Friday, November 28, 2014

Astrology forecast for Friday the 28th of November, 2014

via Neptune's Magic, Friday 28th November, 2014 - Mercury moves into Sagittarius today helping us to let go of even more of the intensity of the Scorpio energies that have been so exaggerated by the long term Saturn transit through that sign.

Mercury is all about how we think and communicate so Sagittarius allows us to shift focus to the outside world a bit more and the aspects of life we may not have had the time and energy to think about for a very long time. Its more motivating and positive, especially for those who have had more on their minds than is comfortable, or who have been a little depressed or out of sorts.

Its helpful to make plans for times ahead and new goals we may need to set in place.This is especially helpful for Virgos and Geminis who  need a boost as it helps set you on a new path for the coming year.

Its also good for Sagis to help them plan for times ahead and get out of a rut if they need to. They will notice the Gemini/Virgo  types of people around them a bit more.

But everyone will notice the shift of energy from today as there will be more networking - more interaction and a generally lighter mood around.

Uranus is trining Ceres so this will work with Mercurys move to help us perceive life and people in a more farsighted way, and encourage us to care for people in ways that will benefit all concerned.

The moon is also perigee today so the Aquarian moon is very strong just now...

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