Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MMR Vaccine & the Autism Link

Here are two articles from Collective Evolution covering the recent information surfacing around the link between Autism and a number of vaccines out there.

CDC Whistle-Blower Reveals Cover-up Of Vaccine & Autism Link Data - "What is the most divisive topic you can bring up? Religion? Politics? Sports? I would venture to guess that vaccines are right up there with religion, politics and sports as the most passionately argued about topics that end up dividing otherwise friendly people into camps. Those who are listened to are either passionately and vehemently pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. The people in the grey area tend to be trampled on, disregarded and dismissed"


New Study Finds A 340 Percent Increased Risk Of Autism In Boys Who Receive MMR Vaccine On Time - "Another study has surfaced showing a potential link to vaccines as being a cause or contributing factor (out of what could be many) to autism.

The study was published by Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD in the peer reviewed  Journal Translational Neurodegeneration and found a 340 percent increased risk of autism in African American  boys receiving the Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine on time."



DBlog said...

Glad you are spreading the concerns. There are so many developments here, and this may be a large part of an unraveling of the lies and an awakening of potentially Millions of as til now sleeping brothers and sisters! I'm excited Laron.

Laron said...

This does seem very important Daphne!