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THE JOURNEY of a thousand lives begins with one step - An attitude

By writer Linda Castree

Greetings all! This article is intended as an introduction.  I intend to write whatever I feel in the moment, along no particular laid in course,  with the hope that someone is inspired, or if what I write acts as the grain of sand - the irritant that polishes a pearl - I see both serve a purposeful good.  

I advocate speaking freely, and often through the medium of writing, we teach ourselves.  So please include your comment whenever you feel the urge.  It tends to bring other thoughts to the fore, and this gives rise to contemplation, expanding our minds.  Through inspiration, by the giving ourselves a moment or many to contemplate, new ideas or knowledge are more readily accessed and accepted. So, I genuinely encourage your thoughts, or arguments to the contrary on anything I offer, as we all can learn from the comments and experiences of others.

Employing a few powerful words from my beloved teacher, Ramtha,  which I speak forth to each of you,  present with every word... “From The Lord God of my being, to the Lord God of your being, I salute you. So be it! To Life!”

THE JOURNEY Of A Thousand Lives Begins With One Step - An Attitude

Is it possible to take 1,000 lives to overcome a single attitude?  I believe it’s possible, but we would be very slow learners indeed.  Is it possible to overcome several attitudes in a single life and propel our consciousness into a different time period?  I believe so, yes.  For this reason, I find it a very useful time-saver, or we could call it a life-saver, to take a look at attitudes, the personality, and the wheel of reincarnation.  I’m all for the journey, just not the same one over and over again, ad nauseum.  So, I intend to cover (among other things) some of what I’ve learned relating to this.

Perhaps we’ll meet in another time, in a grand future civilization, existing now as a potential for us, where life is recognized by all as the gift that it is.  One thing is for certain;  if we don’t give up our lousy limited attitudes, we won’t experience that life anytime soon, for everything has a frequency, and our consciousness always belongs to the frequency bandwidth it finds itself in.  So how do we get there from our current state of consciousness?  We earn it. And how do we earn it?  We must overcome our lousy and limited attitudes - for in order to grow in consciousness, we must take  in new knowledge that leads us to acknowledge and overcome that which to date we have not. In other words, when we allow the letting go of our tattered old attitudes, and rewire our brains into greater ones, we will experience a greater reality, and that is something I hope for all of us!  To that end, let’s take a look:

What is it in us that feels threatened and rushes in to defend itself? Is it any part of our divinity, or is it the need of the personality, the corporeal aspect, largely the combination of our genetics and conditioning that has taught us that we must fight to survive and be victorious? Do we so strongly associate our identity to our beliefs that the bounds of movement and experience are restricted to something likened to a box? The answer is mostly yes, as the limits of that box are determined by our knowledge.  Greater knowledge - bigger box, greater reality. Simply put, when we are open minded and work to expand our perception of reality, creating the cracks that allow more light to flood through it’s boundaries, we evolve.  When we conceal parts of ourselves from ourselves, or insist on keeping the bounds of attitudes firmly in place, we may perhaps see different people and places in our reality, but our experiences remain fundamentally status quo.  So what is it that propels our growth, and what is it that we must face and overcome?

Our challenge, should we wish to take it up, is to identity what is divine in us, and what is not. Did somebody hurt our feelings, and what is it that was hurt?  Our challenge is to weed out those aspects of ourselves which hinder or prevent our personal evolution.  We are drawn to act or feel defensively when that which we associate as being us, our identity, is threatened.  When we feel an unease upon hearing information, it is a sure sign we are holding an attitude in place that we have not experienced enough to know as a longstanding truth.  Intellectual knowledge is not personal truth, it is only philosophy.  Philosophy is the absence of experience, and although it may provide a basis for contemplation, it is not knowing.

When we know a thing, it is so because we have had the experience of it.  To us, all else is conjecture.  To put it another way, when we do not have enough experience of a great truth, we will be pulled emotionally, feeling the ‘charge’ as either positive or negative, and we can rest assured there lies an attitude within us that we have neurologically wired in our brains as being us - it is associated with our identity. If that were not so, then we would feel no threat, it would simply not evoke any discomfort, and we would wholly know.   This is a crucial point to realize, for our challenge lies in the learning of surrendering our attitudes to a greater mind; to overcome our body-mind consciousness, so that what is real in us may come forth.  Only then will we find ourselves firmly planted in our divinity.

'Gandalf & the Balrog' - By Gonzalo Kenny (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

We may come to realize that the greatest battlefield is in the mind, our mind, like Gandalf fighting the monster on the bridge (for those familiar with Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings), and not the external world.  In Tolkien’s metaphor, what does the bridge represent?  What does the monster represent?  What is it that we must do battle with in order to cross the bridge?  To quote the wizard Gandalf in his battle with the Balrog monster, “You cannot pass....I am a servant of the Secret Fire....Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass.” And where in us might we find both the bridge, and the monster?  I believe these are important things to ponder.  The mind as absolute reality maker is the only true liberator.  What we experience in the external world of our personal realities, is the effect of our thoughts, and we could say that a group of thoughts wired together is an attitude.

One attitude that many have is that they’re somehow special.  They will not likely advertise it, but keep it very quiet within them, and perhaps it is not even a conscious thought yet, but anytime we feel a pride that we are somehow special, we must see it for what it is....a totally hilarious illusion!  It allows one to feel, perhaps, just that little bit of self-importance over another, and it comes in many guises.  But to what ‘self’ is it we are defining in that thought?  It may be part of the journey toward realization, as I believe it arises from the knowing deep within ourselves that there really is something magnificent and wonderful about us, and that is certainly a truth!  But when we see we are all expressions of God or Source (and this includes consciousness in all it forms), then we see that our specialness is not so, and never was.  It is an illusion of the most fundamental kind.  And when we wake up and know it beyond a shadow of a doubt, we will laugh, and laugh, and laugh at ourselves.  How do I know this?  It is my truth from personal experience.

So I implore you, if you notice thoughts arise of the specialness of your self, take a look, check it out, and contemplate what it is that keeps that attitude in place.  Liberation from that attitude is a fine thing we will never want to give up, nor can we once we know the truth of it, and we will fall in love with life, and we will see joy bursting from our being, for we will see God in all things.  You’re just not special! Well thank goodness for that, what a load off!  You, we all are however, magnificent and wondrous expressions of the All in All!  Doesn’t that just make you smile, and take a big relieving breath?

Take a look at yourself and have a good belly laugh for all your foibles, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  It’s the best platform I know of, on which to base a ‘take it on attitude’ to your attitudes!  Our tired and tattered attitudes of yester-year need a permanent break, we’ve worn them some of them so long they really smell.  Once we claim them, we can change them, forever.  But if we keep them at bay, yet still within us, or if we say “oh, that’s just me”, so be it, it is.  Do we really want to be the same person we were yesterday?  We can be.  We can be that way, holding a particular attitude for lifetimes. Let them go, be your own life-saver, redeemer.  Be Gandalf!.

We are the writers, actors, directors, set designers etc. of it all, unless we’re allowing someone else to write or direct our script, and if so, then we wrote that into our script also.  Don’t like it?  It’s not such a great play after all?  Excellent! Change it.  How?  Attitude is everything.  What if we could just let the past roll up behind us and be anew every day?  Who would we be?  The power is in you!  Into the Future Now go I.

About the Author
The author Linda Castree is currently studying for her hypnotherapy diploma, is a Kahuna bodywork therapist, a writer, and a practitioner of The EMF Balancing Technique.  Linda is a student at RSE (Ramtha School of Enlightenment), and it is to Ramtha whom she attributes the greatest of her knowledge, upon which the application continues to result in many extraordinary experiences.  She lives in the Sunshine Coast hinterland of Queensland,  Australia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs. You're allowed to share this article for non commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents and you must give appropriate credit. You must also include this licence information, if shared in full. 


Rachelle said...

Fabulous article, Linda! I'm so glad to see you sharing your wisdom here as a guest writer. Bravo!

Laron said...

This is very professionally written, thank you Linda!

Linda said...

I’d like to clarify a very valid point a good friend mentioned to me about my use of the word ‘special’. I personally make note of the difference in meaning to the word ‘unique’, as I see the words carry a similar but different meaning, and oftentimes many of us (myself included of course) tend to use words in an off-hand fashion. However, I take the point and if I were to write it again, i would definitely use ‘special’ where I have, but I would add the word unique....”magnificent, wondrous, unique expressions of the All-in-All”. After all, what would be the point to existence if we weren’t unique? It’s the reason I tend to be non-conformist to the old-world ways. I fully celebrate everyone’s uniqueness!
With regard to the ‘volunteer’ souls (many of us are familiar with the term from Dolores Cannon’s books, and Laron’s work also as a QHHT practitioner), for me, the notion is a plausible one and I think many readers here may be such souls. Dolores’ book ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth’ is a fascinating read, and certainly opens avenues for new ways of thinking, so for anyone who feels drawn to it, I highly recommend it. I’m taking a bet that many of these might also be more empathic than most on Earth, and because of this, may have been told numerous times that they’re special. When we hear something enough of that kind, it might lead us to identify ourselves from a lower aspect, and hence get caught up in Earthly trappings and beliefs which may overshadow what we are at our core; that it may act as an obstacle to growth if we were to consider ourselves above another, and I see that it could possibly be used by some as a crutch - preventing us from looking at our own issues. Only my thoughts.

The idea, as I see it, is to overcome the attitude of separation and realize we are all part of the One, yet uniquely so, and to make better use of our creative powers . If there is truth to the volunteer souls, (although not strictly on point: I bellieve we all volunteered to be here at some point) then it surely must help the divine plan to be our own best for the cause of elevating consciousness, being a light to others so that we spark that in them. That’s my intent, incase it isn’t clear, and I know that looking at our personalities objectively can sometimes be a challenge and take courage, but it’s well worth the effort. I hope that clarifies my perspective, and I hope the article serves in some way.

*Thank you very much for your words of encouragement Rachelle! :) Laron, big thanks also, that really means a lot coming from you! :) It’s the first thing I’ve written outside of comments.