Monday, August 18, 2014

Taking a break

Over the next week or so I will take a break from posting, including the usual daily posts on Facebook. John and AngelicView will still be posting a few things on transients FB page from time to time. I have been at this pretty constantly for a long time now and I feel its an appropriate moment to take a bit of a time out for my self.

Keep an eye on the World, as the changes are happening and they are most likely going to increase in pace over the remainder of the year. But those changes are also happening within each of you and for some they will be more obvious. Expect a few surprises and expect the unexpected.

For those up to it and who feel they are ready, get on top of that manifestation and bring into your life exactly what you want and need. Accept what does not come, as there will be very good reason for some things to manifest, and other things to not. If you are not so interested in creating and manipulating your own future in this way, then perhaps just concentrate on the possibilities of it and the vibrational energies and feelings around it through meditation and focus. Sense into it. Get a handle of what it is exactly. But take your time, as for some, you are coming into a new state of being and it really will be a new place to be. Well, we all are coming into new times in relation to the vibrations and energies, but some of you will experience this in a similar way to what was described in Lai's 4th article. Prior to those sessions, I had about three or four people tell me of similar feelings and symptoms which pretty much matched some of what actually came up for the 'third level' in that session.

Be in the moment. I will be back soon,

I photo I took in Wainui, New Zealand many years ago


Agnysse said...

Have a restful and creative break, Laron. Sending bright Reiki blessings your way and Team Transients too. Namaste

Fantastic Fox said...

Thank you Laron for all that you have done, you have given us a lot. You certainly deserve a break! :)

angelicview said...

Have a nice break, Laron! You deserve it. Beautiful picture, by the way. :)

the_mesmerizer said...

Thanks Laron. You are taking a break from only posting? I was hoping you would take a nice relaxed journey too for yourself. What if we all invite you one by one to our homes so you have lots of relaxed breaks?

Laron said...

Thanks everyone.

Mes, I have taken many journeys over the years, but it would be good to go away somewhere not too far away, sometime soon.

Lida Griffith said...

Rest well Laron!
You've certainly earned it.

Marilyn R said...

Take it easy and thanks for the beautiful pic! :)