Monday, December 15, 2014

Dolores Cannon visits Stonehenge and shares QHHT information from a client

Within this video, Dolores Cannon visits Stonehenge earlier this year, before her death. While she is there, she speaks to those around her about information that came through a client within QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy), which explained what Stonehenge was used for.

Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-SA 3.0

Her client said that there was a School of Astronomy there at one point and that at certain times of the year, a ceremony would take place. The priests involved would stand to the north, south, east and west while performing a ritual.

The village folk would come along to watch as the ceremonies occurred. Once the alignment was made at certain times of the year, a portal would open which would allow them to go to other dimensions, to another 'earth' and even into the earth, Dolores Cannon explains. A black hole would appear in the ground at the center of the area.

Over time, as the life of her client progressed, the Norseman came to invade. Her client who had a life there as a priest, was killed by the Norsemen and the energy of the area was contaminated from a place of peace and love, into a place of war and negativity. It was changed forever. The stones were brought in to the site to destroy the negative energy, Dolores Cannon says.

She also goes on to say that the site was not built by Man originally, it was built by those who had special knowledge from Atlantis. Sacred site expert Maria Wheatley is the guide/person beside Dolores Cannon who is also speaking during the video.

The full details of this session can be found in Dolores Cannon's new book, 'The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge!', which was released last month and can be found on Amazon here.


Ivan Lukačević said...

saw her and immediately a smile was on my face :) be well all

temporaryangel said...

I don't think the book is available yet. They halted its promotion when she passed. Maybe early next year. I have read all of her books and eagerly await the new wisdom she shares with this one. Has anyone been able to get a copy yet? Caroline

Love Light On Earth said...

It was not this year. This is from 2011. <3

Laron said...

The date of when this occurred came from Dolores Cannon's official facebook page. Have you got a source showing it was actually 2011?