Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Webbot IDIR August 28th, 2014 from Clif High and a mention of spiritual progression

Clif High is back to releasing his webbot immediacy data intelligence reports based on a subscription based service that you can find here. Within the last IDIR, that being for the 28th of August 2014 which is the fourth report for the month of August, a number of very interesting future situations came up which match and tie directly into Lai's recent QHHT sessions I conducted, specifically the 4th article here, 'The Shift and the different levels of Consciousness - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 4'. What really stands out to me is the timing of everything which the webbot is picking up for the remainder of the year. The timing seems to fit right in with what I am expecting at this stage.

The Report

The report does touch upon a tipping point in relation to a consciousness shift for the populace within September / October, an increase in earth changes over this time, and a whole lot more. One interesting element of this IDIR is that Clif said it will take about 30 years for most of the consciousness based changes to come into play within society as a whole.

Spiritual Progression

While there is a lot more going on such as the information about the 'New Earth' in relation to a separate ascension based shift for individuals moving off World in a physical sense, as I mentioned in the comment section of Lai's 4th Article I linked to above, the shift in general has always been about consciousness and a period of time where the energies and vibrations get a boost and a rise, in a sense, in connection to peoples spirituality and development. This is based upon the cycle the Earth and the life on Earth are moving into, in connection to systems that can explain this, such as The Astrological Age(age of Aquarius). One of the elements of change brought on by these energies is to help people to 'wake up' and become aware of what is really going on in relation to the current situation on the Earth and those that control many aspects of our day to day life right now.

Image by Eddi van W

This shift within people, which is a result of peoples frequencies increasing, is also of course related to spirituality and the growth of the soul. Another way to look at this situation is to think about how many lives an individual soul has to have to obtain a certain level of spiritual growth. This growth is gradual over multiple life times, for some its quicker, for some its slower. Within this life now while an individual has the opportunity of being here during this special period of time, there are these energies and shifts in consciousness because of the external energies coming in and the increases in frequency, which in turn raise the consciousness of each individual here on Earth to a certain degree. That degree will be different to each individual, based on their various unique situations.

For some, this boost of spiritual growth will be large and dramatic, for others it will not be so large and obvious, and it will take time. Another way to look at this is to think that if a person had lived a life in a different time period, say 500 years ago, this 'boost' would not be there back in that period of time, and their life would be not affected externally by any energies in this same way. There would be an influence of the astrological age of that time period, but their life in relation to spiritual progress would be tied much more directly into what they get up to in that individual life time, and their state of progress leading up to that life time. Their experience would of course be connected into the karmic system and their consciously agreed upon soul contract. Because of these external energies right now, within this period of time, within this life, we all have the opportunity to have those energies open up our consciousness in ways that only occur on rare occasions, based on these cycles. And at the same time all of this is going on, this time around, the Earth's consciousness is also making a shift of its own, as touched upon within Lai's fourth QHHT article.

If you are keen to look into the future and get an understanding of what is to come, the most reliable source out there in my opinion are the webbot reports, so I suggest you do subscribe to Clif High's latest weekly IDIR's if that is the case. These reports are based on immediate future situations but they also include long term data and forecasts. I have to say that because of the situation around time no longer being manipulated in that same way that it has in the past, as mentioned in a number of past articles on transients.info, the reports coming from the webbot are likely going to have a higher level of accuracy from here on in. You can find the subscription page for the webbot IDIR's here, http://halfpasthuman.com/Hph_reports.html.


ruffletheteacher.com said...

I like the forecast about the "food moms". A group of concerned moms will come together and work toward self sustaining food production. At first it will be about feeding their families during a food shortage, but will evolve into a movement against mass produced produce. Seems mankind is about to shift its thinking in how food is secured, and place an importance on quality vs. quantity.

DBlog said...

what do you think about planet x Niburu
look at this video. Pretty amazing photos.

Laron Fereira said...

I liked that Ruffle and thought 'food moms' was a funny heading for it.

Laron Fereira said...

Before's Lai's latest session, I honestly didn't believe it existed. So if it does, I would have to say that the most accurate description out there of it's purpose would be from the information that came through Lai in the 4th article. I have done a vast amount of research on the 2012 phenomenon and I never once ran into any credible information showing it existed and that it would have a negative impact.

It's possible that there is confusion around it's existence, for example a dwarf type planet entering the solar system may be true and relate directly to what came up in the QHHT session, but it may not actually be 'planet x', and planet x therefore does not exist, but the influence of this brown dwarf does in relation to the astrological age cycles and the consciousness influence each time.