Monday, December 8, 2014

Diving Japan’s mysterious underwater ruins with Graham Hancock (YouTube Video)

Video Description (Six minutes) : “Natural or man-made? You decide. (Point of information. Sea level rose just over 120 metres — 400 feet — at the end of the last Ice Age. All the structures seen here would have been above water until about 12,000 years ago). Thanks to the great team from Seamen’s Club, Ishigaki, who joined us on all these dives (and hundreds more!) and provided wonderful technical support.

Thanks also to Kihachiro Aratake and all at Sou.Wes diving, Yonaguni (

The sites featured in the video are:
Kerama (Aka Jima):

For further information see:
Specifically :­/
Graham Hancock’s Facebook page:"

Source: AngelicView

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