Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Facebook, unspun, donations, upcoming info and a message for the year 2015

I created a group on Facebook for the site here yesterday, feel free to join via this link. The focus of this group is to bring those together who are regulars and who might want to make contact with each other, collaborate together and discuss anything they think is important (or not so important). I won't be posting much in the group, so you won't see too many repeats of anything you are following already, but it is a place for you so that you can share any information or discuss anything. As I mentioned within a post there yesterday, treat it like a forum / message board. The groups permission is closed. (link to how permissions on groups work) You can also use it to share anything that you think may be a good idea for me to post on the site here too.

The Facebook Page for the site is of course still there and can be found by clicking on the facebook icon in the top left of the screen here on the website. As a reminder, only about 20% of posts will be seen in your facebook feeds, thanks to Facebook's page software rules. (the more comments, the higher the percentage rises though) You can visit the page directly to see all posts. Another option is to tick 'Get Notifications' from the page it self as seen below, which should then notify you when there is a new post. But, you probably don't want to get spammed with notifications all the time. (I know I wouldn't!)

If you missed the original Unspun post a few days back, check it out if you want to get an understanding of what its all about. I am doing a bit of a trial run with it. So far about ten or so people have provided feedback. If you do get something out of it and think it should stay, feel free to let me know. I can also provide you with the email address if you want to subscribe, but you may only want to do that if I don't keep on posting it daily.

As a reminder, your donations do help me a lot at the moment so if you are ever able to spare anything towards the time and effort I put into running the site and everything in relation to the site, you can do so through the donations page here. Please don't if you are under any financial pressure.

As for whats upcoming in the short term,
-I have a webbot based article from John which I need to edit and post ASAP
-There is some more QHHT based session info from Tai Ashley-Jones and Lorna which I want to post sometime
-In January I should get at least another couple of sessions in with Lai. I will be writing up and posting some session info based on that. I always look forward to performing these sessions as there is also an energetic aspect that I feel and sense each time we do, when that connection is made, and returning to that each time is a special experience
-I have a few things to write up in relation to Tom Campbell's My Big Toe and William Buhlman's Adventures Beyond the Body. I plan to explore astral projection again more seriously in 2015 and I may be running some online training groups eventually. Groups can bring in a new level of motivation, and meeting each other in the astral is a great way for validation and also progression
-I keep having topics pop into my head, which I feel are topics I need to write articles on and post here, but I keep putting them off and then forgetting what they were. I will be paying more attention to these in 2015, and doing something about them

The year 2015 is creeping up on us and in a couple of days, it will be here. Personally, I don't take much notice of the Gregorian calendar, and from what I have learnt, it is actually a bit of an inhibitor for our consciousness and spiritual development. But because so many people do take notice, there is an energy to all this, and its great for us to grab onto that positive and motivational energy, to help us plan and in turn manifest our goals and dreams for the year ahead.

So in saying all that, it really is a good idea to write down your own goals, your dreams or your wishes. Put them on paper, as using a pen or pencil, or even a crayon, can be a more energetically powerful method in comparison to writing something on a QWERTY keyboard digitally. This also applies to writing out information that comes to you out of the blue, at any time, which may be from your higher self, a guide, or another source. 

Write them out for the new year and really put some heart based energy into manifesting what you want to create for your self. You may want to introduce a new daily routine to...

  • Perhaps get into mediation twice a day
  • It could involve looking at energy work with visualisations so that you can remove blocks from your energy centers, improve your health and enhance and develop your psychic based abilities
  • It may include more regular exercise
  • You might want to modify your diet, slowly at first and tweak it into something manageable
  • There could be a few books you have been planning to read, which you can finally commit to reading
  • You could start to explore astral projection, as this is a very powerful method for working on your spiritual progression
  • Perhaps there is a person in your life, a family member, that you might want to spend more time with or at least talk to more frequently
  • Maybe its finally time to start doing something that is meaningful for your work, a change of career, or you could perhaps do some decent research into what you could do or study on the side
  • Perhaps you always wanted to draw or paint, a class might be an idea?

As you can see, there are many things that you could do in the year 2015, which could enhance your life for the better. Even if you write down what you want to change, and/or do in the year 2015 and never end up doing it, at least you know what is important to you within the moment of writing it down, so that eventually you can perhaps get to those items and take action.

I am sending blessings to you all and for any intentions you may have for the next year. The times continue to change and the border that lies between us here and the spirit world, is getting thinner because of the changing vibrations in relation to the shift. What this means is that certain things are becoming easier, from psychic based abilities to intuition and more. Taking advantage of these times is very important and we should really do our best with our personal development, as each year passes.

But when saying all that, the ideal moment for taking action is not neat year, its not next month or next week, or even tomorrow. 

It's right now, as there will never be a time that will be easier or more appropriate. Right now is the most important moment we each have, and we should make use of it while we have the opportunity to do so.


Shamini G said...

I think penning down your goals / wishes in writing is a good idea rather than doing it electronically (emailing, facebooking, saving on MS. Word, digital diary, etc). Create a picture or put a picture up of your goals on your wall; look at it everyday, visualize achieving it and sending positive emotions, feelings and perseverance is key.

Thank you Transients (Laron) for all the teachings, guidance, healing and your unwavering dedication towards your work and fans/followers. To fellow Transienites, thanks for all your information sharing as well and all the healing received and/or sent during the weekly Remote Healing sessions. Happy New Year everyone! =)

Angelic View said...

I know I don't say so very often, Laron, but I come here and read nearly every day and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this to help others. You are a one-of-a-kind soul that's not just all talk - but a take-action kind of guy, and I appreciate you for that. :)

Peter Reszczynski said...

Thank you for your dedication to this blog. It takes hard work and perseverance to publish good, viable information and I know all the readers here do truly appreciate it. I will continue supporting you best I can and I call on anyone reading this to support Laron be it financially or by other means.

That being said, I am saddened to see you pivot more and more towards Facebook...

Happy New Year !!! May you succeed in the year 2015 and achieve all your goals you have set.

Laron said...

Thank's everyone.

I only use Facebook because it's the most used system that will support what I want to do, for free, outside of the site. Last year I setup a forum, which I had to pay a monthly cost to host it, and only about twenty people registered and over time, no one was really using it. Within a couple of days there are over a hundred on the Facebook group. I was using Google + for a while and found that hardly anyone uses it as well, so I recently stopped using that.

Happy New year Peter!