Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

On October the 27th, 2014, David Wilcock posted another very long article on his site. This article goes over a range of movies that are possibly tied in and connected with the events of the world in relation to the cabal. The article is well researched and from what I can tell, likely has a number of truths to it. I have not read the entire article but I have had feedback about it from a few people.

I want to point out something David said within this article. Under the heading 'STOPPED DOING IT FOR OVER A DECADE', David talks about how he stopped doing psychic readings for people around ten years ago. He says he recently started performing them again. He explains that because of the activity of the Cabal, his state of mind was impacted. He doesn't say it, but I suspect his accuracy may have gone down as part of the reason he stopped.

What comes to mind is the time manipulation by the cabal and how this is said to be no longer occurring, as discussed in past articles this year on What this means is that future events which are seen by those tapping in, are likely to have a higher chance of happening. I just thought that was an interesting aspect of the article for me.

Divine Cosmos asks that the article is not mirrored (re-posted), so I have only included the beginning of it below. You can find the full article here.

By David Wilcock via Divine Cosmos, 27 Octobero 2014

After a much-needed ten-week sabbatical, here we are -- with a message of hope, positivity and a future far greater than our wildest expectations.

In spite of the headlines we are now seeing, is it possible that we are witnessing the fulfillment of a vast, cosmic plan -- with a remarkably positive outcome?

Hollywood movies are exposing the Cabal like never before -- suggesting a highly positive change is coming. Strap in and prepare for takeoff!


There can be no doubt that life on earth is getting more and more wild and unpredictable all the time.

That's a polite way of saying it.

More bluntly, it seems like everything and everyone is going nuts!

Is this it? Is the sky falling? Are we all going to die? Should we be falling on our knees and crying for our mothers?

Is some nasty ebola virus going to rudely eat our flesh before the worms get their chance in another fifty or hundred years?

Guess what? You are about to read a message of hope -- not of fear and doom.

If you want "fear porn," you came to the wrong place.

There's plenty of it out there if that's what you're looking for.

Just read the headlines -- or watch cable news!

They will certainly thank you for it. They need the money!


There is an international alliance taking down the so-called Illuminati power structure -- and it is also collapsing from within its own member ranks.

The epic finale hasn't happened yet -- but there is so much new information pointing in that direction, day after day, that we have been overwhelmed by it.

It appears that there are 12 to 25 times more "truth journalism" articles being written on a daily basis now than there were even four months ago.

So many things are happening, all at the same time, that it is impossible to keep up with it -- or even hope to write about all of it.

For right now, there are some very significant stories that seem to demand attention first.

As you are about to see, messages forecasting high-level Cabal arrests have finally made their way into major motion pictures.

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