Monday, September 15, 2014

Time is beckoning, meet us again: Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian

Here is a new message from Asket, via Maryann Rada. (21 minutes) The message talks about our situation now and in the future in relation to the times we are going through and provides some guidance for the listener.

"Philosophies do little but get in the way and religion does more damage to your ability to understand, than mere silence." - Asket

Video Description: "When we relinquish our ideas of self, of reality, of what we know reality to be, we allow a greater reality to come into focus... one that is alive with potential and long-lost friendships forged over the temporal waves of other existences. Asket greets us here with an invitation to get into closer contact with her and other off-worlders in service to the League of Light, and to cast aside our erroneous beliefs to make open the path toward a greater experience of Self.

Many people have been asking for a closer interaction with Asket, and this video serves as her response to you, with great love.

In her own words, Asket says: "I am an interstellar agent of the galactic body of civilizations known as the League of Light. We are working on many projects at this time and the one that I am most involved with at this point is to inform the public about the changes they are facing. Our mission is to support the awakening of the population of Earth and to facilitate that happening without the process being manipulated to your collective detriment. We are on the ground, in the air, and on bases at various undisclosed locations around the world and the solar system. You do not openly see us, but we are nevertheless very present in your day-to-day life. We are working on the long-term goal of helping the human race native to the planet gain the natural rights they hold as galactic humans, to enjoy the freedom they merit as humans within the galactic community, and to forestall any attempts at making such a transformation from enslavement to liberation anything other than as peaceful and tranquil as possible for all involved."

To read more of her mission at this time and in other times and to see all of the messages she and Semjase have shared through this channel, visit Time Transformers: Temmerian Transmissions, There you will find her story and her communications to us.

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channeling by Maryann Rada
Asket's art by Tim Jones
music "Starfield" by Susperia-Electrica"

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