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The World is changing and the journey is what this is all about

No matter what view, what perspective and what opinion you have on what is going on around you, as an individual, in these times, what's important is the journey. It always has been and it always will be.

There are many names given to this period that we are traversing through. The Golden Age, The New Earth, The Event, The Gathering, The Shift in Consciousness, The Global Coastal Event, The Ascension, and so on. But in my eyes, they are all equally valid and looking in at the same exact point in time that I believe we have finally reached based upon what is going on in the World right now, and what has gone on more noticeably over the 18 months or so, and what will continue to go on for a number of years.

Something that some of us following these times so closely have come to understand is that there is no point in expecting events to occur within an exact time period or on an exact date, as there are many elements involved with the ongoing changes. While many aspects forecast and prophesied from multiple sources in our past, have now occurred and are happening right now, there still seems to be an unknown element and a degree of freewill involved not only with the human population and the conscious Earth her self, but with other beings out there interacting with us directly and not so directly.

'Mind Building Its Structures' by JBH Mareydt

As we continue on with our lives, day to day, and as our society keeps on building its structures, in many forms, I stumble upon new information providing guidance to myself and others, which I post on transients here in relation to 'the shift in consciousness', my general term for our times. Sometimes there is mention of specific dates and time periods which may partly be right in some form or another, but my expectations are very low whenever I do pass on information relating to timing.

What helps me though is watching the events going by in the world and seeing what transpires, as this gives me clues to the ongoing progress of what is occurring. By watching out for signs and specific events, with how people are acting in the world, the state of their mentality, seeing more secrets being revealed, more military conflict and so on, and ticking off such things that occur, it helps to show how all of this is really proceeding.

Delays have been seen as the main theme of the past for a lot of people who are waiting for something. But what is it exactly are they waiting for? I provided a theory and some solid information backing it, explaining why there has been delays within my article 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift' back on the 2nd of April. Within a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session I conducted with my client Lai, I further found out detailed information which validated and further expanded on why there have been delays.

Since then there have been a number of sources mentioning and further confirming the existence of the delays.

'Save Your Self' by JBH Mareydt

A common label given to those 'dark forces' which is a term used to refer to those behind the ongoing control and manipulation of global events, is the 'cabal'. John discussed some details around the possible structure and positioning of the groups in power within his article, 'Positioning of the Elite', back on the 28th of June, 2014. He expanded on this article in July with some more information around the Breakaway Civilisation here.

Spiritual development

When talking about this shift in consciousness, I usually refer back to the galactic alignment which is an event that occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. The Galactic Alignment is a period that began back in 1980 and finishes in 2016, with the actual alignment occurring with the December solstice sun and the galactic equator back in 1998. This event occurs once every 26,000 years and is what is commonly known to be connected to the end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.


The above image depicts the milky way and the Galactic Center. Position A is where the December solstice sun was in relation to the Milky Way some 3,000 years ago. Position B was 1,500 years ago and position C is the Galactic Alignment window from 1980 to 2016 when the December solstice sun has converged, as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, with the exact center-line of the Milky Way (the Galactic equator).

Four about six years I investigated the 2012 phenomenon, mainly through many books, leading up to 2010 and I concluded that 2013 was the likely year of when the main changes would start occurring. I specifically expected the changes to begin around the first set eclipses which were in April and May of 2013. Many aspects connected to the shift did start happening in my opinion around that time as I expected, including the deepest Earthquake ever felt back on the 24th of May, and they are of course becoming more apparent and relevant this year.

While certain events did occur back in 2013, some barely began last year, or didn't even take off, but roughly a year later they now have. There did seem to be interference or delays, which I mentioned earlier on. Most importantly I learnt this year that there seems to be specific events tied and connected into a series of events required to occur, for the shift in consciousness to complete in a more fuller way. These specific events have been delayed, and manipulated by those 'dark force' out there, on purpose, to delay the shift. 

I could mention specifics, in relation to what has gone on and what I am expecting to occur in the future, but that is not the point of this article. In my opinion, it's not really going to benefit anyone from having a better understanding of when specific aspects pertaining to the shift are going to happen, as each person will be where they are meant to be if/when the time comes for those aspects to occur. 

The major benefits, based upon peoples curiosity around learning about all of this which I have come to understand and know, is that each person is taking and going down many paths as they research and learn about the situation in general. Some of those paths have lead them to information that will help increase their consciousness and spiritual development, and the butterfly effect of that will reach many others in their lives. That is what I personally consider most relevant and most important in relation to everyone's journey. 

'Entering the Void' by JBH Mareydt

With relation to the development of an individuals spirituality and consciousness being most important, there are exceptions to this, such as some of us being here and sacrificing our own spiritual development, to help others in various forms and ways based upon each of our agreed upon soul contracts, as we live out our lives.

Its going on right now, its not random

I see many events in the world right now connecting directly up to predicted / forecasted / prophesied events in connection to the shift. I see the successful completion of many predictions which can be ticked off multiple lists. I see people becoming more and more awake and aware, as is expected in relation to those many predictions, but also the age we are moving into in connection to the Astrological Age cycle. I see great changes occurring in society, from people standing up for their rights and beliefs through protests and riots, cities banning fluoride in their water systems, more interest in organic farming, changes in Government and so on. The timing of all of these events fit right in with what was to be expected.

There are many parts of life that the average person does not notice very easily because of the rate of change. As we watch that rate of change we adjust to those minuscule changes, such as with someone putting on weight or loosing weight as an example. If they have lost a great deal of weight, and we haven't seen them for a long time, we will notice the change more easily upon seeing them again. If we are seeing that person every day, the change is much harder to notice.

Because of how closely I have been watching events in the world, and my knowledge around what is to be expected during these times, I see much change more easily than most. I see the evolution in consciousness where others may not. I have had the time and opportunity to be able to do this.

We can not only see the major events reported on by the main stream media, such as that many military conflicts happening right now, plane disasters, the ongoing increase in earth changes including but not limited to just the  mud slides and rivers in the sky, the record month of April for large quakes globally earlier on in the year, the move away from the US dollar, the cabal having their positions of power being taken away from them globally through various means, and further secrets revealed from people such as Snowden, but we can also see events impacting individuals themselves, from a psychological and action / reaction standpoint.

Individuals in the public eye who are having negative information come out about them, individuals acting out in very strange ways, ways which they would never have done in the past. It's like a door has opened and that control that was there before is now depleting away. I can see so many people suddenly having their lives change around them as well, where they may have had to move location, change their work, or even leave a long term relationship.

All these events are positioning the individual in life, into the situation they were meant to be during their path at this moment and for their future, in relation to the shift. It's not random.

Its very much underway

The shift is well under way and it depends on what you are expecting, what you know about, what you are aware of and what you don't know about. It's not at all about one big event, its about a series of many smaller events including a gradual, and more sudden at times shift in the global consciousnesses of the human race as energies come through to us now and again at specific points in time during. It seems there will be multiple windows of where people can move on, in relation to actually 'shifting' somewhere, and that will last over a period of years. 

'Measure Twice Cut Once' by JBH Mareydt

I am not expecting that in one moment everything changes for everyone here. I don't believe that is going to happen, I am pretty certain of that. What I mean when I say that is that I don't think we will all suddenly step into another dimension when the clock strikes 11:11 am or pm on some date in the future. What is happening right now, what was happening last year and what will happen in the future will be experienced in so many different ways, but there should be something that comes along which we can say to each other, those of us in the know, something like, 'yeah, that was likely it', as we share with each other afterwards, if we are able to, what happened to us during the main event which is so commonly spoken about.

That main event is what I discussed in an article back back on the 14th of June, 2014, 'The status of the Shift in Consciousness'.

The fact that all these smaller events are occurring and being ticked off the lists of what was expected to occur, is very good evidence towards everything else occurring and finishing off, as forecast by so many sources in relation to the shift.

I believe that it is possible for some people, the main event may just go unnoticed because we are all existing at different levels of progress, different levels of vibration and what we perceive may be versions of our own individual realities based upon the theory that we create and manifest our existence each and every moment. This is why, I think, there are so many differing viewpoints on what is happening and what is meant to happen in the future because people are looking in not only at the situation from different angles, but those angles are heavily influenced upon the individual looking in.

When I see such events which have occurred over the past 18 months or so, such as something as simple as Nostradamus's related prediction of sea creatures that usually dwell on the surface of the ocean, very deep down which are rarely ever seen, coming to the surface and more frequent occurrences of this, which did start occurring in this time period, or something on a larger scale, such as the increase in disease outbreaks, more so this year such as with the various forms of flu going around and more recently Ebola, this is more proof for me personally that we are on track and within these stages of the shift. But these two are examples from a list of so many others.

If you look at the situation from another viewpoint, you may have heard or read about volunteer souls who have found out through past/in-between life regression that they are here in this life to assist with the shift as their primary purpose. While each of us have many tasks, the roles of volunteer souls are usually very unique and different, but it has been shown that a number of souls on the Earth right now did actually and purposefully come here at this time for the reason of what is going on now.

When you read about all this in books, about past/in-between life regression in relation to volunteer souls, you may not take it as seriously as me. As a QHHT based practitioner, I have had clients experience very similar situations and events as to what I just mentioned, in relation to volunteer souls. This adds to the credibility and my personal view of all of this.

A strong interest of mine has been astral projection and I have learnt a lot about it over the years. When someone like Robert Monroe, who was one of the most experienced astral projection travelers out there in his time, ran into 'the gathering' of alien races orbiting earth to watch the shift occur while consciously out of his body, and then proceeded to organise his students at the Monroe Institute to do exactly the same thing, with his results duplicated from their point of view, and their experiences shared, and when you have done conscious astral projection your self like I have, you know its likely real. Again, this has given me another personal confirmation, in an ocean of personal confirmations.

Returning to that journey

For some of us we may never come across what we are expecting. The future for each of us may be different to each other and universe loves to provide surprises. What are we left with after this journey? We continue on right now to live out our life in this reality, based upon whatever events may occur in our future.

We could at some point have an ET based craft appear with beings welcoming us with much love and who may take us away, traveling up through the frequencies to where we were once from before. We may have something unfortunate happen to us, such as being caught in an earthquake. We could step up from laying on the sofa and fall into a dimensional bubble, then shift to another vibrational realm, possibly to the New Earth. Or we may live out our life into old age with our family around us and with a higher and much more developed spiritually based consciousness by the time that moment manifested.

Painting by Sabine Wurz ©

There are many situations and circumstances which could present themselves to each of us at some point in the future, but what I think is important is how we lived our individual lives up until that point. For a lot of you, this has been a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, awareness and consciousness as you run into new sources of information along the way, some that may resonate, some that may not. Our curiosity and soul continues on searching for answers.

We come into this world as a baby, and we leave this world to return to our source when the time is meant to be. Don't forget to make the most of your time in every moment that you do have and try not to worry too much about your future. 


About the Author
Editor of, Laron is an In-Between Life / Past Life Therapist and Energetic Healer based currently in Sydney, Australia. One passion of Laron's is to expand the consciousness of others through presenting and sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer, so we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master and certified Crystal Healer. You can find Laron on Facebook.

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