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Dreams - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 30 October 2014

Q. Is there any meaning to dreams at all? Especially recurring dreams about someone or something? Or is it really just the brain trying to cope up from a day's work? I've been dreaming about someone I know in the past every once in awhile lately even though I rarely think of them in my daily life. It really got me curious.
A.  I get an image of someone meditating, and during that meditation they "doze off" but the meditation continues.  My impression from this image is that dreaming (many times) is a way for the body to meditate or connect to the subconscious, but it happens during a sleeping state.

Q. Do dreams have a meaning?
A.  They do have meaning, and that meaning can vary.  And that meaning may not make sense (just as some images we have during meditation make no sense, but offer clarity later).  I also get that rather than try to break down a dream into individual parts (for example a red bird = x and snow = y, etc) look at the dream as a story and see how it parallels with your life.  A red bird or snow may mean something completely different to different people- One person may feel love at seeing a red bird, while another may be thinking of Christmas.  It is the same image with two different takeaways.  I also get that dream books can offer good advice (and be very thought provoking), but look at your life and situations you may be in when you assess the true meaning of a dream.

Q. Do all dreams have meaning, or can some be random?
A.  All dreams have some kind of purpose.  You may experience a sunny day in a dream which has nothing to do with a dilemma, situation, etc in your life.  Not only does sleeping connect with you subconscious, but when your brain is discharging at night it may need to process emotions.  You might have had a great day, and as some of the joyful emotion is processed you visualize a beautiful sunny day.  Dreams can result not only from an action or experience you had or need to do, but from emotions and feelings as well.

Q. What causes recurring dreams?
A.  When I tune into that question I hear (rather sternly) that there is a message being relayed and the receiver isn't listening.  It is as if during that dream there is some action that needs to take place and until you do it, you will continue to have the same dream.

If the dream is regarding a person, first, analyze why you are thinking of them.  Is it a past love you miss (and need to consciously process those feelings)?  Is it someone that wronged you (and you need to forgive)?  Is it an old friend that you wish to reconnect with (and haven't done it)?  Or, maybe there is a change you need to make in your life that is in your greater good.

If you dream about something else repeatedly, you still need to look at your life to interpret the meaning.  Do you dream of flying (and in your physical life you experience restraint or feel limited) and want to feel free? Maybe you drive down the same road (and in life you are stuck and need to pick a different path)?

Dreams can be powerful and insightful when you look at them.  Your conscious mind can rationalize things away, but your subconscious holds the truths.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.

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