Sunday, September 14, 2014

Update on the Geomagnetic Storms from Suspicious0bservers and a webbot IDIR mention

Within the video below, Ben Davidson / Suspicious0bservers goes over the current status of the energy coming in from the recent two earth facing solar flares, including the X1.6 class flare. This five minute video also includes the daily S0 news.

Current KP index graph. Note the highest bar reaching 7, which is classified as a class 3 Geomagnetic Storm for Earth as per the NOAA Space Weather scaling system here

Note that Clif High recently stated in his latest IDIR (September 11) that over the next 6 weeks there will be an increase in smaller earthquakes due to the CME's we had hit us. Clif High said that the plasma core was charged in a way, and that more material is being created in the earth that needs to come out. This validates the timing that I was expecting, as per Lai's latest QHHT information around the shift back on August the 8th, as well as a few other sources out there that I posted in the past on transients discussing the events predicted to occur for the remainder of the year.

The activity at the Galactic Center, which I have recently posted about via Paul LaViolette, may also relate to what is seen in the webbot, and it could have been a trigger for the CME activity.

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