Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Illusion - Remembering Infinity

Here is another thought provoking article from Stargazer.  I differ from the perspective of us returning directly to our higher self after each experience. I don't believe this occurs until we have developed our consciousness to a  very high level. 

I tend to lean towards the understanding that the average incarnated soul returns to our 'over-soul' or 'immortal-soul' (Michael Newton term), which is a lower down aspect of ourselves, in comparison to our 'higher-self', which is likely much closer to source, from a vibrational / dimensional perspective. For more information on the different aspects of what may make us, us, see David Topi's post here, 'The Shift in Consciousness, status of the New Earth & aspects of a Higher Self'. 

By Stargzer via Remembering Infinity, 24 October 2014

I‘ve been giving quite a bit of thought lately to the nature of our reality—and the multitude of possibilities is certainly mind-boggling.  There are countless theories about literally everything under the sun—and despite volumes of material on every last detail, there is very little in the way of proof to support a clear understanding of our true origins, nature, and existence.  The concepts of multiple universes, multiple dimensions, quantum mechanics, extra-terrestrial life, time travel, and the illusory/holographic structure of the universe were all once considered to be in the realm of pure science fiction.  Today however, even mainstream science is beginning to find evidence that these ideas—and many more like them, are not only possible, they may indeed be fact.  I imagine it could take the next ten lifetimes for even the most dedicated of scholars to work their way through all this information—and I wonder if, even then, they could formulate an accurate picture of our nature and existence.

Each of us is a tiny, self-aware “spark” of the One Divine Consciousness and All That Is. 
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My present understanding is that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. That is, we are not just the “flesh and blood” physical body that many of us seem to think we are. Despite all the confusion, distractions, and “white noise” of life, something deep inside keeps telling me that this is the key to reaching a true understanding of ourselves.  Our true essence, or consciousness, transcends physicality.  It is infinite.  It is eternal.  The largest part of our consciousness, what many consider to be our soul or “Higher Self”, actually co-exists at a much higher level of awareness than we are capable of perceiving–at least at this stage of our spiritual evolution.  In order to experience life in the physical, learn, and grow, this “Higher Self” created a much smaller “spark” of awareness and allowed it to feel separate from the Whole.  Each of us is such a spark.  Once our sparks became ensconced in a physical body, we simply forgot who and what we truly are.

Many refer to the barrier that keeps us from the fullness of this memory as the “Veil of Forgetfulness”.  Although we may feel physically separate and self-contained in this physical body, we are not—we remain a part of the Whole.  The energetic bonds that connect us are subtle and often difficult for our gross human senses to detect, but they allow us to feel an expanded sense of consciousness during meditation or prayer.  They also allow us to receive guidance or reassurance through both our lower “gut” instincts and our higher, more developed “conscience”.  When our physical bodies die, the limited aspect of consciousness that we perceive as “us” travels back through this barrier and returns to the higher realms of existence.  It is then integrated back into its Higher Self.  Once our consciousness returns to its Source, it gradually regains full knowledge of its true origin, nature, purpose, and identity.  As a result of this journey as “us” in the physical, the Higher Self expands—becoming that much richer and wiser for the experience.  Many so-called Near-Death Experiences (or NDEs) and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) accounts describe this process in great detail and, indeed, many ancient religions embrace this philosophy as well.

After considering these concepts in some depth, it seems clear to me that the reality we are each experiencing now is, as many believe, an illusion.  It’s an illusion because it allows us to feel separate—when we are not.  It’s an illusion that hides from us our true identity, the completeness of our nature, and the fullness of our own experience and knowledge.  It’s an illusion that keeps us from remembering that, at some very high level, far beyond our current ability to comprehend, we—and everything else, are God.  This is the knowledge that’s been hidden from us from the very first moment we experienced this illusion—and it must be this way for, were it not so, how could God possibly experience anything new?  In thinking about the separation process, I realized that we, each and every one of us, are equally responsible—both individually and collectively, for the creation, expansion, and evolution of the entire Universe.  Every experience we have, every possibility we create, and every lesson we learn just adds to the ever-increasing data-stream that creates us and, indeed, All That Is.

Now if that doesn’t blow all the cobwebs out of your thinking cap, I just don’t know what will!



rememberinginfinity said...

Thanks very much for the repost, Laron!

I guess I didn't explain things quite as well as I'd hoped to. I do agree with the concept that there are different levels to which we may return (whether they're referred to as "over-souls", "immortal-souls", or something else). I'm pretty hazy on my understanding of those more complex concepts though, so when I spoke of "Higher Self" in my post, I'm meant it in very general terms. In my mind, "Source" (One Infinite Creator/"God") is at a MUCH higher level than "Higher Self", with goodness only knows how many other layers in between! :)

Anyway, I'm still "feeling my way along" with all this and sometimes thinking aloud as I go--so I apologize if my post confused anyone!


Laron said...

As Tom Campbell and many others like to point out, there is nothing like direct experience to show us what is real. Until we each experience truth to how we perceive it, we shouldn't take anything too seriously and continue on with our minds as open, as we can.

There are many labels and terms thrown into the info about our outside existence here, and it can get really confusing, especially when people swap them around and use one for something, and then something, and then that one is used for something else! So these days, I tend to not take words to literally and just fit the concept being explained into my personal understanding of what it is I am focusing on at the time.

With your post, the concepts were clear and it was a great reminder around various aspects of our experience which we should pay more attention to, I think. =)

rememberinginfinity said...

Absolutely! I always loved that quote about a mind being like a parachute...neither one works unless it's open! Thank you for the kind words and support! :)

angelicview said...

That was great - thanks RememberingInfinity / Star Gazer / Laron :)