Thursday, November 6, 2014

Accepting the changes and the shift - A message from Kryon via Lee Carroll

On the 12th of October 2014, Lee Carroll did a seminar where he channeled Kryon, at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. You can find a 33 minute audio based recording of this through Lee's site here, or right click on this link and download it directly here.

Kyron is said to be an angelic based being which Lee Carroll has been channeling since 1989. Lee has written 12 books based on Kryon's information and has co-authored three books on what he terms indigo children, a new generation of children he says represents an evolution in human consciousness.

I have transcribed a few things that came through within the first half of this recording, below. Kryon talks about how there are vibrational changes going on, these will keep going on and we have to get used to these new changes and accept them. Kryon provides advice after this for healers and how to deal with the new energies as well as a whole lot more.

"You are now sitting in what we have called year one. 2013 was not year one, it was the re-calibration year where much had to then be shifted for you to get to year one, and 2014 is it. It's a sacred year 7 and this is what its about." 
"The old souls in front of me are going to make a difference in the planet but they are still humans and they are still working at a little over 33%. I told you that the change that you were going to experience would shift what you call normal. So lets re-calibrate normal and lets talk about what it might be. Adjusting to the new normal." ... "So many of you have had disrupted lives, some due to health and some with the abilities which you have that we will call that which is metaphysical, beyond physics." 
(An Analogy of what is going on) "We gave the example, fun to some, imagine your furniture and your house was iintelligent You go to work and you come back and it has decided to move around. You come home and its all changed. What you might do is to tell it to behave and put it back where you want it. You can't do that, you see the furniture now is attuned to a different frequency. It wants to move and it does.
So you make an agreement with the furniture, OK, I see where you want it to be, that's good, lets keep it that way. You readjust the things around it that you like, you leave for work and you come home and its changed again. How do you like it so far? The human being has to learn to go to work and when they are coming home its going to be different.
Eventually the human being has to acknowledge the furniture is intelligent and say 'I got the greatest furntiure, it always rearranges it self and I can't wait to see what happens next.'. You walk in the door and you're joyful with the changes. This takes a special kind of human being that acknowledges the shift within themselves.
There are certain attributes of being a human that does not like change or shift, and longs for normal. So the first attribute is to get used to it, learn to love it and except it."


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Perhaps some people could start on the Road to Change by first taking the plastic covers off the furniture.

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There are some interesting synchronicities in there for me, with regard to our physical bodies. Thanks for sharing this, Laron!