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Mysterious object Cloud G2 at galacticcCenter is actually a binary star

By Nancy Atkinson, 4 November 2014
An image from W. M. Keck Observatory near infrared data shows that G2 survived its closest approach to the black hole and continues happily on its orbit. The green circle just to its right depicts the location of the invisible supermassive black hole. Credit: Andrea Ghez, Gunther Witzel/UCLA Galactic Center Group/W. M. Keck Observatory

A mysterious object swinging around the supermassive black hole in the center our galaxy has surprised astronomers by actually surviving what many thought would be a devastating encounter. And with its survival, researchers have finally been able to solve the conundrum of what the object – known as G2 — actually is. Since G2 was discovered in 2011, there was a debate whether it was a huge cloud of hydrogen gas or a star surrounded by gas. Turns out, it was neither … or actually, all of the above, and more.

Astronomers now say that G2 is most likely a pair of binary stars that had been orbiting the black hole in tandem and merged together into an extremely large star, cloaked in gas and dust.

“G2 survived and continued happily on its orbit; a simple gas cloud would not have done that,” said Andrea Ghez from UCLA, who has led the observations of G2. “G2 was basically unaffected by the black hole. There were no fireworks.”

This was one of the “most watched” recent events in astronomy, since it was the first time astronomers have been able to view an encounter with a black hole like this in “real time.” The thought was that watching G2’s demise would not only reveal what this object was, but also provide more information on how matter behaves near black holes and how supermassive black holes “eat” and evolve.

The two Keck 10-meter domes atop Mauna Kea. (Rick Peterson/WMKO)

Using the Keck Observatory, Ghez and her team have been able to keep an eye on G2’s movements and how the black hole’s powerful gravitational field affected it.

While some researchers initially thought G2 was a gas cloud, others argued that they weren’t seeing the amount of stretching or “spaghettification” that would be expected if this was just a cloud of gas.

As Ghez told Universe Today earlier this year, she thought it was a star. “Its orbit looks so much like the orbits of other stars,” she said. “There’s clearly some phenomenon that is happening, and there is some layer of gas that’s interacting because you see the tidal stretching, but that doesn’t prevent a star being in the center.”

Now, after watching the object the past few months, Ghez said G2 appears to be just one of an emerging class of stars near the black hole that are created because the black hole’s powerful gravity drives binary stars to merge into one. She also noted that, in our galaxy, massive stars primarily come in pairs. She says the star suffered an abrasion to its outer layer but otherwise will be fine.

Ghez explained in a UCLA press release that when two stars near the black hole merge into one, the star expands for more than 1 million years before it settles back down.

“This may be happening more than we thought. The stars at the center of the galaxy are massive and mostly binaries,” she said. “It’s possible that many of the stars we’ve been watching and not understanding may be the end product of mergers that are calm now.”

Ghez and her colleagues also determined that G2 appears to be in that inflated stage now and is still undergoing some spaghettification, where it is being elongated. At the same time, the gas at G2’s surface is being heated by stars around it, creating an enormous cloud of gas and dust that has shrouded most of the massive star.

Usually in astrophysics, timescales of events taking place are very long — not over the course of several months. But it’s important to note that G2 actually met its demise around 25,000 years ago. Because of the amount of time it takes light to travel, we can only now observe this event which happened long ago.

“We are seeing phenomena about black holes that you can’t watch anywhere else in the universe,” Ghez added. “We are starting to understand the physics of black holes in a way that has never been possible before.”

The research has been published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Further reading: UCLA, Keck

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Rustam S. said...

So this means there will be no (ever) 'galactic (super)wave' associated with this G2 cloud interaction with galactic center. Funny... Fail :)

Laron said...

I look at the situation as this - I believe a lot has already taken place, as was confirmed and forecast to occur, with Lai's last sessions. Aspects of the cloud have been drawn into the galactic center and this in turn has caused energetic consciousness based changes on Earth and the Sun, as I perceive us to be heading right into a mid point in the shift.

There may have been other planetary based objects within the Cloud which have been drawn in already that we may not even be aware existed.

As Paul LaViolette theorised in this post,, a companion object or star, still has the chance to move out of the orbit of Cloud g2 and head into the galactic center at any time.

It's perfectly possible that the positive time line we are now in, thanks a lot to the volunteer souls, that there doesn't need to be that stellar wave as a result of an explosion within the galactic center... which would mean that there is some intelligence behind the whole process. (global consciousness has risen enough for there to be no need for such as drastic 'cleansing', so the shift in consciousness will continue for those remaining with the earth)

To support what I mean, around what has already taken place, see Lyn's reading here of Cloud g2,

I quote from that reading, "A I see the gas being sucked into the black hole, like as how a shop vac would suck up debris. As soon as the gas gets within the gravitational field of the black hole, it looks to go fast (like if you aren't watching it when it happens, you will have missed it.). After the gas cloud is absorbed by the black hole I see this vibration occurring- as if the hole is like a pressure cooker wanting to explode, but it isn't quite there yet (just under pressure). I don't see anything happening after that, but if something else (anything) were to be absorbed by the black hole (and that looks to occur many years from now), it creates an explosion. The result I see is a brilliant, bright light."

She goes on to say that if there is an explosion as a result of this build up, or if a star entered, that would be the cause of the shaking of quakes on Earth. But Lai said in is last session that it won't happen like that anymore. Also in Lai's last session, ( I quote, "...they {they as in people on Earth} realise the shift, when the Cloud goes through the Galactic Center, because its not as physical as people think, as people expect on Earth. It will be in their consciousness"

So since that information came through from Lai, the passing of Cloud G2 past the galactic center is the main sign and event here to focus on, not the lack of some great explosion that may or may not occur... as this doesn't seem to be that relevant considering the changes we are going through, which goes to show its all happening.

Rustam S. said...

Well, maybe... Laron, thank you for this expansion ^. Could you please shortly define what exactly 'shift in (mass) consciousness' means (how you understand it)? I mean, if we would go out on a street now and then after the 'mid point', how would we recognize and compare the difference? Because something does not sits right with me about all this business. Don't we become more and more engaged in wishful thinking instead? said...

Just a short time ago, legal gay marriage in the US was decades away. Just a short time ago the idea of a black man being president was insane. World powers have shifted. Financial sectors seem to never be stable as they once were. And though Fukushima has dosed the seas and BP spiked the water, the temperature variations and missing species observed are not limited to oceans but seen on every continent. Just as in the Fibonacci spiral, the changes will speed up as we reach the center. Remember, not all changes will come beyond, just the idea of change will push some over the edge and force even more change. "For soon the cold of night will fall, summoned by your own hand."- Queen, "The Prophet's Song"

Wherami said...

You can only know the change by looking back on it. Bots say that we wont recognize the change till Nov time frame of next year in 2015 but that we will have already been over the tipping point since March of 2015. Look back over the past few months and you can see now that we have been tipping and its getting close.

Laron said...

Rusty, in relation to the mid point, I would simply expect a small uptake, in addition to whats gone on in the last few months, with relation to an increase in the various activities around the world.

That would be the main signs to look at. For example, what I am referring to is all the global events being reported on in the media from the recent protests in France, the continuing outing of those in positions of power which usually includes a whole lot of 'secrets revealed', the stage where precious metals finally breaks and stops being manipulated,(yet to happen), additional major components occurring within the ISIS situation, release of new technologies relating to free energy and anything really which improves our health and takes us away from polluting the world, and so on... its the changes within peoples minds (consciousness) which are related to all of these situations.

In the long term future, all of that will show more heavily, but because of how time works, only so much can happen in a day... so unless a person is following the global news very closely, they may not see the changes occurring until they perhaps look back or some event slaps them in the face and wakes you up. Even then, they won't connect it up to the shift if they are unaware of the shift.

If we were in a different time line we would have seen some large loss of life events by now and it would be a bit more obvious. Going by the current info I have ran into, I don't think its ever going to be obvious in that regard anymore, but 2017 is sounding like another important time period where a few things may occur that will be obvious to those back here who are still around.

Watching the new technologies, the changes in government and society, seeing friends wake up... seeing them start looking into spiritualism and consciousness/spiritual development... having new healing based methods start to appear and become more popular.. all these little tings are the things to take notice of.

And all of that is the shift for the 3rd dimensional folks that remain with the old earth... and there will be a lot of them/us it seems. 2017 may be a time period where a few more actually go to what we understand as 'the new earth', at this stage, based on recent info from a few sources. However... people have to realise that to make that journey, the physical body can not be taken with them.

The most important thing that each of us can do is get as much as we can into developing the quality of our consciousness and in turn this opens up many options for us while we are here, and after we are here in this experience. Some information can be a guide along that journey, but we each need to have real experiences and gain real truths to make real progression.

Rustam S. said...

Laron, I got your point.

There is of course changes in mass human consciousness ongoing. I will not dispute that. It is indeed evident in social interactions. It is ongoing I would estimate since 1960s, accelerating. Many who still asleep feel change too but do not understand what it is really about and what is happening to them and society. They think it is political changes, economic changes, ecological changes, technological breakthroughs and so on, some understandable for them models. Some historical cycles being played out again. It is, but it is not what it is really about.

Meanwhile 'Cosmic energies' are intensified and this brings about a lot of 'dirty laundry' to be aired, a lot of delayed karmic debts being hurriedly paid, closing of the cycle, etc. Very few are really evolving in their understanding, thoughts, attitudes (rising vibrations). These are more awake. Such as you and many other readers here and elsewhere.

There is supposedly splitting of the worlds (New Earth process) phenomena awaiting/happening, which will involve splitting of the population vibrationally discriminated. Let us suppose that there is no wave/superwave, and process being slow and gradual split.

What is missing, however, it is that Earth is part of the cosmos. Not dead cosmos but alive itself and into multitudes of life forms manifestations. I hint here 'ET factor' of course. How will we plug it in? In our current situation? It is very important.

This 'technological breakthroughs' (which are not really) are being accurately and timely played out now. A lot of young people are incarnating here now with this blind fascination for various technologies. I saw them. This whole global infrastructure with (more and more faster) Internet at its basis, and almost all emerging technologies, are not intended for good of us, they are for 'them'! To use as appropriate (hint - control, control, control and yet more control). A lot of people will be lured in so called 'Machine Kingdom'. And that will be their 'ascension' in a sense (grim)...

Now question is, if we put away Earth changes (thinking we are on 'positive timeline'), and epidemic/pandemic scenario not working really in decreasing population meaningfully (it is awful situation nonetheless), how will ET play their card? They have no choice but to introduce themselves be it publicly or not so publicly. They need some global impacting event as a premise to step in. If there is no 'natural' event then there will be manufactured one. This will quite impact human mass consciousness I suppose (even with Hollywood pushing alien agenda with all their might for years).

Will this be 'mid point' then?

Laron said...

I don't see them playing any public role which would be reported about through the media and Governments, as there are rules agreed upon with how much they can interact with us until we have reached a certain technological and possibly spiritual state. Like Lai said in the 5th article I posted, in answer to John's question about exactly this, they will just become more known and there will be more sightings reported and filmed, which makes sense.

If there was some major earth change or series of changes, that is when they seem to become more involved, but from where we are at now, that may never happen for this cycle.

I see no need for them to step in, in a larger way, as based on this astrological age, change will occur naturally because of the consciousness changes, over time.