Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New observations about Neutron Stars

According to a recent paper in the journal 'Nature', a neutron star has been discovered that defies the understanding of accepted physics, the Thunder Bolts Project video explains below. Based on the observations of Scientists, they have observed ultra luminous x-ray pulses from a binary system between a star and a pulsar, or a rotating neutron star.

This so called pulsar is shining so brightly, its estimated that the brightness is as much as ten million suns.

So the big surprise here with this new research, is that the neutron star which was observed is a lot brighter than which was previously thought and expected by scientists. The current theory around neutron stars therefore needs to be updated.

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Linda said...

This is so interesting. Can't say I agree with Wal. This is going to lead to the next generation of astrophysics in a major way. There's a great unspoken tie in with this to understanding how our biology is affected electromagnetically in response to gravity, and it's the cause of gravity which plays a bigger part than most people know. This is about as exciting as it gets. The thrills just keep coming!