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Geo-political games and evolutionary change: Relieving the attempts of playing havoc's - David Topi

Here is another session from David Topi, which has been translated by José . Another way to describe this information is that it is connected to the topic around the powers that be and the cabal. The question of earth changes is touched upon as well, but again this is in connection to the shift in consciousness and the new earth process that is ongoing right now.

By transients.info guest contributor David Topi

One of the things that I kept in mind to ask for in the last session we performed was about the “status” of the political, social and economics games that are playing now in our reality and how, the big factions of power fight in order to remain in place and don’t lose even a speck of the power they already have until now, they were positioned. With factions of power I’m referring to both, human and no human. Remember what we talked about in a previous session months ago:

David: For sure it seems that we live in a kind of fears supermarket, what do you need to get worried about with? A sanitary epidemic? An armed intervention? The option of a global conflict? With the financial collapse?
Guide: Correct, but you know they are more interested about be able to produce a global conflict because the law of fear is more powerful there…so we will see how the events are ongoing, remember what I told you before, you mustn’t allow be dragged by them…
Luckily , in spite of the events ongoing in this videogame in which we are, none of the numerous attempts in order to playing havocs have succeed so far, by the forces that fight against the actual status quo change. This is mainly due to the external influence of the help provided by those who support the change, and that they are balancing tremendously the weighing scale and because they are stopping all the macro-initiative they tried dead. So regarding this issue they told us in the last session:

David: Returning to the gradual process of change and so on, the events that we see in the planet, it seems that everything stay “restrained” , in a relative calm state…because it would seem that they were going to try to destroy the planet and nevertheless the events are ongoing but without playing so much havoc so far
Guide: There is a tremendous effort in order to make that it way. A lot of help has entered, specially towards Russia above all, …although China is growing too, but it has several internal fronts, inside the own country, so the follow the Russian trail more, they want to be there, just to see what’s there, the way they get positioned , but more related to strategy than leadership, …so , now, the one holding the situation in order to change or restore the events is Russia.

David: and they are the ones that are going to make these changes to be as light as they can, aren’t they?
Guide: They are trying to do so… wait…[pause]…well, you know, there are so many things happening already that you don’t even know…but , at the end with no difference…what is is really important is that you have to think about that you have, the human being has, hidden, but you got it at the end, a so advance technology…that came from the interchanging with other races, yes, but it already exist in your planet a so powerful technology which serves to make both the good and the evil, if you let me talk that dual way…because that same technology , well used, can counteract a lot of things already happening in your planetary sphere, …well, I’m not saying anything new, we talked about it in other sessions.

David: Well, it’s very positive see, that in the last months , the attempts to create bigger problems and conflicts are not succeeding at all, and it seems that the transitions are going to be lighter than the alternative futures for the humanity we had months ago
Guide: Yes, and now that is possible due to the help received by Russia and China, that makes that everything stay more or less stable. You see that they continue trying to make new attempts in order to generate conflicts, but now are not succeeding. Let’s see what happens in the near future.

David: and about the cleaning of the planet. I’m referring to de level of we talked months ago about natural disasters for the planet in order to it finishes the clean.
Guide: Well, that’s a different issue, because in a planet level these changes have their own way, and they have nothing to do with political changes already happening in your countries.

David: Yes, sorry, I’ve changed the subject. I was referring to the fact that the Earth need to perform changes that could complete the energy changes like for example, 40 earthquakes at the same time ..that observed from the “parasite” point of view that we are, if the body get cleaned, we will be affected.
Guide: Yes, sure, that is correct. In this process the planet still needs to clean some dirty things, although, well some of those things that you call “natural disasters” are provoked too..but [pause] yes, there are energy cleanings left yet, so still there will be new ones coming…

David: Well, at least I’m happy about that the process is going to be lighter. What it’s interesting is that the experiences or perceptions we already have had , some of us, with the new reality, is a tremendous clean environment, natural marvelous…
Guide: it is, and you will check it out in the appropriate moment…when the changes actually arrive to the social, political, and economic spheres you will start having the tools needed in order to live better, because your planet has resources enough and more, for all of you already living in a human body. What happens then? That now, everything is manipulated due to the way you use these resources and the way they make you to live, even more in what is wrongly called civilized society, that precisely it the one that contaminates most , use everything in a wrong way, and creates all the problems you have in your planet, …because things can be treated in a different way, much cleaner and natural, but they don’t want to do these things like that , because some of them are not interested at all…in the appropriate moment , for example, when Russia and the countries that support then , can have total control of the actual structures we are living now, it will be easier to start applying these technologies in order to recover a way of live more accurate to the new reality which you will connect with little by little.

David: I understand…
Guide: All the human beings, all of you want to live in peace, it is the only thing you wish, that you can perform your own things, develop the work you want to do…and all of this can be done in a clean way, because the technology needed already exits, in your planet, it just only need to come to light, it just has to stop be available just only for a few…but that is going to happen…there are so many people having access to that, understanding the way to work with the planet, with the natural laws, in a clean way…it wasn`t like that because what you know, because the matrix and because they want to control the humanity totally, because contamination, feeding, …are part of the manipulation and control keys that make possible you to be subdued, ..in order to have people enslaved in a job, hooked on emotional subjects, fears, and so on…

David’s Comment: Somehow, as far as this situation gets reverted, and goes cleaning, we will be positioned in the edge of the new reality, because the actual one will have changed enough in order to get near to the reality which is waiting for us, Because the vibration that our clean planet will have in the actual reality, it will have increased so much that everybody will be just only a step from the connection to the new evolutionary level. This is a very interesting issue to notice , because if you remember some months ago, when we tried to explain the transition process from one reality to another like an exit of the “yellow band energy” and the entrance to the “green band energy”, and “impasse” process was appeared where almost have been leaving the most dense frequencies of this actual matrix, we still don’t “enter”, anchored or activated in a permanent state the energies of the new reality. This, even has been something that has already happened, is still going to be a linear change process for us, and it foretells, if it is get supported, years (undefined) of continuous improvement in our actual reality (at least this is understood by that way) until almost everybody be prepared to help to make the critical mass needed for a “macro-transition”. So we follow.

David: So some kind of “hall” of the change…
Guide: Sure, because the food will be healthier, the air will be cleaner, because everything we get by the mental and emotional part will be cleaner, and it will be a great step…and then, what you see when you get connected by meditation to this new reality, to this new evolutionary level, that images, impressions or experiences, that exist since time ago, like I had told you before, will fall like the new reality for all of you. Everything starts by the people transformation in this level, a the transformation of your actual reality, and when people get cleaner and get disconnected from this matrix, you will be more connected to your Being, and when you’ve got direct line with your Being, you can do things that now are impossible for you, and create realities that you can’t create them now and you will be able to create what you want to, in that reality that you called New Earth or new density, or new matrix. Do you understand it?
David: Of course!...[laughs]
Guide: ahhhh!!, I’m glad about it…[laughs]
David: It is a matter of keep working in order to transmute everything, starting by yourself…of course.

So it seems that is a matter of keep looking how the new events are developed, without getting dragged by them, and always keeping your sight in the personal change target, internal, because at the end, it is what make us to be tune up with the planet changes and be part of them.

The website for David's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School website can be found here, http://emedt.org. David Topi's home page can be found here, http://www.davidtopi.com (Spanish).

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