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Holographic Balancing Treatment - An offer to our weekly healing group by en|vision

Gwen from en|vision who has followed transients for a few years, has offered our weekly healing group to participate in a free group diagnostic and treatment using a holographic computer based healing system. She felt that it would be a good way to say thanks for what I have been doing with the site and with the healing group since I started it over a year ago here. I am taking up her offer.

Note that I plan to schedule this event within two of our upcoming weekend remote group healing sessions. (Weekend of the 15th (scan) and weekend of the 22nd (treatment)) The time and day of our current sessions seems the most appropriate time for our regulars based upon their physical location and Gwen and I are very keen to see any feedback that may come during the process.

I have done a bit of research on this and asked Gwen a lot of questions, so keep reading to find out more about what this is and how it works. I have to briefly touch on a few things and then I will get into more detail further within this article.

This diagnostic and healing/treatment based system scans your health and is said to be able to determine the state of your overall well being by finding the underlying cause and the best solutions for your health conditions. The technology is based on quantum physics principles around the physical world being made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals.

This holographic balancing method is said to work at the physical and etheric levels and helps to re-balance the mental and higher energetic levels. The treatment takes place distantly, similar to how distant healing works, but it is very complex and has many different treatments. Holographic data analysis is said to be a revolutionary field and is a very advanced method of accessing optimal health in-sights in order to achieve balance and harmony for people.

When the solution is identified by the software using the data provided by the client, the remedy information can then be sent to the client distantly as a broadcast, with 'digital notes' or it can be imprinted as a remedy. A computer is involved in this process, so the remedies and intentions are software based.

The activation of the remedies are therefore contained within a computer system, which may sound a bit strange to most people. When you take into consideration such theories as what physicist Thomas Campbell has explained and supported through science within his book Trilogy 'My big TOE', (my big theory of everything) how we are existing within a computer based simulation of a sorts and consciousness is what makes up everything, this actually starts to make some sense.

Once the client information is keyed in, the system accesses a large database of healing modalities such as acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal remedies, etc. The effects experienced by the client are sustainable as a change in the client’s hologram and dynamically effects the hologram as a whole.

Gwen has assisted with the development of this system and has modified the system with the help of developers / programmers to enhance and include many remedies and diagnostic based methods. You can find Gwen talking about this system and presenting the process based upon what shes sees on the screen when using the system here (30 minute video).

Gwen Foster has a number of different qualifications which have helped her expand and develop this system. You can read more about her bio here. In addition to her other qualifications, she is a Naturopathic Doctor in Texas, USA and is trained in hypnotherapy and Reiki.

The system can work with individuals or groups, so in our case we are going to go with the group method. What groups may benefit from this can range from a family tree, or even a psychology based support group (relationships, grief counselling, etc). Gwen has explained that she works a lot with pets, clients with autoimmune disorders, children learning disorders and pretty much anyone with a complex issue to resolve. She did say to me that she usually gets clients who come to her when western based medicine methods have failed them after they have been seeking a solution to their condition(s).

Image credit: Truthout.org

Gwen usually uses webex with her clients during the diagnostic stage, but because of the nature of our group sessions (which requires focus and concentration), for the upcoming sessions I have chosen to get reports sent to me by Gwen which I will share with those who participate. (Webex is an online webcam / chat method of sharing whats on your screen and webcam with another party(s))

I have decided that instead of setting a general intention for the treatment stage, that we would get our group scanned and then I can decide upon what our priorities are for the treatment, based on the results. For example, instead of saying to Gwen to schedule a treatment of a general healing, where she would choose specific options within the software such as the best solutions for attaining perfect health, we will first have a scan the week before and then I will go through the results with Gwen, and we will have the treatment for those in the group a week later.

If you are interested in taking part, please send me an email (if you have my email, just use that) and provide the following details,

Your full name - first and last
Your date of birth
The place you were born -city, state, country

I will collect everyone's information and send it along to Gwen. The deadline for those participating will be next Thursday the 13th of November (New Zealand time, so 12th in other parts of the world). If you prefer to send the information to Gwen directly, just email me and let me know, as I will need to keep track all participants. We will limit this to a maximum of 50 people.

If something comes up, you don't have to take part on the weekends session for this to be effective, (Weekend of the 15th (scan) and weekend of the 22nd (treatment)) but it would be a good experience for you to be part of each session, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated by Gwen, myself and the group.

The reports that Gwen generates will include the persons name and a diagnostic listing of their health. It will be known to Gwen, myself and those participating since I will share this information via email at some stage during the process. (possibly more than once) If you have concerns over privacy, just let me know and we can perhaps work something out such as blanking out a name manually on the reports for example.

I will link back to this article and mention this again for our upcoming group distant healing sessions.

This is an exciting new field for the general public, in relation to health and healing and it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I will mention this again in the future, but for those participating please note down any information you receive during the initial scan session and the treatment session, and send it along to me over email. Note that it can take a few days after the treatment for changes to be noticed, but when we have sensitives / intuitives within our group, we have the opportunity to pick up on some very interesting information around what takes place. As you can imagine, the typical groups involved are usually very different to ours.

Below I have included a few Questions and Answers.

Q & A

Laron: "So one other thing I am wondering about, it looks like the reports are purely based upon the astrological information of the person, as in the date of birth and place. Is there any other connection made or is it just through this information that it is all worked out?"
Gwen: "It's actually not based on astrology, even though it seems like it would be from the basic information I need.  It's based on a holographic algorithm that is a computerized representation of each person.  So the algorithm created by the basic information is actually what's scanned, not the person directly, and then the algorithm is also used for the "broadcast" by altering it with digital notes of the remedies, affirmations, essential oils, essences, etc for positive change.  But the system cannot override someone's free wills (blocks or desire to be sick or die).  So in another way, I can describe that our programmer in the Netherlands has algorithms, much like Clif High uses to interpret data, but the data is internal to the software.  I totally get what Clif is doing to get a culmination of data, but in our case, the software is analyzing only the algorithm set up of the basic information compared to a health data set that I created.  Hope this helps explain."

Laron: "I am 22 minutes in now {to the 30 min video I linked to earlier} and I am hearing how the treatment takes place, via the computers connected. Can you explain more how that works? As I'm not sure how that would be able to send healing. (I am familiar with kinesiology, which this reminds me of as well) I'm just watching you go through the scheduling now. So you say it sends it to the person, I guess what I am wanting to know is how that process works exactly. I think most people would be most interested about this aspect of the holographic balancing."
Gwen: "So with the equations, Kevin has figured out a way to alter the mathematics with a digital note of information that represents the remedy.So it's a better analogy to compare to Spooky action at a Distance, or the Divine Matrix or The Intention Experiment.  Basically, the holographic representation that is created is altered, which has an effect on any aspect of the holographic original. In a short version description, if any piece of the whole is altered, the whole is altered.  If a piece of the whole is taken across the globe and altered, the original is still altered.  For the group, I'm looking for common pieces that would benefit the whole, not trying to analyze each person individually.  So if Mi Aura (psychic protection) or Aconite (for shock or trauma) or Yarrow (environmental protection) show up to benefit the majority of the group, I would reconnect those items.  They can't hurt anyone but would benefit the ones that they resonate with.  I hope this makes sense. "

Laron: "So, the tricky thing here for me is.... getting my head around how a computer can actually be effective with resolving issues/sending healing, manipulating the holographic matrix of the person... etc. The way I understand it at the moment is that the software is setting intentions for the group/individual, based upon the scan and based upon the various remedies/forumulas that it decides to action. So no actual herbal remedies (such as bark) or whatever , would need to be taken.. as one example of a solution to an issue that is picked up, but the intention it self is enough, that is formulated by the application(s)?"
Gwen: "Basically you got it.  It's the information of the remedy that creates a change. So there's many stories of how you can put the homeopathic remedy you need on a piece of paper and put it in your field or write it directly on your skin and it's no different than taking the actual remedy.  A better example is how muscle testing works when you just have a product or food in your "field" to check how it weakens or strengthens you, basically same principle as far as informational medicine goes. We are just doing it through a computerized holographic image based on algorithms.  I dont' know if this helps.... you might also want to know that governments have similar advanced technology but are not necessarily using it to help people.

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