Monday, December 8, 2014

Evolutionary change update: Manipulating the time concept - David Topi

Here is some new information from Davdi Topi which José translated very recently. José mentioned that this is only half of the session and that he will get to the second half and translate it as soon as he can. José said for those of you who have felt and experienced certain things recently, that this information from David Topi may help to explain what has been happening over the past few weeks in relation to the separation of the evolutionary changes.

By guest contributor David Topi

Days ago, we had the opportunity about meeting with my colleagues in order to make a connect session with those who assists us from other planes, and make some questions about the evolutionary change process in which are immersed. We were, because thousands of different personal issues, without these sessions since a long time, so we waited for them with a lot of interest in order to get the answers which we were going to have.

The last weeks have been somehow strange, because it seems that the global temporal line of the planet was diverted to different “scenes” farther than the “ideal line”, where, even, just among ourselves, mentioned that this evolutionary change had already disappeared in our lives, and because we didn’t feel connected to it. Personally I blame it on my personal and internal issues but it seems that it was a global movement where all the humanity, or almost all of it, was move to a temporal lateral line that could be recovered a week and a half ago. So it seems that the way to the new “New Earth/Reality/Matrix” has recovered its initial course in spite of the attacks.

Algorithms that control time

The way how this line got diverted was very interesting, as you will see in the following transcription , it seems that they has altered the concept of time that we have in our psyche, making disappear or hiding the temporal line we were connected to. Maybe this was a very easy explanation, but you have to take into account, that the ones who assists us, accurate their answers to the comprehension level of the one who is writing this, because by the contrary I wouldn’t be able to understand it in order to explain it later, so please take it like a simple explanation of something that is at least out of my scope.

In addition, you know that when we put “guide” in the answer is just to use a generic name that simply identifies the function performed by the one/ones that assist us. With or without a name, being something or another thing, it never has importance, so we prefer to use the word “guide”.

David: …Well, I suppose that the best way is just to ask you like always about the actual state of the evolutionary change process , What has happened since we were able to connect the last time ?
Guide: this time I’m going to answer you with another question…what have happened in your realities during that period of time?

David: It has been a very intensive period, very positive, the process we are experiencing internally about cleaning, changes, ….a lot of things.
Guide: [laughs] Well that’s what already happening in a global level too.

David: [laughs] that is going off the tangent…(this session has got a humor sense difficult to transmit and perceive through words, but I will try, because in the other side of the “link” they were having a good time and it was contagious)
Guide: All that happens in the upper scale levels is what happens to you internally always….and now you get stuck, don’t you? [laughs]

David: I was waiting for a different answer, [laughs], but , in fact, some weeks ago, we were thinking and discussing each other, that the evolutionary change disappeared completely, because it seems that the temporal line we were connected to was modified completely or almost completely.
Guide: Yes, it is complex…, the ones who can manipulate it [pause]..I’m trying to resume order to explain it in an understandable way, the ones who can in your planet, elites and so on, manage the concept of time, …they wanted to modify it in their own benefit, and what happened has a physic manifestation in the way of the sensations you experience about the disconnection, but it was modified in other levels…, [pause]..but explain it is very complex. You have to look at it like a manipulation but to a race level, like the effect of got disconnected that you have experienced each of you, from the most ideal temporal line.

David: ok..
Guide: Basically, some codes or algorithms were introduced , in order to be able to move the temporal lines, in a lateral way where..[pause]…it is really too complex to explain, David, the way they are performed.

David: Do you mean that they move the humanity to other temporal line of events different from the ideal line about we talked in other sessions?
Guide: It is what they tried. They have a way of manipulate, based in codes and algorithms, the structure of the reality , using , to say that in some way, a very advanced mathematics, that depends on the combination of this codes and algorithms, the time or perception of time changes, is very complex to explain from me to you , but in the other hand, it is very easy to use for the ones who know , use and understand how the structure of the matrix in which you live is working. You can have a look at it like it was a computer, where programs of your reality are executed. These installed programs execute and order and then other one and so on…they execute things.

David: ok, then, was an energy change executed that manipulated the time perception?
Guide: What was executed was a change in your psyche in order to avoid, for the people who is anchored to the change that the planet is already doing, already perceive it or feel it. For the human beings that in spite of the changes they are already suffering, didn’t notice it at all.

David: Ok, I understand, and like you said, your external reality depends on the internal one, if you feel nothing in the internal one, you just express that nothing really happens towards the external world.
Guide: Right, because as you know, the one who is really performing a change in an evolutionary level is not the human race but the planet, the being or “beings” that makes this planet that the Earth is, and all of you get dragged by the Earth, and that is the reason why all of you have the opportunity to perform the change. You are in a very important period of time in which you are going to reverse your actual condition …we talked about it in other occasions…what has been done to the human race in a concrete period of time…just to put it away to the normal state as it was before the manipulations suffered…and that is precisely the opportunity that you are given like a race by the planet as it follows its own evolutionary change.

David: We are only in the ship of passengers, we contribute to the course of it, but the ship, the planet, is the one who has the upper hand on it, and always manage the course.
Guide: That`s right, what has already happen…during the period of time in which you felt that disconnection and lateral movement

David: It seems that it was only a couple of weeks or so…
Guide: yes, what happened was that certain codes were introduced that changed your programs and you weren’t able to feel or even see the change.

David: That is exactly what we lived, the sensation that everything about the evolutionary change has disappeared, every frequency change at all.
Guide: yes, and somehow, for some of you it was a grief to feel that, in the other hand it is used for you to notice how are you being programmed in a individual level too, so you had got different reactions, but at the same time David notes that most of the people, a lot of them actually, didn’t even feel it, because the virtual origin program, your reality, is so deep inserted inside you that you are not able to notice the variation.

David: Where are introduced these codes, algorithms and manipulations that modify the temporal lines in an easy way for someone?
Guide: They are introduced in the human being programming, like a “rebound” to say that in some way. In order to understand it, we can say that in the collective unconscious the own matrix performs that task, and because each individual is connected to that matrix, it is automatically downloaded once the program is activated. And what happens, and I’m not saying anything new, is that the change that the planet is performing itself, is modifying its frequency in a way that affects you even more, and that is precisely what was tried to hide with the introduction of that program. We talked before. Imagine that you temporal line was a straight one, and during that weeks the line was move in a lateral way and not in the straight one

David: and then it reverts, isn’t it?
Guide: Yes, it was reverted by those who are helping to the planet in its change, the ones how collaborate and whish that the process goes on, and even, part of these beings are a part of you that are collaborating from another temporal point.

David : The humankind from other “ points” or “ times” or “ planes” , helping the actual one ?
Guide: Yes, we can say that way, because you are already in a period where the time is not a “lineal” concept, you are now in the era of “out of the time”, that you already has hear from others persons of it. You are not living any linear progress of time, you already live in the “no time” now.

David: this is little lost on me, .. that the time is simultaneous is clear to me, but is no so clear with the period of “no time”…
Guide: If you are connected to the matrix program, let’s continue calling that way because is so easy for us to understand each other, you still perceive time like past, present and future. Out of the matrix that perception doesn’t exit. And what you are seeing is not true, it is no already happening, is not real and isn’t there and is not.

David: Do you mean that out of our virtual reality, the story is another different one ?
Guide: Sure, this is not happening, the planet out of your reality, has already changed, it already reach its new evolutionary level. But, the way you are going to perceived this inside your reality is going to be through happenings that will perceive in a linear way, external physical changes that will lead you to be able to leave this matrix during a gradual process and then be able to see the new reality.

David: That sounds to me, because we already have perceptions about that new reality several times, is like stay inside a bubble, and to break it in order to reach a new outer and bigger bubble that contains the first one.
Guide: It is already happening, you can check out geopolitical and physical changes, and a in some levels the planet situation is changing, the countries all changing their rules, and they are positioning in a different way, …everything continues like always but changes will arise…and you are experience it like linear that will take you to a change of reality at the end, and the be able to see the new reality that is already present.

David: yes, we talked about that many times, the power changes that are already running in this society
Guide: Correct, we already have talked about how a new opposition to the EEUU and allies is arising, and now it seems that the power goes towards China, Russia and the rest of countries that will join them.

David: Yes, but it is the same game inside this manipulated virtual reality , just only changing the domination role inside the matrix
Guide: Yes, but these changes inside the actual matrix are going to be the trigger that makes things to change too. Remember that you stay in the same planet, remember, you know it quite ok, that your new reality is just overlapped to this one in another frequency; it isn’t in any other place. So if changes that happens in your actual reality that allows you to connect to the new one are given, then you can disconnect from the old system …and you see that the reality you are living in will change…or it is already changing now.

David: I`ve been represented it like if one Earth would be overlapped to the other, but separated each other in a frequency way, each time getting more apart until they get two independent ones, more or less…
Guide: Yes that is a way of saying or expressing that. Is a way to understand it in a linearly way like processes who are going one after the other. I repeat to you once again that everything happens in a simultaneous way, that what you are watching now is something that already happened that your new reality already exits. It just only, that for you, this change is gradual. You won’t go to sleep one night and the next morning awake with the new reality, that is impossible. People will be facing this reality change in an individual level first, as soon as the big internal changes happen. If I remember, I think this was what we were talking about in the last session, changes in the people needed to perform the jump.

The website for David's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School website can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here, (Spanish).

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kahi takimoana.harawira said...

A linear Explanation of Frequency Change already happened
It confirms what already is - I confirm this as well on an individual level
"Preparation for the jump is so much better than a blind jump of faith"
Thank you for verifying the nature of recent events around me
My Blessings to you all

lyssa said...

This seems to compliment what the Yellow Rose of Texas has been posting lately

Bilal said...

Today when I woke up ,late at night, there was subtle felling that it has been shift in timeline. Few hour late I was felling this more intense and that about your blog to look if there could be some info related to this.

Algorithm time programing was activated 4-5 November. There was sudden drop in my energetic flow and felling of detachment. Big drop in creative thinking and focus also. This was restored 7 December i think . Did anybody else had that felling?

Tyche1 said...

Hi Bilal. I know that I felt exhausted all day on Nov 10 & woke up with a migraine on Nov. 11. I don't usually have migraines and there was no reason to feel exhausted, so it may have had something to do with this. Also, my mental focus was impacted the last day of November & the first day or two of December.

I've experienced sudden depletion of energy over the last several months but it has gone like this: Day 1: normal, Day 2: almost total exhaustion, Day 3: normal again. No headaches, though. I had assumed it had something to do with the shift as I'm in good health (had a physical during the same time period). But the mental focus thing was something new & different. Hope that was a one-time-only experience:)

Come to think of it, this whole experience reminds me of a detoxing. Hmmm….

Laron said...

About seven days ago, which would make it the 2nd here, I had this day where i was not my self. It's hard to explain how I felt, but I just didn't feel like doing and getting into the usual daily routines. I wondered if it was connected to something external. Perhaps it could be explained as being lost in time for a day or so.

vickie2289 said...

That sure explains the way I've been feeling too. Up until today the last few weeks have been exhausting. I've been trying to figure it out. No matter how much sleep I would get I woke up so tired. Today has been better. Like you Laron, I had to force myself into my daily routines.

I've been feeling strong energies too. Two nights ago I was sitting in my living room and a strong force of energy came very fast from the direction of my window and it felt like a hard slap on the side of my head. I felt it go right through my head and my opposite ear popped. Then suddenly I lost my TV signal and Internet for a little while. Has anyone ever experienced something like that?

Bilal said...

Laron ,I must say that it was very impressive how this was done. After reading this information my thoughts have been on understand how they did it. Somehow it will be difficult to understand all of this but what came to me mind was if this algorithm time manipulation has been used before ?

This was done when it was strong gateway in beginning of November and correction was made when their was next highpoint in gateway at 7 December. So it was connected to astrological alignment and done to this race so it must be connected to our genetic matrix. Sudden drop in energetic flow ,cellular activity and thought activity. It is mindboggling .

Somehow what I fell it is connected to technology given by other race to people in our own race that are not part of in progress.

It is this mindboggling and I hope they will not do this again !

Ivan Lukačević said...

so thats why.... thnx for the info, thnx Jose and David and Laron.... been so off last few days. guess i didnt so much notice the inital change but the recovering of the time line.... just so out of centre. be well everyone

Laron said...

Vickie, I haven't had something like that happen, but when I was a child my Grandma died. Not long after, the tv would keep turning it self off for no reason at all. It wasn't loosing power, it was just turning off. I would turn it back on, and again, it would turn it self off. Then a few days after that, the turning off stopped and it never happened again. (The spirit of my Grandma was trying to get my attention I think.) Your experience reminded me of that. (I won't mention the knocking out of nowhere on doors that another family member experienced around that time)