Monday, October 6, 2014

Comet Siding Spring (C/2013A1) as seen from Mars during its close flyby - Solar System Scope

Last year Michal from Solar System Scope informed me that their team had developed a real time model of the incoming trajectory of Comet ISON. Michal recently got in touch and said they have now developed an interactive model for Comet Siding Spring as seen from Mars during its close flyby.

C/2013A1 (Comet Sliding Spring) making its way through the solar system

The model visualises C/2013A1 (Sliding Spring) as seen from the Curiosity rover on Mars during its close flyby of Mars on October the 19th, 2014. A second view within the interactive model shows Siding Springs path through our solar system.

You can access the interactive model directly here, or through the embedded version below. Note the buttons at the bottom which you can use, 'Orbit and 'To Mars'. You can scroll in and out using your mouses wheel.

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