Monday, November 3, 2014

Huge Solar Eruptions in Progress | S0 News November 1, 2014

Within the first one and a half minutes of this daily update, Ben Davidson / Suspicious0bservers discusses a four way lineup of Mars, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. He explains that an incoming plasma filament destabilised the sun and caused a CME that rivaled one back in September, 2012. More than 100 thousand miles of plasma was ejected towards Mars, from the sun, back on the 1st of November.

Going by the current solar data from NOAA, what stood out for me was that the the GOES 8 is reporting the proton flux is up a bit since this event. 

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DBlog said...
I made this video from webcam shots 15 seconds apart. the number of times the sun appears to explode is shocking. We cannot see it without a camera, but the sun is going a bit crazy. No fear, only love.