Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dolores Cannon - Reincarnation and Past Lives

Here is a 55 minute video of Dolores Cannon that was posted on the Disclosure TruthTV YouTube channel on the 18th of August, 2014. If you are not familiar with her work and have not read any of her books, this video is a good one to watch and learn from.

"There is no evil forces at all. That is what people have to get away from. The churches are the ones that created all of that to make people afraid." - Dolores Cannon

The first 11 minutes is an actual interview with Dolores and it's very hard to hear the questions being asked. After this part of the video there is an actual recording of a public talk by Dolores addressing an audience. The focus of this talk is on Reincarnation and Past Lives.

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For those unaware, I am a QHHT practitioner trained by Dolores Cannon, the method she uses and has gained her information and knowledge from. This training back in 2011 took 4 full days and I learnt both levels of her past life / in-between life hypnosis based method. I have also been to a couple of her public talks while she was in Australia, I have been group regressed by her and I have read most of her 17 books. The last QHHT session I conducted and wrote up can be found here, The Cosmic Journey of Lai - Part 5

You may have missed Vickie Acklin's article I posted back on the 12th of June. This article contained information from a QHHT session she conducted with the daughter of a client of Dolores Cannon's who's own QHHT session was featured in the book, 'They Walked with Jesus'. You can find that article here, 'Anna's Story: Walking with Jesus Christ and Ascension - New QHHT based information by Vickie Acklin'.

Tai Ashley-Jones from Essex, England, who learnt QHHT way back in 2008, recently contacted me and has shared some of her own QHHT based sessions. Tai was recognised as the first 'World Practitioner' back in 2012. Some of this information is similar to what Lai has experienced, a client of mine, in relation to the functioning of those beings maintaining planets, such as the grid consciousness. Tai has given me permission to share that with you, so I will be putting an article together as soon as I can with that information. 

Thanks to Martin for sending along a link to this new video with Dolores Cannon


Rainbow Warrior said...

I am so excited to have my first QHHT session this weekend! After, I plan to take the level 1 class. If anything interesting come up(how could it NOT) I'll be happy to share w/ everyone! :)

Shamini G said...

Hi RW, looking forward to hear your QHHT experience this weekend. All the best. Keep us posted! :)