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The change of the evolutionary level: Blocking the ones who try to sneak in - David Topi

Here is another article by David Topi, translated from Spanish into English by José. This provides some information around the ongoing shift in consciousness, but in connection to the 'dark forces' and other beings who have been and are wanting to interfere with the process. There is mention of their interference in relation to humanities past as well.

By guest contributor David Topi

If you remember, in one of my old posts, talking about the information received about the process of the evolutionary change, they told us, really, that the beings , groups, races and entities that controlled the life in the planet as they wanted it, fight back against this process, and they have been doing, already do and will do, everything possible in order to stop it, although it was impossible for them. They told us, as you can see in the dialogue below , that they were trying to sneak, in “the butterfly”, in the new reality, for the same reasons that they used to sneak in our reality thousands of years before, and that there is a terrible battle in order to keep them apart, so in the following evolutionary level, for the human race, one can be free of their manipulations , controls and energy prisons:

David: So that’s why the other races or groups that assist us are keeping them apart in order to avoid any interference in the last “flapping of the butterfly”?
Guide: Totally.

David: in the cocoon they do whatever they want, but in the butterfly don’t even touch one of the wings..
Guide: That is. They are already trying it, don’t believe they aren’t doing it . But they don’t know how to proceed and keep what they have now. It is the best simile I can provide you. You have to take into account that they are so destructive, that they don’t care about nothing if they are able to obtain what they want to. That behavior moves them to their own destruction…. They can even destroy what they desire and destroy themselves. Has no sense how they are doing now, but this behavior, in an very much upper level, that you don’t understand, has it sense, although you don’t see it.

And one of the things we don’t pay much attention and we are not completely aware of is that the fact we have the certainty of human race future could be glorious and magnificent, depends on the big efforts performed by others in order to avoid the “sneak in” of not allowed beings in this new frequency band where we are moving now. In fact, what they have explained to us always about the next evolutionary course that is one based on cooperation, mutual assistance, in the concepts of love, empathy, service to others…and they gave it like description of what is going to happen, make on us to trust it like if nobody could modify it, that this change, represented a new pure, free, clean society. 

In this new session, they explain me that, really, is like that, but in order to be like that there are beings who acts behind the scene doing a hard work, because it is not something that can be guaranteed without the work performed by these beings, without knowing it, that nobody or nothing who mustn’t pass through to the reality do so.

A connection with “the guardians” in the bridge

The exposed above is because this morning thanks to a new session with other colleague and friend of me, connecting with the guides who assist and help us , we have stablished conversation with of the “guardians” of the process, with the lack of a better name.(Although later on you will see the name the guide gave me). It is the first time I’ve spoken with this being, but it won’t be the last, like it told to me.

Before anything, because it was the first connection we had, I asked him if there is any name I can use to refer to it, and the answer was that I could use ” Isis” and later on it explained why. So here you have the transcription of the session extracting only small pieces of personal messages that we received with overlapped generic questions I´ve been doing:

David: Can you tell me how do you perceive the change process we are living now?
Isis: It is ongoing, there isn’t any problem.

David: Is there anything more that I could do in order to contribute to it?
Isis: You will have to believe more on it. If you believe, you create. Don’t doubt.

David: Other beings, other groups, in other sessions have explained to us the process of the separation between two realities , both “Earths”, so, from your point of view how do you see this separation ?
Isis: Two Earths are created with very different frequencies, ones of you will be in one world and others will be in the other one. The changes that are already happening could be perceived like very subtle one, but are already happening without pause.

David: Do you think that we are going to be able to perceive that change of frequency in our physical bodies rapidly?
Isis: If you observe yourselves, you will see how is changing little by little, you cannot be given a very rude change, you have to experience it gradually. As long as you grow, the physical part changes, and so the emotional, mental parts….how do I explain that? Your vibration change, and when you are in a higher vibration, both the emotional part and the mental part will change with you.

David: Now, there are a lot of us who are working on it, in order to ” release ballast of this human suit”, cleaning emotions, plans, fears,beliefs,…
Isis: It is ok that you do like this that helps you to expand yourselves and raises your vibration. It is a process which you have to be aware of, and that you have to do, little by little. When you rise your vibration new things will appear automatically, I know that you understand it like a complex process in your level, but somehow, it is something easy and simple. I understand your doubts, but you are doing it already, it is a great step that a lot of people is doing now. People who believes in that change, is already attached to that train.

David: Isis, Did you pass through this evolutionary level in which we are already anytime?
Isis: A lot of times David, a lot of times.

David: Have you ever been incarnated in a human being?
Isis: A lot of times.

David: So, the name you gave me, is it corresponding to a one of those incarnations? The Isis name is very famous from the Egyptian period.
Isis: Yes David, that’s correct.

David: Your name is corresponded to a veil too, the Isis veil.
Isis: Yes, a necessary veil, somehow.

David: It is connected to something like the oversight
Isis: It is correct somehow. The existence of several protections is something necessary, because like humans, there are things that you wouldn’t support, you couldn’t understand depends on the type of things. little by little, as you grows and develop, this veil gets thinner, and when you grow up it is going disappearing ,…but one have to be prepare first, you won’t understand it.

David: We wouldn’t be able to comprehend what it is in the back, above, our own reality, would we?
Isis: No, mainly not. Because they are very high frequencies and vibrations, which ,your mind can’t process or analyze. It would hurt you, you would get burnt.

David: The fact that it is your name, is it a coincidence or it is related to your work or achievement?
Isis: We are a group David; we are so many beings the ones who are in charge of this work of protection.

David: Somehow, Are you protecting the human race from the things that we cannot understand, comprehend and admit ?
Isis: That is ok, because you are not built to process some kind of things, you wouldn’t support them.

David: When you were incarnated in a human body, Did you do it in a concrete period?
Isis: Mainly in Egypt, that is the reason why my name. Several lives, several beings, man, woman…different roles and experiences.

David: Which is your role referring to the human race?
Isis: To protect you.

David: Can you give more detail about protect us from who or what?
Isis: From these changes that you are experiencing.

David: You mean in order to make them gradually and soft, do you?
Isis: Yes, and to filter, filter the ones who mustn’t pass through.

David: How do you perform that task?
Isis: We know it, we recognize and monitor them, and finally we stop the ones who want to pass but mustn’t pass.

David: Are we talking about human beings, people who mustn’t pass due to evolutionary level?
Isis: About the others beings, the ones who tries to sneak in. all the galaxy knows that a change is ongoing, but not everybody has the corresponding permissions to take part on it.

David: Ok, I understand, we are not talking about an “evolutionary filter” of the human beings that is something that is already performed by them in other levels. So we are talking about something more complicated.
Isis: Sure, because there are beings who used human bodies and you see them like human bodies, but they aren’t, and they want to enter to place that they can’t . They are beings from other places and levels, that have to keep on where they already are, and that can’t pass, we take care of it.

David: they are beings from other places but with a “negative” polarity, we could say it that way, aren’t they?
Isis: Correct. It is a war, you know it and you understand it. It is a war which have been started some time ago. It is a war to protect you.

David: because if somehow they pass the next level wouldn’t be …
Isis: Wouldn’t be a light level, the expected one.

David: Ok, So are they a lot? Are they thousands, millions, dozens of millions of beings?
Isis: They are “legions”.

David: Can you approximate it to a unit that I can understand like human being?
Isis: A lot of millions. They came from other places, races and groups but with an opposed polarity than yours.

David: Are they members of the races who have been controlling the world from the beginning?
Isis: Part of them, a lot of them are installed among you from time ago, with human shape, but new ones are already arriving.

David: I understand, And they believe that rising their vibration or doing something with their technology they can tune up with the new reality . And get attached to it?
Isis: Yes, they know that they can’t enter, but they try and don’t stop trying it, that is the reason why we are here.

David: Can you explain how somebody who hasn’t got the accurate vibration and polarity can be attached to the new reality in the case you weren’t here taking care of them?
Isis: They can enter just manipulating the energies and frequencies which open this new reality. Once performed, they would change the polarity in order to allow more beings of their polarity. Then, you can check it out, that it wouldn’t be the desired polarity for your new evolutionary wheel.

David: So, they can manipulate and change the frequencies in order to attach themselves somehow, or revert to their polarity the new Earth. Is it what you mean?
Isis: Yes, they can connect and later slow down the vibration of that new level. What happens here is , from upper level points of view, they would have the right to enter, although I can’t explain that better to you. But we know if they finally enter you will have more of the something once again David.

David: And that is not fair, somehow, for this evolutionary wheel of the human race.
Isis: Correct, because the human race deserves to stay in higher planes now, without what you have now.

David: I don’t know if I can send you the gratitude I’m already felling right now, the sensation that we are not able to perceive your work to proceed with the change ….
Isis: Thank you David.

David: Due to everything learnt during these last years, I’m not sure that the human race would has the opportunity to perform this jump if you weren’t doing your work
Isis: All of you do it from inside, it’s the same.

David: Well…
Isis: The process is moving very fast, you are in the middle of the change, everything is put on track , thought, prepared, …after the change, your lives will be more harmonic , cleaner, easier…all of you will help each other.

David: will you be visible, the ones who help us now, in the next evolutionary level in order to perceive you and works directly with you in the built of this new humanity?
Isis: Some of us, the beings with the vibration near to the one that you will have there. Other ones will be very far of what you can perceive yet. Although you will change to a new awareness density you can’t see them.

David: Have you been in the next evolutionary level where we are moved now?
Isis: Sure David.

David: Can be estimated the evolutionary level where you are now?
Isis: it is different David, I’m out of your evolutionary structure as you know it, I’m in other place, inside another scale.

David: The place that you are now has a different way of measure the steps of the evolution distinct to what we know in our galactic logos, hasn’t it?
Isis: Yes, completely different. But it is hard to explain to you, I could say that I’m working from another galaxy, I can’t say anything more to you in order to understand it. But everything is connected and everything happens at the same time. I´ve been in several galaxies, and each one of them is very different from the others, but at the same time, everything is the same.

David: Sorry to be so curious, but when I’ve got a chance I use it…
Isis: It is ok David, don’t worry.

Isis gave me some personal advises, and I made some more questions about them. So we said good bye to Isis and it point me that we will have more meetings in the future in order to get new updates of what is already happening with the shift.

Nothing happens for free, you know it, and I have the feeling that they want us aware of what is happening already, not because we have to be part or influence on it but in order to avoid thinking that everything is already resolved. I’ve got the impression that we can’t do enough to thank to our guides their help in all of these sessions.

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rememberinginfinity said...

Fantastic update, David...thank you so much for sharing it here, Laron!


Linda said...

Thanks again José :) Big effort and it's appreciated.
I was reading a quote from Ramtha given at a teaching from 2011. He mentioned what we're calling the fireballs (although says it's not what we're being told) and other things we've witnessed recently (the last year mainly). It ends well! You can check it out for yourself on the RSE newsletter. Things change of course but much mentioned in that quote has transpired. I have no doubt regardless, that we're in a great process of change for the better.

Ivan Lukačević said...

thank you Both David and Jose! your info always resonates within! :) also, on another note, it was mentioned before on that our guides sometimes contact us through songs that we suddenly cant get out of our heads. well, last few days i have been having those but they were melodies on a language unknown to me. at first i thought its just my mind playing around with knowledge of music i have, maybe just to pass the time. whenever a melody and words would come to my mind i would start analyzing it and it would stop. it always seemed as gibberish so i never took it seriously. when it started occurring more often i started to pay attention but not analyze. lately i have learned to let it in and let go. i have no idea what it means but the melodies are sublime. the only thing my mind has a base of comparison are various elven melodies sometimes heard in different movies but this is something else. its like a choir of feminine otherwordly voices singing something so beautiful... like i sad, i have no idea what it is but it sure does provoke severe emotional response in me. i feel ecstatic in those moments and i get a rush of energy, my skin crawls like when beholding something inspirational and strong. i dont know, im still learning to accept it all and being a bit of a skeptic sometimes i have doubts whether it is still just my imagination. it feels right to know its true so go with that but i would like opinions of you guys whether you experience something like this or similar or whether i have just gone batcrap crazy lol :) :D joking! feel free to comment and dialogue! :) stay well everyone! ;)

Linda said...

Tell me i didn't just read "just in my imagination", Ivan. Watch that old social consciousness programming - Einstein tapped into a greater mind with his, as we all do. If it brings you to ecstatic feelings it's likely to be that you've opened up to the realm of the wonderful and more real.

Ivan Lukačević said...

i never was fully programmed to begin with Linda :) its just all new unexplored territory and i am far from believing that im ahead of so many others. thats why i post my thoughts here to have them discussed with like-minded people and gain further insight into it all :) see, now your comment makes me feel assured that im on the right path and thats what i love about this site :) its the only place i can share this and not be judged as i would if i were to share the same in my surroundings :) thank you! :)

Laron said...

Thanks for sharing Ivan. These things are important to share with people so that we can build up a list of changes within us, as we should be expecting new situations like this to occur as we head into the future. When we are aware of another person experiencing the same, or similar situation to us, it can be of great comfort.

Linda said...

Oh, you're so welcome! I totally share Laron's thoughts on this in his comment. It's new territory for us all, at least I this brain we're using, and there are many strange and wonderful new phenomena occurring for us so it is good to be reassured we're not alone in this. From my own experiences I can tell you that there have been times when I questioned if i was losing it although I knew I wasn't. There was no one to guide the way except the assurity from that knowing place in us that these pretty remarkable things are just the beginning of something more expanded in our conscious awakening. We don't even need to analyze, just going along in gratitude that is all happening because we're ready for it. I see that's where you're at anyway. Hugs :)

reklawrm said...

Hi Laron, Linda …and so on¡!!
It’s a pleasure to share this with you all. David has a lot of information, not only about the shift, but I think is the most relevant info now. I will translate more as soon as he puts more information. It’s so nice read your comments Linda, you are very positive…and I know for sure that Laron is doing a big effort with his web too. So it is a little help…