Thursday, October 2, 2014

Interstellar - Official Trailer 3

Here is the third trailer below to a movie I am looking forward to seeing. You can find the IMDB listing of Interstellar here.

Movie Description: "A group of explorers make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage."


angelicview said...

"Speghettification" in action! Can't wait to see it :D

Rustam S. said...

I like Christopher Nolan's films and his style, his monumental approach. I like Hans Zimmer's scores. I like good sci-fi and "space action" movies.
BUT the idea in this film is repulsive to me in the extreme and simply dangerous to implant now in mass human consciousness. So, humanity have thrashed beautiful Earth completely to the point that she cannot even sustain human life anymore and now in desperate search of other worlds to plunder. Oh yeah, humanity of course is alone in the entire universe and it is only matter of "science" and "technology" to go out and claim and then plunder whatever they find suitable.
This is simply another PTB programming. They understand well that Earth moves fast to the point of severe resources depleting and unsustainability ultimately. They never will give up power voluntarily. People slowly begin to wake up, so there is soothing lies come - don't worry, PTB will care for you. It's just matter of some "new" (disclosed) science and technology and we just go out in the universe and claim whatever we want for ourselves. With PTB in charge, of course. This is ridiculous. This is dangerous because it is wrong. Humanity have Earth only as their inherent homeworld. And humanity rapidly loosing her. If humanity fail on Earth now it will be their The End.
Don't even know if I would go and watch this film for show's sake...

.V. said...

Agree with Rustam. Point is that the ones pulling the cords, are planning deep into the future to go out with an army of hybridize humans, with a hive mentality to claim new lands for them.
Let´s mix this film with the new one from the waco-zky brothers, Jupiter ascending, I think they're more insiders that the very Nolan himself and they spell the beans upfront, you see the plot is about and old intergallactic Abraxas family (for me it's the Enki linneage, dragons, fallen ones) has seeded ( for me genetically tinkered) humans, and the older of that family Balem (Baal enki himself) won't give up to this girl called jupiter his dominions on earth.
Funny thing is that we see Balem with his winged draco minnions (a la David Icke) in the last trailer and they introduce the term "harvest" so, practically the wachowsky are taking to the screen these papers

those are the wackyest wooo woo papers about historia galactica that I have stepped up, and surpringsinly matches the jupiter ascending plot very well.
Have fun.

Alex V

.V. said...

Notice the Big eye in the post imagery, it´s the close up of a retina. Nothing in the Nolan's films are random, remember he says his mentor is Kubrick, and we know for whom was he working for.

Fantastic Fox said...

With interest I will probably see this... While acknowledging that it's more than just entertainment.

Laron said...

On a personal level, I watch movies for their creativity, art and entertainment value. They are basically a form of expression manifested into a creative imagery, on film, for me. Sci-fi happens to be my favorite genre and Matthew McConaughey is one of my favorite actors, so that's a bonus this time around.

I think that if you are getting to a stage of such analysation of everything Rustam, then you need to take a step back and change your focus on how you travel through life as there are always going to be ulterior motives and agendas, in places and situations we know about, and not know about... there is no point living in fear or worry, and using our energy on such concerns, where our energy and time is much better spent elsewhere, such as admiring the beauty, not the evil, in life.

Linda said...

What I get from the Stanley Kubric films I've seen is that they're both obviously and unobviously endeavoring to warn viewers -whether it's about reliance on artificial intelligence, or revealing a ritualistic character to some very dangerous and powerful people. Do his films not make the viewer at times comfortable by deliberately revealing some agendas?

Many artists may also be showcasing agendas which is good to be aware of, as well as it's context. I haven't seen the trailer yet Alex, but I think it's good to see things from many angles. Hello, by the way! :)

Rustam S. said...

Laron, I hear what your are saying... But personal mind exists exactly for this purpose - analyze and understand everything about it's environment. It's an instrument, and it needs solid foundation to function properly. And to do so it needs to understand what is going on in the environment. See patterns and, yes, agendas.
And the trick actually is to embrace both parts of the "coin" because all are parts of Creation. Not to succumb to fear but acknowledge that certain situations and possibilities exist. For a reason. It adds to awareness.

Laron said...

There have been similar stories written within many books going on for a long time. Movies are sometimes made of those stories. This is not a new situation. Books and movies will keep on occurring and being written about similar themes like this.

This reminds me of when Deep Impact and Armageddon came out, both two years before the year 2000 which seemed a bit timely considering the fear generated around Y2k.

If we are having a too stronger focus on the negativities of our environment, that is going to impact our consciousness development and our vibration in a negative way, especially when we are looking at disinformation and information that is very inaccurate. This information may have been purposefully designed for that reason or it may simply have come from people who are thinking they are doing good when the sources themselves are being mislead, and all of this will be generating fear and taking up peoples precious time and energy, keeping them back and slowing down their progress.

That time and energy can be spent much more efficiently, rather than following conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory and worrying about the agendas of others when in the end we can do nothing about their agendas anyway, if they are true.

When you are analysing a film in such a way, whether you are sitting there watching it or wondering if you should, you are missing out on the positives and the creativity and art that has gone into it. You are missing out on the chance to enlighten and raise your energy, instead of darken it with dark information and thoughts.

So that s what I mean with my previous comment.

Rustam S. said...

> Jupiter ascending
Saw finally the trailer today. What could I say... It seems even TOO CLOSE to the truth (?!)

Laron said...

A few of you will probably enjoy David's new article here,

'Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal'

Rustam S. said...

Saw the film today. Great work of Christopher Nolan! I should confess that I overreacted in the comment above. While there is some programming in the film, many ideas ring true. And main idea that I've got out of this film - that a Future (though not near) of humanity is in Space - is exactly correct.

Laron said...

I just came back from seeing it. I would probably say its slipped into my favorite movie of all time slot, which is a surprise, as I wasn't expecting that. I was impressed! I am happy I didn't read any reviews or look at the plot in full.

It is interesting to experience our modern times trying to fit metaphysics into science.

After watching something like this, I am left thinking how some of us could put together an amazing movie script with a bit more accuracy around the metaphysical side of things.

AV will enjoy the NDE / astral travel / out of body experience part ;-)

angelicview said...

Ooh! NDE/Astral Travel/OBE... I'm there! ;)