even NASA is taking notice. They are having the tribes from Alaska feed them data daily so that they can record this change.

This video recently posted by Clif really sums up the Flying Shit Storm,

Written by John, edited by Laron. You can find the webbot's home page over at Half Past Human and Clif High on twitter here


Laron said...

Just saw this article from December 28th

*Billionaire Mark Cuban Warns Of Massive Crash That Will Wipe Out America’s Colleges: “You’re Going To See A Repeat Of What We Saw In The Housing Market”*

Angelic View said...

Thank you so much, John! I know this is hard work and I really appreciate you doing this research and sharing it with us. :)

temporaryangel said...

Laron, and John the author: So if you have been keeping up with his work, Clif did indeed mention some bad people messing with time, delaying world events with a less than perfect time device. As a regular and long time IDIR purchaser, am I to understand that I should now go back exactly two years and start using those old IDIRs as CURRENT predictive reports? Sure seems like it. If you agree, then I have a lot of research to get on, LOL. Bless all of your readers, Laron and Clif, may they not have to experience these events first hand. Some people live in a state of grace when it comes to negative events, but the whole world? It feels that way doesn't it, having pushed all of this back two years...Caroline

Laron said...

Caroline, see my article here from April last year for a more in depth answer to that question,

That covers the IDIR question as well .Basically some things forecast did occur on time, some things were delayed about a year, and other things delayed longer, but some of which started on time or started at least a year after.. and are strengthening.

One example of a long term delay is that the pacific north west of the USA quake that Clif was suspecting in early 2013, he is now seeing this around 2016-2017.

temporaryangel said...

Thank you Laron, I will include that in my reading. I live in the PNW, very close to Clif. We agreed that whoever gets hit first, will come over and be a hobo at that others' house, LOL. It's just a question of when, I guess. We both live in the shadow of a string of magnificent volcanoes, but Mt. Rainier is the most beautiful, and dangerous. To be honest though, I live in spirit. My life has been one of grace, blessing and protection. On this side or the other, I believe we are here to help others, and not worry ourselves by trying to hold on to what is really a temporary situation. It's like sand your hand, you just can't keep it no matter how hard you try...Caroline

Laron said...

That sounds very similar to how I treat my experience here Caroline. =)