Thursday, December 18, 2014

Google reveals what's important to New Zealanders

Google recently revealed the most popular search results for Kiwi's so far, over this year. You may be thinking, so what's the big deal? 

When I look at the results, I perceive them in relation to the shift in consciousness and what is becoming important to this land of people as the year 2014 has passed. New Zealand, which is where I was born, currently has a population of around four and a half million people which are made up mostly of European descent with the indigenous Māori being the the largest minority, followed by Asians and Pacific Islanders.

New Zealand is very independent and is not so heavily influenced by world powers like other countries are, which you may consider to be included within 'The West' label. I think we can gain a lot of insight into feedback and information around the thoughts and actions of New Zealanders.

Overall top New Zealand Google searches:

1. Fifa World Cup
2. Robin Williams
3. Commonwealth Games
4. Malaysia Airlines
5. iPhone 6
6. Jennifer Lawrence
7. Charlotte Dawson
8. Flappy Bird
9. Spark
10. Ebola

As we can see, sport is still very important to people. I look at sport as a major distraction, as people become so fixated and distracted from what is really important while spending so much time and energy following it. It is said that for the Fifa World Cup in Brazil, up to one and a half million people were forced to relocate and abandon their residences. Very few received adequate relocation assistance or compensation for having to do this. (source) This was just the tip of the iceberg in relation to the negative impacts on the people of Brazil in relation to hosting the Fifa World Cup.

Robin Williams. Image credit,

The death of Robin Williams surprised and shocked many people. The media and coroner reported that the death was suicide. Lyn over at Focus Sessions did a pyschic reading and found that it was not suicide, but a mistake in connection to what she had termed, ''some intimate alone time'. Whatever the truth may be, whether it was a mistake or a suicide, most people will think it was a suicide because of what they were told. But not everything we are told is accurate of course. This is something that we should always remember and take into consideration, when learning new information.

Another well known actor died in 2014, which really stood out to me. That person was Philip Seymour Hoffman. I personally found him to be a very talented actor. His death was ruled as an accidental overdose of drugs which included heroin and cocaine. These such events make us really ponder over why people do what they do.

The fourth item on the overall top google searches for Kiwi's in 2014 was the missing Malaysian Airline plane MH370. My long article about that, where I covered multiple intuitive / psychic based sources that presents a possible answer, can be found here, 'Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 - Completing the picture'.

As for the latest phones being so important to people, in position five, this is of no surprise as so many people are stuck in consumer based materialism which is governed by advertising and monetary gain.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a very down to Earth person and seems to stand out among so many other actresses. She does seem to come off as very natural and real. She really seems to be her self when appearing in public. Being your self is very important in relation to your health and consciousness development.

At position six, she was the most important search on Google for New Zealanders in 2014. This brings to mind how important entertainment, TV based series and movies are to everyone. This is a medium in which the public can be influenced in major ways, depending on what messages, information, and stories are presented through movies and shows and how each person perceives what they see. At the end of October, David Wilcock posted an interesting and very long article based upon the possible hidden meanings in movies, which you can find here, 'Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal'. An interesting fact as well is that globally, Jennifer Lawrence was also the most googled person of the year for all countries combined.

Charlotte Dawson, Flappy Bird and Spark, I have never heard of before. But I did look up Charlotte, who was a New Zealand–Australian television personality that passed away by suicide in 2014.

Celebrities were not the only people to take their lives in 2014 as I noticed that there was an increase in other suicide based deaths reported from, and through, friends and acquaintances of mine. I believe the energies and consciousness changes, because of the times we are going through, can make life very hard on individuals and based on the information surrounding the shift in consciousness and where we are at, 2014 has been a very important year. In connection to the shift, a lot of people were expecting great change in 2013. Based on my research which I wrote about in a long article here, 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift', there had been a delay in the ongoing process. So it has been of no surprise to me to see so many important events occurring this year, after that delay.

Ebola, the 10th most searched word in Google, was of course hugely reported on via the media. Right now its hardly being discussed and it has of course made some people ask the question, 'What were we being distracted from'? When I look at any major event that has the chance of producing a lot of fear, I don't think about what we are being distracted from, I think about the impact on the vibration and state of the global consciousness. Great changes occur within the energies of the cumulative global consciousness when major events happen that are reported on by main stream media and Governments. If this Ebola situation was purposefully made and created to produce fear at a mass global level, it in turn caused a negative impact on our consciousness as a whole. This may have perhaps kept us back, kept us somewhat distracted, and delayed the shift in consciousness a little bit more. But one thing was certain, there was an outbreak of multiple diseases, globally this year.

Earlier this year, the brother of a friend of mine was found dead in an apartment in Sydney. His death is still being investigated, many months after. Green vomit was found surrounding his body and it is not known what killed him. It looks to be some kind of virus, but the fact that its taken this long for my friend to get answers from the authorities here, is astounding.

Here are the top "how to" searches:

1. Draw
2. Meditate
3. Crochet
4. Screenshot
5. Kiss
6. Pronounce
7. Sing
8. Twerk
9. Knit
10. Dream

Isn't that interesting, that list above! Drawing would relate to people having their creative passion wanting to come out. Meditation is in second place, which I think is wonderful. Kissing is in fifth place. Love will always be important to us. In tenth place, people wanted to know how to dream. I think a more appropriate search in relation to that would be , 'how do I remember my dreams?', as everyone dreams. You can find an article of mine on tips to remember your dreams here, 'Techniques for remembering your Dreams'.

Meditation and creativity based searches are very positive items to see in that list. I personally have never heard of the word twerk before, so I had to just look that up and its actually a type of dance, hence some more creativity there. These searches above are very typical to what I would expect during these times, as people come to change within themselves in relation to the astrological age we are moving into, that being the age of Aquarius.

While there will be many positive changes within people, in connection to them becoming more aware and gaining progress into increasing the quality of their consciousness and growing their spirituality, I believe duality will become much more apparent. So there will always be the light side and the dark side, the good and the bad, so when there is great change in consciousness, people will not only be taking positive action, but negative action, and each side of the coin will be revealed more clearly.

Part of the changes going on involve people waking up and opening their doors, getting out there and not being so... inhibited by control, as there has been so much control over the population by the powers that be in recent years. Whether that means an increase in false flag events, violence, criminal activity, and so on, change is very good for us as it lets us gain valuable experiences and lessons, which leads to enhancing our life here as humans. Sitting around on the sofa watching the basketball or soccer, with nothing much going on, is not going to help us progress. We each need to take action and take control of our lives, of our own individual development.

Top "what is" searches:

1. Ebola
2. Love
3. Gluten
4. ALS
5. Sustainability
6. Illuminati
7. Science
8. Paleo
9. Tahini
10. Bipolar

In second place we have people searching for love. What is love? To me, love is directly connected to spirituality, consciousness, and understanding around the system of life as its not just romantic based. I think it's very interesting to see it come up in second place.

Sustainability is in position five. I think this is also fascinating as in the future, I think this will become much more relevant and much more important for people to look into and actually try be involved in.

Bipolar is in position ten. Does this mean a lot of people have been feeling down this year? I know that this has been common among some people I know recentl,y and I think its because of the energetic changes going on.

Sometimes we can learn a lot from what is important to people, especially when we are aware of what is going on around us in relation to the shift in consciousness.

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podsmagi said...

Oh thank you for this wonderful article Laron and for the beautiful photograph of Robin Williams.

I remember the day he died. I awoke early in the morning as we often do and knew |I had to turn on my computer to see something important.

News of his passing was headline and I sobbed.And I still sob. Seeing the lovely photo you posted I burst into tears. I write this and I am weeping.

I am not comfortable with celebrity worship so I don't feel I have an issue there. But there is something about his soul that touches me deeply.

Laron said...

It was a shock to hear about Robin. I know what you mean about how crazy people can be about celebrities.