Friday, September 5, 2014

After the Dark

By contributing writer Jeremiah Bradbury

Seniors in their last day at school in philosophy class are faced with their greatest challenge.

The End of the World.

Ok, not the really end of the world, one born out of imagination and sense of realism.

I had heard it all the time while reading the blogs and comments from prepper sites. Let me be frank, most of the time it is shallow. The content is filled with people who cannot see past their own basic survival. And comparing it to this movie, I am reminded that most people fear getting any deeper into their own psych than they feel they absolutely have to.  People ask simple questions that require simple answers.

But let us get back to the movie for now.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the move yet, this film is more about your own thought process than a plot to a story line.

So let us begin the journey…It’s your last day in a well do high school in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia, thoughts draft about future plans, and what party to go to that night.  You head into your philosophy class, expecting to wrap it up with jokes and pleasant conversations.

Not today my friend.

Your philosophy teacher wants to run one more thought experiment. It’s the end of the world, there is a bunker that holds only 10, and there are 21 of you.  Someone must die.  If you refuse to part take in the experiment you go down a letter grade, or the teacher picks your best friend to go down a letter grade.  Leaving the challenge is not an option for you.

Atomic bombs are going off all over the world, and you have a full functional bunker (food, water, hell even an area to relax). The teacher makes each one you pick a card at random.  Each person stands up and says what they do; the group decides who stays and who dies a miserable slow death by radiation poison.  You and your group along are responsible for repopulating the earth.

I won’t bore you with the details about round one of three.  Everyone picks what is logical and makes sense for humanity, but there is a twist.  And it’s a good one.

The experiment is reset and they start again.  You keep your card, but the next round you must open it up to relive hidden information.

Your friend the electrical engineer lived in the first round. But the second uncovers that he has a rare disease.  His body is attacking him with every bruise he takes, and it won’t take much before he dies.
Be honest, your friend is not making it this round.

Two thirds of the movie is very straight forward, with most people making the standard decisions.

But the third round is where it becomes something completely different. I wrote this article to motivate you into watching the movie, or at the very least be aware of your thoughts.
Is life about survival?

At what point do we justify taking power over another for the good of all of us?

Why do YOU live?

What are you waiting for?

The third part is what is really about.  Not how to physically survive the end of world, but to remind us all there is more to life than breathing.

There is the soul, which needs more than buildings and electricity. Our Souls need music, art, dance, laughter, and dear I say Love.

But it’s all pretend, no real reason to have to think about this topic.

Or is there?

Carl Jung had a term called the collective unconscious.  His theory was that there is great subconscious we all share.  Who else finds it weird that people all over the world are scared? This is not like 999AD turning to 1000 and people thought judgment was going to come because of it.  This is not like Y2K, where banks and power grids were going to blow up come 2000 because of a computer error.  People are scared and they don’t really know why.  All they can do is point to what they see on the news:

Global warming or climate change
Police State

And the list keeps going.  Maybe something epic or even apocalypse it’s self is heading are way. My questions above still remain the same.  Why are you alive?  What are you waiting for?  What kind of world do you want?

If you do not challenge yourself today with logic, love and craziness, then when is the right time?

And if you wonder what is the point at the end of the movie.


It’s just life after all.


About the Author Jeremiah Bradbury
I have had a life long interest in preparedness, and in 2010 I started my website PreparePDX. Where my goal as been to educate, inform and inspire people about emergency preparedness.  Soon, I will be able to fulfill a lifelong dream and open my own business as a preparedness coach. I believe true resiliency has to come from the mind and soul.  To move past the fear of the everyday headlines and take command of our own destinies.

PreparePDX can be found on Facebook and via the web here,

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