Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Life.....what do you want to have had from it? Or, how to 'win' at life....

Here is a new essay from the webbot's Clif High.

By Clif High via Half Past Human, 21 December 2014

when you and the world were young, 'they' would ask you "what do want to be when you grow up?". The unspoken subtext is 'what do you seek from life?'.

now that i, and the world are not so young, i realize the question is not phrased correctly. Or perhaps, it is aged experience and a 'looking back' perspective, but what we should be asking is not what you want from life, but, even as a youth, imagine yourself at your life's end, and answer, what do you seek from this life? That is, what do you (wish to) take from this life (when it is over)?

Many will answer by recounting their life's accomplishments, or primary preoccupations...the drug addict...his 'highs'; the PUA...his sexual conquests; the athlete....her 'wins'; the doctor....his ego strokes; the gambler...the big score; the bankster....his power with his money god...

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