Thursday, November 20, 2014

Results from our Holographic Balancing Diagnostic

Back on the 4th of November I posted an article here discussing the offer of a free group based Holographic Balancing Treatment, which Gwen from en|vision offered to our weekly healing group.

Thirty one of us took part, which included the cat of one of our participants. Gwen works with animals on a regular basis, so it was not unusual for an animal to be included with the Holographic Balancing.

Just to recap, each of us provided our place of birth, our name and the date we were born. This information was keyed into software, which Gwen uses, and from there, a server running other software ran a complex diagnostic on our group during the exact time of our healing session last weekend.

The software determines the sate of our well being. Gwen originally offered to only do a group scan, but she also decided to do a quick scan for each individual. The quick scan focused on the top 5 to 10 imbalances and/or deficiencies, which also includes physical, emotional and spiritual factors.

The results were quite impressive. About half of the participants have provided feedback based on the individual results, and the accuracy of the scan, including my own, were very high based on our opinions.

I will first share with everyone the group scan results, and then I will mention my individual results as an example of what an individual scan was like. Note that all the information I am reporting on has already been shared with the participants, so the purpose of this article is to let everyone else know how we went and to provide some insight into this computer and software based healing method.

Group Results

Gwen shared this message with me in relation to our group - "I'll say that your healing group was a very interesting group to run and not typical of the person who normally walks in off the street. I'm sure it's because of the content of your blog and who that attracts. It's hard for you to have a reference because you don't see what I do all day long, but overall the group was healthier (physically) than the average person and there was a noticeable amount of emotional and spiritual references that told me they are a very gifted, sensitive and empathic group. For instance, the QK and DA references were not the norm. "Normal"clients will show more "average" remedies for resentment, anger, and stuff like that. There were a lot of references to transition, spiritual growth in QK, and the DA remedies and the PSA references."

The below information relates to the scan of those who took part, as a whole, and was compiled by Gwen. So you can think of these results listed as an average, based on a total number. The results don't mean that they apply to every single participant.

Core beliefs about the world resonate among this group – this is unusual, but must be because they found Transients/Laron because of similar belief systems or the group is searching for the same answers/information.

Affirmation – “I attract others into my life who help me express my completeness” with the Quantum K number to help manifest this 398 796 854 198  (this would generally mean this group does not do or have this in their life already so the affirmation or QK number would help shift this)

Soul Group – meaning the group is connected spiritually in some way (all but one person was completely connected, which was cool)

Soul theft – generally means we have given a piece or part of ourselves away to another person or someone “took a piece of us” with them because of death or a break up.

Affirmation – “I understand my needs and desires” and Quantum K number 398 796 854 198 (interestingly, the QK number was the same for both affirmations that resonated with the group)

This image relates to the QK reference above. See further on to understand more about QK

Birth or first year significant or traumatic – this could be something that happened in the womb, something related to birth like an emergency C-section or breached baby, or something happened in their surroundings like an accident or injury to them or family member, or the death of a family member.

Drug residue – this could be recreational or medical, including over the counter.

Psychic pain – my interpretation of this is that we can suffer from having intuition and not using it, or not using it to its full potential.  Or we can be psychic, which usually means we are also empathic and taking on other people’s issues whether we realize it or not.  Sometimes people on the “path” will focus on enlightenment and awareness but ignore their physical bodies! Or they think as they grow spiritually that their bodies will just heal spontaneously and I call this psychic pain also. Their body is still paying the price for staying up too late, eating junk or microwaved foods, not drinking enough water, taking medications, etc.  In fact, someone on the path should spend more energy on eating vibrant foods that help raise their vibration.  That’s why people’s eating habits and cravings should change for the better when they are growing spiritually because the “old” foods or meat might even make them feel sick.  The digestive issues could be a clue that the foods you are used to eating are not working for you anymore.  In the same way, drugs and alcohol numb your senses and intuition and keep you “down to earth”.

References of the most common issues seen within the group (these do not apply to everyone like the list above).

Low thyroid

Electric sensitivity, EMF and solar flare sensitivity – I see these more with intuitive people.  It’s an indication that you are more sensitive to electronics, radiation (including microwaves, cell phones, medical testing that uses radiation), solar flares, etc. Usually this group will also be sensitive to earthquake activity, usually the bigger ones. The typical symptoms can include fatigue, pain, can’t get out of bed, brain fog, and stiffness.

Entities/Attachments – this looks high in this group and can be for the following reasons – bringing junk back from astral travel, regression and some other modalities.  Empathics tend to attract dead people or may communicate with them so they hang around.  Or the attachment could be a dead family member that someone is connected to or might even call them in for help or communication or messages.  I’ve not seen this many % wise except for at a Coptic Conference in Tennessee several years ago and that group was more “aware” than the average person I would say. The bad thing about this is we can take on symptoms or issues from these entities, so you may be dealing with things that aren’t “yours”.

Digestion – I see this more with Blood Type A’s, AB’s and B’s than blood type O’s.  It’s very common with the first 3 blood types. Digestion issues could be related to “indigestible issues” (digestion, stomach) or “something hard to swallow” (throat, esophagus) or “something you can’t let go of” (constipation, elimination)”.

Low pH = acidity = low oxygen

Systemic candida – very common due to antibiotics, steroids and other drugs that kill friendly flora in the gut.  Some people are born with candida because of their mothers having candida.

MSG/aSPARTAME – These are common sensitivities from food chemicals.  Common symptoms can include “busy brain”, anxiety, insomnia, ADD and ADHD symptoms, headaches, migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Most packaged and processed foods have MSG or Aspartame, even foods you wouldn’t think of like pickled ginger.

Individual Results

As an example of a quick individual scan, here are most of my results (I took a couple of more personal items out)

-Forgiveness of someone else or self
-Sensitive to radiation: travel, cell and microwaves showed up affecting you, usually people sensitive to radiation are also sensitive to earth changes, geopathic stress, and electricity
-Relocate work: could be occupation or location
-Blood flow in one arm: could be from an old injury or blood clot or scar tissue
-Tailbone out of adjustment
-Blood sugar
-Money: could be a stress or conflict
-QK: Trust in universe to provide me with all that I need 634 987 859 159 and Emotions to heal. Two numbers showed up 298 643 519 798 and 211 665 566 965
-PSA #87: Love wisdom
-DA: Group Initiation Formula and 11:11 Formula. (both are very cool) Your Desert Alchemy remedies point to a new direction in a big way

So, what does this all mean to me? Every item is accurate. I will go through a few of them to expalin what I mean.

My individual scan said I was sensitive to radiation. For a number of years now, intuitively I have been trying my best to combat this, without even having anyone or anything tell me that I am sensitive. For example, I put certain crystals around electronic equipment in my home. I try to keep my mobile phone as far away from my body as possible. I prefer to use candles beside my bed at night, rather than a lamp, or I use a large salt lamp. I find fluorescent lights really drain me and I am happy to no longer be working in an environment which has them all over the roof everywhere I went. I never use microwave ovens and I am constantly telling people how much damage they do to the nutrient quality of food. There are many other things I could add, but this is what has come to me right now.

The scan showed a relocation around work. I very recently decided to move to New Zealand early next year.

There was mention of a blood flow problem in my arm. When I was young, I injured my wrist at school. I never got it treated. For about 25 years, I would get pain within that wrist from time to time. At times I would wear a wrist support to keep it strait. I believe the mention of the blood flow likely relates to this old injury. It's been about five or so years since I had pain there now, but it still makes a clicking sound if I twist my hand around. A few years ago I had an intuitive tell me that she saw an issue in that same wrist around the flow of energy.

In relation to the tailbone being out of adjustment. At first when I read that, I didn't know what it could refer to as I have no pain or issues in that area. But, a few days I remembered something. About a year ago, I was climbing down a steep waterfall (yes, Laron does do a bit of adventurous stuff from time to time), and I slipped and fell a few meters. I landed on my tailbone, pretty much. It hurt. I had pain in that area for a week or perhaps a bit longer as I can't recall now.

I talked to Gwen about the mention of the blood sugar. I believe this relates to consuming too much carbohydrates based on the foods I eat on average. I could easily see how this could be the case based on what I have been consuming over the last few months. (I have also been neglecting my exercise over the past two months)

As for money, it has been a big concern for me for a while now.

So, that leaves us with those strange abbreviations that you see, the QK, the PSA and the DA. I will go through each one and provide you with my own personal results.

Quantum K (QK) was created by Andrew Kemp in the UK. He gave Gwen permission to use his system in the en|vision scans. Gwen says that his study manual is one of the most complete pieces of work that she has found for looking at the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional areas, and it’s freely available on his site. The number that came up for each of us is unique, in the way that it relates to our situation now and that it is the most appropriate one to assist us at this time.

I have gone to his site, and opened up the pdf manual 'Kinesiology Scan Lists'. I did a text search on the three reference numbers (Harmonics) that came up for me, 634 987 859 159, 298 643 519 798 and 211 665 566 96.

The number 634 987 859 159 came up with a short section titled 'Healing'. Under that are six affirmations based on this. If I was doing an individual treatment with Gwen, these would be programmed within the treatment part of the session and I wouldn't need to do anything. But because this is a group based session, I have the option of using these as affirmations, or I could write or put these on a piece of paper and wear, to help to integrate what came up for me. As an example of one of the six affirmations, one of them is 'I choose to consume vibrant food and drink and respect my body'.

If I look at the second number, 298 643 519 798, this came up under a section titled 'Reason opened inappropriately' and points to 'Emotions to heal'. So, now I have opened up Andrew Kemp's other pdf manual, which is the explanatory notes. I searched for 'Reason opened inappropriately' to understand what this means. It explains that I may need to establish why a doorway opened so that I can identify the energy involved with enough detail so that I can ask for it to be closed. It says that this is all about intent and being clear about what you want to be healed.

The third number, 211 665 566 96, is pointing to a section under Past Lives and references emotions to heal. I take this to mean that I have emotions to heal based upon a past life (which could include an 'imprint life', a definition taught by Dolores Cannon for a past life which is not your own, but which you have used to help you function in this life now).

Moving onto the PSA abbreviation. PSA stands for Pure Soul Alchemy. This is another work set that Gwen has included in the Holographic Balancing process. The PSA reference in this scan relates to an Aura Soma bottle from Gabriella's Pure Soul Alchemy website. Anyone can visit this site to get a free reading, based upon them choosing a bottle which resonates with them. The explanation on the site says that the colors chosen represent the needs that lie within us and that the bottle chosen will help us recognise the needs at a deeper level.

So, I have gone to this link here, and then found the PSA reference which came up for me, that being #87.  The colors are both coral and the heading is 'Love Wisdom'. The bottle comes with a long description and includes sections on the main theme, dominant characteristics, possible challenges, spiritual level, mental level, emotional level and where to apply the substance if it is purchased. The main feeling and meaning I get from it, is that its about clearing love from my past.

The whole description resonates with me based upon my life experience up until now, so it is fascinating how the scan picked this up. I quite enjoyed the description of the dominant characteristics here, "A person who can impart deep insights to others and who is useful as a vehicle for love and wisdom. Always lends an ear to others. Is very efficient and often works in a position with a lot of responsibility. Knows how to beautify his/her surroundings. Enjoys aesthetics. Generally feels great joy. An ability to understand new technology. Has talents for coordination and for counseling."

That description is me. I had a lot of responsibility in my previous job (working in I.T. with sensitive data in a Government position) before I moved more into the healing field and you could say that what I do here in connection to transients, also brings with it a lot of responsibility.

While this PSA would also be included in an individual treatment, because this is a group event, Gwen recommends that the individual could copy the image of the 2 color bottle that matches our number, to our cell phone or computer screen saver, and this would also be effective.  Shes says that every time we look at the image, it is balancing any part of the possible challenge aspects described with that particular remedy.  The actual remedy can be purchased on the site but as you can see, there are a few options here without having to purchase it.

And finally, there was an abbreviation of DA which stands for Desert Alchemy. This is in reference to a flower essence line found at the website here. Gwen explains that we should recognise aspects of the essence that describe us. She told me that generally the top essence that shows up for a person means they are having challenges or there is imbalance in this area of their life.

What came up for me was Group Initiation Formula and 11:11 Formula. So, I now head off to this link here, which is the flower essences link on the site, and I first search for 'Group Initiation Formula'. There is a short description which says, 'This is the sacred merger into the One. It helps us to acknowledge the angel in others and to work together for the highest good of all.'

The second essence that came up for me was 11:11, and the description is, '11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed within our cellular memory banks prior to our descent into matter. When activated, it signifies that our time of completion is near. This formula is on going support for remaining balanced and in harmony with the energy of the new octave. It helps us to anchor divine energy into our mundane or worldly existence.' Again, normally these would be included in any individual treatment.

That concludes the review over my individual results. You can read more feedback from participants on their results within the comments section of last weekends remote group healing article here.

This week Gwen will be sending along information on what treatment she recommends for our group, this coming weekend, which will take place within the time of our remote group healing session. I will also pick a few things for us as well, based on a selection of choices Gwen provides.

I will be interested to see how we all go after the treatment has taken place and if any of us notice any changes long term. The success of the diagnostic is most impressive and I still ponder about how some of these things that have been identified, could actually be identified based solely on the information we provided. I am very familiar with astrology, kinesiology, homeopathy, naturopathy, and have a high level of education in energetic healing and I understand the many reasons behind why people get sick. I am also familiar with psychical devices which are used in offices by those such as naturopaths, to diagnose people in a similar way to this. I have seen everyone's individual results, and while there are some common issues which arose, there are a lot of different circumstances and items which one would not expect to see from a diagnostic based system that has no physical connection to a person and which sits half way around the world. Fascinating!


Rainbow Warrior said...

Wow, this is all so fascinating! Thank you for sharing, Laron!

Ivan Lukačević said...

love the PSA info for the different bottles! i got #26 - Humpty Dumpty lol! :D

Laron said...

"Spiritual Level: Brings about deeper insights" True ;-)

Wherami said...

What a great experience!

Emma Lawson said...

This has been such a great experience so far & I am enjoying researching things my scan has identified. This type of new healing also fits with David Icke's work. I went to David's show Awaken, Awaken, Awaken in Wembley last month & he spent quite a while explaining the holographic nature of the universe & backing his theory up with science. This new healing certainly fits with David's work. I am looking forward to the next stage with the group. Big thanks to Gwen & Laron :-)

Unknown said...

My husband ended having to work so I asked him to let me do the work for him (such a steroetype I know). Perhaps he was the "one" Gwen said was not completely connected to the group.

Jack said...

So much to ponder and work with. Thank you so much, Laron and Gwen.

Linda said...

Gratitude to you both Laron and Gwen. It's exciting information and I feel wonderful knowing this technology is being used in combination. Inspired and blessed work and it paints a beautiful healing picture for life on Terra, and the future we're coming into.

I feel honored and blessed, thank you.

Severed Lies said...

(from Cynthia) Sorry to be late in giving feedback from the Scan.

When I joined in the session on 8 November, I felt what can only be described as a group hug. I have participated in quite a few sessions, and I have sensed the group energy,
but had never felt it intertwined with mine before.

On 15 November, I did sense a scan, from top to bottom. It was quick, and left no lingering energy. I did not feel the presence of anyone else, as I had the previous week.

For the diagnostic results, all of what was mentioned for me was correct. One thing I had not had confirmation of before, but do so now, is Entity / Attachment.
The issues I knew I needed to work on urgently now have some specific details that make so much sense to me.

Aaron and Gwen, thank you so much for allowing me to participate, and for sharing those valuable references. I look forward to the next session.