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Michael Newton's research, Edgar Cayce readings, Souls, Vibrations, Intent and Energy - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 9 November 2014

Q. From Michael Newton's research, souls are grouped into colors according to their soul vibration.
When we die, our soul vibration will lift us to the plane that is most compatible to our vibration. Where does Hell and Heaven fits into all these ? Is Heaven the highest vibration plane and only violet souls can go there ?
A. The first thing I get is that "heaven" and "hell" are just arbitrary names we assign to different layers of existence to make sense of them in our human mind.  I don't see "hell" as a fiery pit, but rather a layer on earth where the lower vibrations reside (like attracts like, so similar levels of spiritual development tend to group together).

The image I see of "heaven" isn't white fluffy clouds, but rather a group of souls that are more spiritual advanced (and hold a higher vibration)- they feel airy, light and have the ability to be in a more free form (travel and move easier from location to location, and through time).

Souls do have a vibration, and that vibration is associated to different colors.  Violet is a very high vibration, but the highest vibration is white (which is a culmination of all colors).  I get that it isn't that you aren't "allowed" to go to a different layer / plane, but a soul wouldn't want to (like wants to be with like) interchange planes (and if it did, it wouldn't stay).  A soul has to evolve and progress naturally before it would want to stay with other souls of the same frequency..

Q. Do souls always advance or stay stagnant after each reincarnation? 
A.  Many times they do advance by the experiences obtained during life.  I don't see it going backwards.  It may stay the same, but the natural process propels it forward.  Some may propel faster than others, but it will move in a higher vibrational direction.

Q. Can higher souls also drop to a lower vibration when they forget their past lives' lessons and do stupid things such as commit suicide or terrorism ?
A.  They don't move backwards, but they can "reset" themselves back to where they were when they started their previous incarnation.  It was as if the most recent incarnation didn't happen, and they have to restart the lesson all over.  The lesson may present itself differently, but the lesson will still have the opportunity to be learned...

Q. What does it mean, meet God halfway within, like Edgar Cayce put it? What is fate or destiny? Can a person change it by meeting God within?
A. (Rather than the name "God" I feel I need to use "universal consciousness").  In order to allow the Universal Consciousness to enter your body, you have to open yourself up to receive it (much like Reiki or any other energy work).  The universe is here to teach and heal, but if you close yourself off, you cannot feel or reap the benefits from it.  A closed self blocks an exchange of energy and conscious knowledge (why some people have a difficult time receiving and experiencing energy healing).  Cayce is saying that if you open yourself up (in a protected, but intentional way) you can experience great things.  I also need to mention that part of opening up is quieting down that rational voice that is discouraging and embracing the subconscious thoughts that direct your toward your greater good.

What is fate or destiny? Can you change your fate or destiny?  Fate and destiny look like a blueprint of your life path.  Every detail is not planned at your moment of incarnation, however, there are certain "events" or "situations" they are set in motion.  You may be meant to meet someone... you may even be around them several times before you have "contact," but fate will keep making the opportunity until it happens.  You don't have an exact timeline pre mapped of when it has to happen, but eventually it will.

You may be destined to be in a situation.. Free will may make you dodge the situation, however, it will eventually catch up with you in some form. (I get an image of the movie Final Destination).  Only a act of free will can alter that destiny, but fate will try to put you back on track.

Q. There was a crystal named the Tuaio stone used in Atlantis read by Edgar Cayce, used supposedly to communicate between the finite and infinite? What do you see on this? Supposedly working with storage of ethorenic enegy from ether? What are uses of ether energy?
A. I see the stone isn't necessary to tap into ether energy, but it is very helpful in amplifying the intensity of it.  The stone is intense and I want to use the word has "majestical" or "mystical" properties to it. It was used by the highest regarded people in their ancient society.  I also get that the higher the vibration of the person using the stone, the more clarity and insight could be experienced (a person of lower vibration would get little from using this stone.)  It feels like the stone is protected from falling in the wrong hands.

In looking at the stone, it looks clear, but I see movement inside the crystal when touched.  It looks like purple swirls move within the stone when touched, like it reacts with the electrical pulses of the person touching it to form images and help to project images within the users mind. Very powerful, and unique stone!

Q. What is vibration? Is it mental or physical? When people speak of raising their vibration what happens on atomic level? Can physical vibration be raised and maintain structural integrity?
A. Vibration is both mental and physical working together.  The mental portion controls the output on the physical being.  You can't increase vibration physically without the mental portion working in unison and aiding in the process.

 When people raise their vibration you are spiritually opening up and allowing the universal consciousness to be at one with your body.  You soul, mind and body and becoming at one with the "oneness" of the universe.  The closer you are connected, the higher your vibration becomes.  You are also in good balance when this happens.

Most people have a certain vibration they hold (and as you spiritual open up that "normal" vibration gets a little higher), but they can intentionally work on things to get bursts of higher vibrations (like meditating, yoga, deep relaxation, hypnosis) in order to gain better clarity.

At the atomic level things look to vibrate a little more as well. The integrity is still there, it just looks like they "buzz" (like a bee) a little faster.  The purity of the body remains the same (actually functions a little better because things of lower vibration look to detox out [sickness, cancer, etc] when a vibration is held a little higher).

Q. Are emotions spiritual or physical?
A.  Emotions are spiritual, but can evoke a physical reaction.  I get an image of someone that is depressed walking into a room, and then a plant wilts.  A emotion creates an energy wave, and that wave can create a physical reaction without ever even talking to the person.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

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