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Talks with Steve and 'Tsan-Ta' - A QHHT session by Tai Ashley-Jones

Here is another Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session from Tai Ashley-Jones, a holistic healthcare practitioner and teacher of metaphysics based in Essex, England (Tai's website). You can find the previous QHHT session that Tai has sent in here, 'A life at the time of Yeshua - A QHHT session by Tai Ashley-Jones'.

This session below involves Tai bringing Steve back to a past real life based experience using the QHHT method, that he had while asleep which involved an ET connection.

Note that if the reader is not familiar with the interactions of intelligent life outside of the Earth experience here with us humans directly like this, they may find parts of the communications within this session a bit strange, and may come away from this with a feeling of 'something just isn't right'. From my experience, this type of communication is typical and there is nothing unusual about it, as there are many differences between humans and other forms of life out there, from the way we think to the the senses we have. So when something doesn't feel right, or something seems a bit off, there are good reasons for this.

I highly recommend that you read Dolores Cannon's books 'The Custodians' and 'The Keepers of the Garden' to get more insight into abduction experiences and ET interactions with humans. Steve's book, 'An Invitation To The Dance: The Awakening of the Extended Human Family' on Amazon will also help you to further understand this experience below, as he went on a bit of a journey to find out the truth and reasons behind why this was happening.

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method created and previously taught by Dolores Cannon. This is the method she used to obtain all the information for her many published books. While there are multiple forms of past life regression, this method is unique because it calls in the higher self of the spirit, once they have been through a number of past life or in-between life experiences. Another unique part of this process is that the client goes into a trance based state where the higher self speaks through them and in turn provides healing if required and answers to any questions.

By contributor Tai Ashley-Jones

On the night of 18.11.10 Steve fell asleep before me. I was in a deep sleep when I realised that he was talking and I presumed it was to me. So I asked him what he said, his reply made me aware that he was not talking to me and as I came awake and focused more I was hearing him in a Q and A dialogue with someone or something in the room, or so I thought.

These were his responses….

I hear
I understand
Tomorrow?.. Here?
Will I be aware of it?
Not her?
Will she see it?
Why not her?
Will it hurt?
How will I know?
In my stomach?
What is it for?
Yes I understand

Steve then began to breathe in a very specific and slow way. This went on for about 2 minutes… I had never heard him breathing in this way before. He then continued to speak and question...

Where are you?
Can you show yourself?
Why can’t I see you?

I then moved my arm as Steve and I had interlocking hands and arms, which is often how we sleep…

Tai - Steve to me…

Steve - Is that you Tai?

Tai - Yes sweetie..

Steve then sat up and looked around the room for a full minute or two, he was obviously searching for something.. this is something that he has often done and I usually speak and ask him if he is alright and what is he looking for, but I just waited not saying anything. He then lay back down and went into the strange breathing pattern again. After a minute or two his breathing became ‘normal’ and it was apparent that he had gone into deep sleep.

I lay awake for a long time repeating to myself the words and questions that Steve had said out loud, I didn’t want to get up and write them, as I knew this would wake him and I wanted him to stay asleep. I decided not to ask him if he had any memories about his night the next day and instead I asked if he would be willing to do a hypnosis session. He said he would and asked why, but I refused to say… I wanted to access the SC (higher self - Laron) and ask it what had happened. I also wanted to ask the SC to access the person that Steve had been talking to and see if he could get him/it to speak with me and tell me what was going on.

He felt that he had an O.K. night’s sleep and he did not remember any dreams at all.

Session conducted on the 20th of November, 2010

Tai -  Can you find a place of beauty, one which is special to you, … (yes) tell me about it.
Steve -  It’s my home. It is beautiful… I feel safe … the smell of it is of ‘life’ .. the vision of it is one of beauty and colour … the feeling of it is reassuring…

 ………The Cloud became his bed and he used this to travel ‘back and back’

T -  You will sit up in your bed – turn yourself around and step off it….What are you stepping on to?
S -  It is a manufactured floor, dappled – with tiny bumps in it, made of metallic substances.

T -  What do your feet look like, if you have feet?
S -  No feet. There is no body here

T -  No feet, then you are just consciousness?
S -  Yes, “I” am not there… my body is not there.

T -  Describe to me, how as consciousness…. how is that for you? How do you sense, see, hear or think?
S -  I am aware of my total surroundings, if you like I can ‘see’ behind me, there are no smells, no noise, no weight. The ‘seeing’ is not the same as you understand it through eyes.

T -  Do you like being this ‘state’
S -  That is not relevant.
S -  The person you wish to speak with is here.

Remember that Steve had absolutely no awareness that I wanted to speak with anyone, or anything about what had happened during the night, so I was a bit taken aback.

T -  Oh. O.k.
S -  He says that you should know that it is considered impolite to eavesdrop.. especially in on a conversation that was not directed to you.

T -  I understand that and normally I would totally agree, but in this case, I firstly believed that Steve WAS talking to me, and then I realised that he was talking to someone else… was that you?
S -  Yes

T -  I would like to ask you about the questions and answers that Steve was giving, is that appropriate for me to ask, and will you answer?
S -  That is why I am here.

T -  What was happening at that time?
S -  We were establishing protocol for communication, it is a matter of manners to establish connection before we start to talk to each other. If you like you would call it a ceremony of the beginning of our communication, our ‘meet and greet’ if you like. His consciousness needed to be settled. There was a procedure to do..

T -  Why could I hear it then?
S -  It is not usual, he does not normally do this, the communication goes on and he does not speak out loud. It is a distraction to him (to speak out loud) and means it is harder for him to connect. Usually this is done without you being aware of anything taking place.

T -  I am aware that often Steve sits up from a deep sleep and seems to be searching for something in the room, is this when you are speaking with him.
S -  Yes.

T -  If it is appropriate and I understand that you may not operate in this way, but we like to have a sound or a name that we can use so that we can recognise the ‘energy’ of the consciousness we are in dialogue with now. Is it appropriate for you to give us something of this nature… a name?
S -  Yes. The Sound is Tsan – Ta.

T -  Could I also ask about a symbol which Steve has drawn for many years and which he knows is very important, like a snake on a stick. Do you know of this symbol and if so could you tell us about it?
S -  Yes. It is not a symbol as you understand it and your understanding of what it represents is limited. It means in its most simplistic terms… AS ... IS -

There are many reasons for its structure and for its use. It is not just an image. It is multi layered…

T -  I understand. Steve first saw this or first remembered this when he was on a craft and one of the Beings appeared to have it on a tunic.
S -  Yes. Correct. The Being he knew as ‘the Nurse’.. yes… In this instance it was representing the role of the person doing that work… the Nurse….

T -  Is it specifically important to Steve?
S -  Only in the moment. It represents many things, many ways, many situations, many needs…. Like an onion skin, many, many layers…

T -  What was the purpose of your visit? Was it part of the ongoing purpose of your connection with Steve? Were you actually in the room?
S -  No. My energy was a projection into your home. Your machines would have ‘sensed me’ I would have affected them.

T -  Is that the same as the way I affect machines?
S -  Yes. Your energy field has an effect on machines… detrimentally!

T -  Why is that? What is going on that I affect machines, can anything be done about it?
S -  No. Your energy is one of enquiry. Sometimes your brain is doing more ‘enquiring’ than others and this is when you affect machines.

T -  It’s very frustrating and can cause problems with machines, ticket booths, tills breaking down and computers not working.
S -  Yes. This is its effects and it is for others, to have to live with.

You cannot do anything about it, it is who you are…

T -  I have a great difficulty with knowing how to address my questions. I don’t want to use the reference of ‘ET’s’ as this may not be who you are and I don’t want to offend you, but I need to establish a parameter for us to be able to talk in and for me to be able to pose questions to you, so that we both know what and whom I am talking about. Would you give us a name or something like it to clarify this?
S -  You are too caught up in labels.

T -  I understand, but it is part of the inadequacy and difficulty we have with language and concepts…it helps us all to know what another is talking about without having to go into lengthy explanations, so can I use the term ET - 
S -  Yes

T -  Thank you. Can I ask about another incident, which took place a few weeks before this one, in which I came home to strange occurrences in the house?

When I arrive home from being out for a length of time, I am always aware if something has gone on in my absence and Steve will then be in a different state of consciousness almost like he is walking around – asleep.

Steve had said that he was aware of a number of ‘Beings’ in the house and they were moving around. The window seat which faces out onto the garden was turned around to face into the room and most peculiarly, the garden rake which hangs in our outside locked garage, was hanging off the door frame, upstairs in the study. When Steve went up to bed he had no conscious memory of anything untoward happening only that something had occurred and he remembered talking with people in the house

T - Can you tell me what occurred on this occasion; were there people in the house – ET’s?
S -  Not as you understand it, no. Between yourselves and the ‘ET’s you have created with your home itself what you would label a ‘Doorway’ which facilitates the energy exchange between us and him… it is in this location and we use this to enable Steve to come to us…

T -  So he goes there, rather than you come here. 
S -  Yes the house/energy as you understand it, enables this.

T -  Would we call it a portal?
S -  That is again a label, not really what it is, but as it allows you to have some understanding of how this occurs, then the word portal will do.

T -  What was the purpose of the visit?
S -  As always... the purpose is education.

T -  Education? Of Steve? To what end?
S -  It is not education, as you understand it, it is a matter of having him ‘Know’, so a matter of 'knowing' and through this comes wisdom.

T -  So you are not teaching him things.
S -  No. No, this knowing and wisdom cannot be given… it is understood…

T -  Can I ask you about yourself; are you an energy or a physical Being?
S -  I am a Facet.

T -  Is that a Facet as we understand it, as a Spiritual piece of a great whole, which we know as the Soul Energy?
S -  No.

T -  Can you tell me about the Whole Energy of who you are then?
S -  No. Not in terms that you would understand.

T -  Does the whole energy know that the Facet is here doing the work that you are doing with both Steve and elsewhere.
S -  Yes. But you are not asking the right questions.

T -  Yes I feel that, please bear with me. Can you tell me more about the Facet that you are now?
S -  You are speaking to a male energy. We are Core Beings, which are better described as Female Energies. If you like.. we have ‘tentacles’ of communication streaming from us which are male. I just happened to be the first in line to speak. He (Steve) would know this energy as ‘The Witch’.

In Steve’s book, meeting with the Witch was his first conscious awareness of being met up with ET’s. (Steve's book is available on Amazon, 'An Invitation To The Dance: The Awakening of the Extended Human Family' - Laron)

T -  So have you always been the one to meet up with Steve, has he always known you?
S -  Yes.

T -  Was this an agreement you had with him before he came here to live this life?
S -  I do not understand your question.

T -  Sorry. Did Steve make this decision, to do this work with you with his Higher Self and yourselves before he came here to live this life… in his Soul State energies?
S -  No

T -  How was that decision made then, do you not have a Higher self as we understand it?
S -  No. Your questions are too small.
Move on…

T -  O.K.
Can we talk about the book?
S -  Yes.

T -  Is Steve working in the right way by writing the book, bringing it out into the public and making arrangements to talk about its contents now in a Book Tour?
S -  Yes.

T -  Are you a part of that, in that your energies are helping him with all of this? Is this what you want him to do?
S -  Yes.

T -  Is he doing it right, is there anything we should be doing that we are not doing?
S -  No. The Book is the Bait/hook to attract the fish.

T -  So is the story of his connection with you the thing to focus on, or the understanding that he has of the bigger picture of what it all means to us on the consciousness levels?
S -  Both are equally important. People want to hear the stories, it fascinates them and then they will want to hear what he has to say. Trust him, he knows what he is doing. Let him lead and you follow. We are helping at all times.

T -  When he gives his talks, will you be there with him?
S -  Of course.

T -  If he needs help with questions that might be posed to him, will you help him if he doesn’t have the answers?
S -  Yes. There are more energies than just Tsan-Ta involved in all of this.

T -  Can I ask you if you will appear in a physical reality any time soon?
S -  Yes.

T -  I understand that you don’t have the same concept of time that we do (Yes)… but can you say when that would be?
S -  Yesterday!.

T -  Laughing…. Thanks for that…. I suppose you mean that you have already been appearing for quite a while now….
S -  Silent….

T -  I apologise for my lack of awareness…
S -  Don’t apologise for your humanness.

T -  Mine or humanity as a whole?
S -  Both.

T -  Can I ask if you reside here with us on the planet at this time… in a physical reality?
S -  Yes, but not as you understand it.

T -  Is that then another type of dimensional reality – or are you living inside the planet.
S -  Yes.

T -  To which answer, dimensions or interplanet?
S -  Move on….

T -  O.K. 

I then posed questions about Steves painful legs and Tsan Ta said that they were as a result of Muscle and Nerve distortion and overload. I tried to draw him out on this being a result of Steve being transported up into craft and through solid plate glass windows or walls…. But was told to move on again….

I then asked about areas of America where we would like to go to and for Steve to speak at these places. This is mainly the East coast of America and also the Californian and west coast. I asked why responses for talks in these places were not happening and he said it was a matter of time and that these things will take place, as they should. Everything is planned and everything we were doing was exactly right for how it all should go. Everything was being paced out for balance and support of Steve and I must trust Steve is exactly right.. as and where he says he needs to go to speak. I said that I would try to do more of this and not worry. He said that there were a specific number of talks that he needed to do in very particular places… He would also need to have periods of rest when he did nothing and I would have to accept whatever it was that Steve needed to do. I said I understood this exactly and was concerned that maybe I wasn’t getting it right. He said I was doing fine and I would know when these times occurred and would ensure Steve’s wellbeing. He thanked me for taking good care of him. I then asked about doing newpaper reports, appearing on radio and/or T - V. and he said that this would occur in time and we would know when the right and appropriate time to do so, would be.

S -  Steve’s intuition is in ‘truth’ and you must trust that…

T -  Is all this being done to help with the planet and the changes that need to be made?
S -  Yes, Steve is helping to make that change. What is your fear?

T -  I have always had a fear about not having enough money to do all of this and not having enough in general.
S -  That is not founded in truth. You have enough you have always had enough and the only fear you have is a fear you have created. Decide to do it differently and not have that fear.

T -  I have….
S -  I am speaking…
S -  Have you decided what you will have for your food tonight?

T -  Yes.

I started to panic a bit here as Steve and I are on a very strict kind of diet, which Steve hates, but wants to do and I thought that Tsan Ta was going to say it was not appropriate for Steve to be eating in this limited way.

T -  So should we not be…
S -  I am speaking…. So you can change the decision you made about the food you eat, just as you can change your decision to live in fear of ‘not enough money to see you through’… to … there is always enough for what we need. Fear is a dish, which you have created.

T -  I’m sorry I misunderstood, I didn’t realise you were speaking in metaphors.
It is just that when Steve had a major “Experience” when we were in Rhode Island, he afterwards, could not drink alcohol, eat any kind of meat, or anything that was not totally organic. Was that something that you did to him to change his DNA?
S -  No. His changing DNA is an ongoing occurrence.

T -  Were you not there in this experience, are you not what we would call ‘The Light Beings’?
S -  No.

T -  Can you say more about that situation then?
S -  No. Only that he must only eat organically.

T -  Can he eat meat then?
S -  Only organic.

T -  Thank you for that. Is there anything else that you would like Steve to know at this time?
S -  We love him.

T -  Is there any more that you need to say to me?
S -  No. All has been said.

T -  I think it is time to fetch Steve back, is that o.k. with you Tsan Ta?
S -  It sounds like…. Santa… remember the little fat man in red that you like (Humans)

Photo by Fabrizio Lonzini

T -  Laughing… I’d rather not make that connection to you… thank you anyway…. Can I ask that we can talk with you again, especially when we are on the talk tour in America, I would like to be able to access communication with you. Would that be O.K.
S -  Yes.

T -  Is there a word that we could use to facilitate accessing that communication?
S -  Use the sound…. Tsan Ta. I will be there.

T - Thank you….

A neighbor  who knows about our ET contact came across to me the next day and asked if I had seen the 'Chinook' helicopter which was hovering over our house at 1.30AM?  She said the noise was so loud that she came out into the street and could not imagine why the whole street was not out looking at it.  As this was about the time this event took place and I had all the bedroom windows open, I can only presume the ET's disguised the craft they were in for her so she would not be alarmed to see a craft over our house.

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A Man Called Da-da said...

Not sure why, but... I distrust this entity.

Peter Reszczynski said...

I also have experienced a negative response to this article... strange.

Cheri said...

Same here. I found the entity to be rather abrupt and arrogant throughout its communication, saying brusquely several times,"I am speaking." Its introductory remark (or, I should say, scolding) was, " should know that it is considered impolite to eavesdrop....especially in on a conversation that was not directed to you." Then later, it said, condescendingly, "Your questions are too small. Move on." It just doesn't sit well with me...

Laron said...

Tai has sent in this in response to the above comments.

"I definitely agree with the comments. I found the entity very abrupt and in a way was peeved that it told me off for eavesdropping when it had come into my bedroom and was interacting with my husband without my permission or inclusion. So I also felt a bit aggrieved when I was trying so hard to formulate intelligent questions and it seemed to dismiss me. It seemed cold and aloof.. so unlike my husband …. so there was no way that this information was coming from him, that was for sure.

But in retrospect, I felt that I had at last been given the opportunity to dialogue with an Alien species, one who does not conform to our parameters. We have either been made to believe that they are all 'goodness and light' or through Hollywood, to believe they are all 'evil' and want to take over the world and kill us all. The fact is that they are Beings, just as we are.. with extremely different personalities, just as we have.

Take a look at these superb links about how we have been indoctrinated to our beliefs about ET's..

One of the main things about the Grey ET's - albeit that I was shown the skin is just a suit and inside is a Being of light - is that they are not emotional like us. A thought is that perhaps their interaction with us is to try to learn more about that wonderful emotionality aspect we have as humans.

I would presume that most of the people who find there way to Laron's wonderful site here, are caring human beings who are on a spiritual path… therefore to encounter a dialogue with an Entity who seems rude and abrupt throws us a bit as it is so 'Alien' (LOL) to how we act. But he was just different that is all .. not bad or evil.. just not as we would perhaps like them to be. I eventually found that refreshing and very real.. once I got over being so peeved!!!"

Cheri said...

Well said, Tai. I was feeling bad (and a bit concerned) for you when I first read it, because you were being so diplomatic and polite; and the source seemed to have a patronizing attitude. But you are right…just because they don’t convey emotion in their communication exchanges with us, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they or other members of the galactic family are intentionally being disrespectful or threatening. It is just that they inherently express themselves differently and emote (or don’t emote) differently than what we are accustomed to. But we are fairly new to this kind of interaction. In time, and with further communication, I'm sure we will learn to recognize, understand, and accept these differences among races, thanks to the efforts of people like you.