Sunday, August 3, 2014

Searchings are finished at this moment…

Via GAIA Portal, 3 August 2014

Searchings are finished at this moment, and can no longer be used as Guidance rods.

Energetics of the Higher Gaia dimensions are unsuited for traditional “searchings” protocols. Those attempting to follow such find great non-fulfillment.

Moderation of Higher Incomings is not possible, thus “acceptance” and “riding the rising wave” is more appropriate.

“Culminations” and “downhills” are no more, as Cosmic Energetic vibrationals continue to rise.

Prepare for being “not prepared”… and Embrace the moment.


Laron Fereira said...

An interesting message. Does Searchings refer to those trying to tap in to the other side(s) for the purpose of finding out info on our times, in relation to the shift? And specifically, the higher up levels, so possibly something has occurred to stop us knowing what is to come soon for a period of time. (meaning the access to guides(including ET guides) may still function, but the access to higher self / higher beings may not)

Moderation may refer to beings not being available or choosing not to facilitate the information that is usually accessed (such as those at the akashic library that interact with those here who connect). So we have to just go with the flow without knowing the end result, or reading that last page. (who does that! it totally ruins the book when you do that!! )

All of the above could just relate to the source/system that GAIA Portal has in place.

And the situation may relate to the state of energies and vibration because of this period of the shift.

Downhills are no more, meaning there is no going back, and there may be no more delays, which seems to fit into that article I posted from Ibrahim. ( (delays which have been perpetrated by the 'dark forces' / cabal)

Shamini G said...

Interesting indeed. If this is true and we are not supposed to know what is to come any longer in relation to the shift, this would mean there would not be any more messages from William / Valiant as well. We'll have to wait and see if there's any more messages from Valiant and no more messages from Aisha North, Maryann Rada, etc.

But why wouldn't we be able to tap into our own higher-self? It's part of us, our individual self, isn't it? I would think the other way around, we wouldn't have access to our Guides instead. Maybe one needs to do a regression session to find out if we can still tap into our higher self. Maybe you could validate that in your next meeting with Lai this month.

Valiant has given us lots of warnings for quite some time in his messages thus far. So, "prepare for not being prepared" does sound right for those that have not prepared. What is meant to happen, will happen. I guess we'll have to just go with the flow. Just my insignificant view.

Laron Fereira said...

A comment from Linda (USA)

'Searchings are finished at this moment, and can no longer be used as Guidance rods.
Prepare for being "not prepared"... and Embrace the moment.'

"There is much written and asked about “when, where, and how”. So what do we do with this message?

When people don’t know something big is coming, they experience the emotion of surprise. The physical characteristics of surprise are wide open eyes and mouth. On the other hand, if you know something is coming, you may compress your body and close your eyes.

Thinking about instances in our lives where we embarked on a great adventure helps us understand this idea better. Maybe we learned to scuba dive or took a trip to a place where we did not speak the language. We prepared by reading, collecting the needed items, or maybe taking lessons.

Here’s the thing, all these preparations are based on what other people know from their own experiences – their own paths. If we remember that moment we first dived into the ocean or stepped off the plane, they were more than we expected. They felt different and intense because we were walking along our own path.

So what does it mean to be ready? The answers are within each of us, waiting for us to quiet down so we can see them with our hearts. Everything else is just distracting noise. We got the “how to” info in kindergarten ….. learn some and think some, draw and paint, sing and dance, and play and work every day some. When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together.

All our research and lessons will serve us well, but now is the time to hold hands and step out on faith."

Laron Fereira said...

I'm just throwing some thoughts out there that were in my head. (and which I posted on a facebook groups comment before copying and pasting it here) The message could be referring to so many different things, so it's good for us all to put our heads together and share our own individual interpretations of it.

Shamini G said...

True that. Me too. Just my thoughts. But then, it'll still be great to know what comes from Lai. Will look forward to Part 4 =)

Laron Fereira said...

In two days we will catch up and we may get two sessions in.

Our higher selves exist above our guides, dimensionally and vibrationally speaking, so can be thought of as further away. They are where the miracles of healing and great knowledge come from.

I don't think there would ever be a time when we are cut off from anything, but there could easily be times when the probabilities of the outcomes of the future may be extremely hard to foretell based upon the moment the future is being looked in upon, whatever the area is being looked at.

Laron Fereira said...

A comment form RuffleTheTeacher (who has some trouble commenting on his own)

"Receivers of energy can be cut of from source when overloaded, signal blackout. When one is grouping about in the dark for this and that, it seems trivial to one who holds night vision googles. "Stop asking me questions about parachutes, a 747 is about to hit us!"

You remember the vids on YouTube from the Japanese Tsunami? "Wow! That is a lot of water! No, wait... THAT is a a lot for water! OMG.... I don't think that guy is gonna be able to get high enough! Holy shit, he's not gonna make it!" And it came pouring for another ten minutes.

Unexpected, unanticipated. Unprepared for anyone's farthest imagination. Effecting deeper. In ways no one could have thought possible.

It is the event. The reset, cleansing, renewal. It is what everyone knew it would be. The evolution of humanity. Sink or swim. Here it comes. Stop filming and hold on. Stop watching and get ready to swim. If you ain't got it, you don't need it.

Remember. All of it."

Shamini G said...

*thumbs up*

I think we'll receive whatever information that is meant to know, at the right time. I really don't think we'll be left in a limbo, especially after receiving so many messages, guidance and warnings. We may not see it now, but when the time is right, we'll get the message.

Kiranasa . said...

Just like Caterpillar, we are now inside the Cocoon, and the metamorphosis will begin soon!!!