Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams and Focus Sessions reading

Hearing about Robin Williams pass away was a surprise to me. He was one of my favorite actors and I especially enjoyed his his more serious roles. A movie I will never forget of his was 'What Dreams May Come' from 1998 which also starred Cuba Gooding Jr. and Max von Sydow.

This movie was quite spiritual and told the story of a man searching for his wife in the afterlife, after dying in a car crash. Feel free to comment with your favorite movie of Robin William's, and/or the one that you will remember him by. I also loved him in Good Will Hunting. You can find his list of movies on IMDB here,

Here is a image below I posted on transients Facebook page yesterday.

Lyn over at Focus Sessions just did this reading below for Robin Williams.

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 13 August 2014

Q.  Please do a reading on Robin Williams and his death.  I feel we are not being told what really happened.
A.  When I think about Robin Williams, I see a guy with a big heart and a lot of positive energy.  He might have dealt with depression and abuse in his life, but overall he had a pretty good outlook on life and a support system of people that loved him.  He may slip and go back to old habits, but had enough strength or power within his subconscious to do what he needed to do in order to overcome his weakness (it was a struggle) and do the things he needed to stay grounded.

Even connecting to him on a subconscious level, he is laughing and joking now.  It feels genuine and not forced.  I get he did die by his own actions, but not out of sadness, but he was actually happy during this part of his life.  I see this more as a self inflicted accident resulting from actions that occurred during "some intimate alone time" (out of respect for him and his family my rational / conscious mind  won't allow me to spell this out clearer) and when he was found the embarrassment of the situation created all this precanned wording and quotes in the media.  I get we are never going to be told the "true" story because it is so sensitive.  In reality, I don't even see him caring if the truth gets out and in fact somehow he is laughing about it.
In closing, as I ended this "mental communication with him" he looked at me and said "nanu nanu" as if he was pretending to be Mork off of Mork and Mindy.  He wants to be remembered that way, because that is who he was and how he interacted with many people.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Fantastic Fox said...

He was one of my favorite actors too and it was a shock to see the news about him. So many good films and roles to name! He will be missed and I'm glad to know that he is doing fine on the other side. Bless you Robin.

Shamini G said...

Loved him in Aladdin as Genie. Watched it a gazillion times with my father and brother =) Patch Adams too with the spaghetti swimming pool. There was another movie, small role as a Russian doctor, and the delivery scene was hilarious. I can't recall what movie it was. He said he needed to buy a 'clitoris' instead of 'thesaurus' for learning English! Lmao. The stuff he says in his movies. Laughed so hard till we cried :))

j.bradbury said...

I have both laughter and sadness when I think of his movies and show. I grew up with Mork and Mindy, where he demonstrated his effortless ability to make one smile and quickly sadden.

I saw his movie "The world according to Garp." honestly that kinda missed with my head. The ad's at the time were showing it as a comedy, which was far from the fact. My dad and I walked out of the movie theater stunned.

But I laughed far more than I cried with his standup and just being himself. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. I have no doubt, he is making Jesus, Budda, and the alien named Zorkalsakd laugh as we speak :)

kellyrosepalmer said...

I was just telling my friend Lida about Lynn's reading and she told me it was on Laron's site too. Hi I'm Kelly and I know Lida and Bill. It is such a very sad day when we lost Robin Williams! He was an amazing actor who could do a lost anything! I agree with Laron about the move What Dreams May Come being very spiritual. I was only out of High School for 2 years when that movie came out and it really got me thinking.

Laron said...

Welcome Kelly. It was 16 years ago when it came out and I was new to such things back then, so it was an important movie for me to run into.

kellyrosepalmer said...

Shaming G......The movie your thinking about was called 9 months with Hugh Grant. His part in that movie was halarious!!!

myoscha said...

Hi Laron,
Reading your post got me off the sofa to search for the CDs--yes CDs, and not the best quality 2 buck CDs either from back then :-p but What Dreams May Come is a keeper. I love this movie for the amazing Monet like backdrops, and showing the minds' power to manifest its desires...bye...feasting my eyes on the tv now.

Laron said...

I knew there was something that about get you off the sofa! ;-)

I will have to find it and watch it again. I remember those backdrops, they really stood out for me.

Shamini G said...

Hah! Yes, it's 9 Months. Been a while. Just watched it again on Youtube. Thanks Kelly =)

myoscha said...

Haha...good morning Laron, much has happpened since I last joined your healing group. I will drop you an email re my experiences so as not to hog space here. Yr part 5 of Lai's Cosmic Journey, esp about yourself is so mind blowing that I'm still processing it! Thank you and I'll let you know the name I will use to contribute to your enlightening blog.

Laron said...

*'that would get you off', that should have been.

Looking forward to hearing about your experience there.

kellyrosepalmer said...

Thank you so very much!! I'm very much enjoying your site. You do AMAZING work!!

kellyrosepalmer said...

Your very welcome..... now I want to watch that movie again!!! Haha