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Evolutionary change update (Part 2) - Something more about personal changes

Here is the second part of this evolutionary change update from David Topi, which has been translated by José for us. You can find part one here.

By guest contributor David Topi

The last session with the ones who assists us was a big review to everything we are living and how we are having a look to it. As we were asking questions and talking, we were recovering the key points that months ago they transmitted to us about the importance of the personal and internal changes in order to follow with the log evolutionary process that we have in front of us like human beings, and race. So here it is a new piece of the session where we followed trying to clarify and refresh all these concepts:

[…follows from the other post]

David: And the changes that are coming in this actual reality or matrix, will be used like triggers for other people in order to help them to connect the new reality and get disconnected from this one, won’t be?
Guide: Yes, but now I again ask you another question to you, actually, what is the other reality?

David: [pause]…A different energy structure with other frequency that allows us to hold this new reality.
Guide: and what will make that possible?

David: That we were able to reach the level of vibration, evolution, awareness, to tune up to this new reality.
Guide: I’m going to ask you something because I’m feeling today so philosophic and less technical in my answers [laughs].

David: …[laughs]… it is a pleasure to treat with so different facets from you…[laughs]
Guide: Sure David, I have to remember you that everything is just a game…is funny to play…and helps a lot, in my opinion, be very conscious that this isn’t happening either, …this session, this room where you are is no real…

Note: I make this pause in order to understand what the guide is referring to , Remember the Matrix film, that still is the best reference we have to refer to all of this, everything that Neo thinks about his life is not happening, the Neo’s body is inside a kind of container and never leave it, like the rest of the humans, unless he was liberated. How to perform that everything we live is just an illusion? How to perform that nothing happening out there is real? That in spite of all we see like things, people, happenings…is just only a virtual projection? Difficult or even impossible. You can only have traces from the outside if you have the chance to experience sporadic disconnections of your mind from the Matrix that allows you that something is wrong. If that is not the case then is impossible. That is what our guides are trying to do with us, in each session they try through the reinforce of the connection with our being and with their “technical” explanations about how the reality works , the disconnection of this virtual reality can be produced and then finally we get disconnected at all. When the porthole get opened and we left the container (symbolic) then we will have access to the new reality , like in the film, is already there , perhaps always has been there, but now we can`t see. In the meanwhile, we have to conceptualize as Cypher says in the movie, that this is an illusion:

Smith Agent: Do we have an agreement, Mr. Reagan?
Cypher: You know, I know, that this meat doesn’t exist. I know it doesn’t exist. I know that when I put this in my mouth, the Matrix is telling to my mind that is juicy and delicious. After nine years, do you know what I realize? That ignorance is happiness and that a part of us loves the unchanged convenience, pure happiness. Who cares if the pleasure isn’t real?

Smith Agent: Then, Do we have an agreement?
Cypher: I don’t want to remember anything. And I want to be rich, somebody important, like an actor.

Smith Agent: What you wish Mr Reagan.

Perhaps if somebody can reach the “real reality” prefers to stay in the “subjective one” but then perhaps, when we were able to leave this videogame, we realized that is just only a game, and that we were playing, and that we have left it without any scratch to become in the being that we actually are. What it is interesting about all of this is , fortunately, that in the last months , “official news” have appeared that indicates that we could live in a hologram, you don’t have to look a lot in order to find notices like these: (all the links below are in Spanish - Laron)

The book “Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbbot follows the same line.

And now we continue the session:

David: Ok, I’ve got it in a conceptual way, nothing of this is already happening from your point of view, out of this matrix, another different issue is that my mind accepts it...[laughs]
Guide: Yes, I`m going to make you a mesh today.[laughs]. Actually, this cannot be understood with mental effort, or feel it , from the human point of view, because the limitations imposed…with the boundaries of the human body that you use, the human emotions, your mental shapes, ..And all of this conditioned by the matrix programing. Well basically you are seeing it so simple, so small, so reduced way compare to the truly magnitude it already has, so , besides, it can be a very shocking issue for some people when they listen that the planet doesn’t care about what happens with the ones who live on it, if these last ones don’t follow the processes already running, …bedsides, the planet itself is not conscious about the individual beings that exist on it.

David: Yeah, and you say that like if we were small parasites ridding the planet, don’t you? Well ,at the end, is the behavior we have regarding its resources and habitat we have
Guide: It is the same like if I ask you, are you conscious about every parasite that reside in your body? Do you get worried for them individually when you experience changes in your body? No, you don’t, and somehow, in another level, it is the same relationship you experience with the planet.

David: I see…
Guide: In the other hand, what is the thing for you, like human beings, which makes you bigger then?

David: Our being
Guide: Exactly.

David: and that is the way we get disconnected from the matrix.
Guide: Totally. Making grows you internally. This is the hardest work you have to perform, whom is required, I don’t know if call it own way, but the doing daily and constantly. And that internal change is the one which make you able of perceive, little by little, the new reality. The idea of the “two Earths separated” it is only a visual way of explain it, but you don’t have to look at that like something “out of” where you are now, and people has to be conscious about that, because there are a lot who believe that the planet is getting divided in two physical ones literally, and that isn’t the case. It is difficult and complex to explain and it is a gradual process.

David: Yes, sometime they have asked me about that, about if the new reality was in other “place” or where was the new matrix?, or where are we going with the evolutionary change…, especially when we have explained that the ”actual matrix”, like you talked in the other sessions, that it will be regenerated completely at any time, it will get cleaned, and it will produce a total ”reboot” in order to allow the following of an new evolutionary wheel 3D, whereas, overlapped to this one, a new reality will “exits” where the human race initiates a new cycle then…and it seems that this has not been understood enough.
Guide: Yes, because you know , “my engineer friend” [laughs] that in the same space multiple realities exist [laughs] that even in the room you already are is “home” for a lot of realities…

David: [laughs], yes, like they say at my home, I have two degrees but they serve nothing to me…[laughs]

David: Ok then.., what a session today … What more could I explain…?
Guide: What would you say to yourself?

David: That I have to keep on expanding my awareness, frequency and vibration.
Guide: And what do you do for that?

David: Shed fears …shed weigh, connect to my BEING …I don’t know what more to add.
Guide: Well that is basically what everybody has to do. Modulate the reality where you live, because something you already know, but you can remember if you want, is that the “matrix program” (we are going to name it like that because it is the concept all of you understand it but it is more complex than that) the first thin that performs is fill with fear the mental and emotional bodies basically, and the belief system that you have. This is basic. You have to dismantle it. The fear, because all the emotions that restrict to you and maintain you like batteries for the system resides within of it, and the beliefs, in the mental body, because they are the one who make you to see the reality where you live , not the real one. While all of this don’t disappear people still lives like in a roller coaster, up and down, up and down, …there isn’t a vibrational continuity state , of interior well-being.

David: Is there any way of working into that? Is there any specially principal or good?
Guide: Something good for you to work in is to take away or demystify all the lessons included in the program who was installed inside you about the “new age”..

David: and so right…
Guide: That is a very interesting and important one

David: Yes because it covers a belief system completely that replace to the different religions, for the ones who doesn’t work under them.
Guide: That is the reason why it is done.

David: Sure, but this is not so easy as take away an etheric implant place in your mind…it is more like just deprogram a whole operating system in your head.
Guide: That is the reason why you need own way. You want to do that. We can use the concept you have about “awakening”. But understanding it like “re-educate”. What happens here is that each of us “awakes”, he performs that in his own manner. Is the same concept that when you go to sleep every night and the next day you get out of bed in one way or the other, some of them awake placidly, other ones awake with a shock when the alarm clock sounds, etc..So , if we take this concept and you apply it, each person will awake (will get disconnected from the matrix) in a different way and in a different rhythm .

David: Depends on the triggers, experiences, collisions that each of us received and as soon we take away so many mental bandages as we can.
Guide: Yes, because the matrix program is in all areas in your life.. in everything you see and don’t see, in what you know and you don’t know, in what you are able to reach and in what you don’t even know that exits. everything. It is broader than you can imagine. And “awake” can be something abrupt, or something little by little. And there, is where, if you chose to do it (exit from the matrix), you have to work a lot a lot and a lot your connection with your Being. You have to increase it, with your essence, with you higher Being, with your BEING.

David: Are all the programs about control installed in the mental sphere, in the mind components that we have by genetic designs?
Guide: Yes, in all the scopes. But it is very complex, because there are programs which that are anchored or installed in different mental spheres simultaneously, and from one sphere connect to another, and then with another one, in order to allow the manipulation at all levels of the psyche of the human being. It is a very dense network and very complex to untangle.

David: I wouldn’t mind to have a pill that make you disconnect directly from the matrix like in the film now [laughs].

Guide: No David, there isn’t’ any. But in the other hand, now I want to encourage you , although you are not able to see it now, you are performing a great interior work, I’m not talking toward your egos now but to your beings or essences, …you an too many others have listened to this call, to say that in some way, and fell the need to perform those internal changes…you are doing a great job, don’t forget either that. 

The website for David's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School website can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here, (Spanish).

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