Saturday, August 16, 2014

Revisiting the third level of Consciousness

I wanted to follow up on what was recently discussed in Lai's fourth article around the stage which some people are moving into now, in relation to the shift in consciousness, the actual vibrational state of the individuals consciousness who have attained a certain level of spiritual progress.

'Journey to the light' by Hartwig HKD (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Below is a message I received in relation to that.

"You are connected to us, the grid consciousness as you have labeled us. You want to know, you want to better understand the level three that we were discussing with and through Lai. Firstly, the information we supplied through Lai is all each of you need to know. If you do not resonate, or have an understanding of what that means, then perhaps you may not be ready to enter into that level. But we will expand further on what was said.
It is also important that you understand that spirituality is not sequential. You go through certain experiences for a reason, you develop your selves in certain ways for a reason, as per your original planning and as per the guidance you are assisted with along the way. As Laron stated, it can take many lives, many experiences for an individual to reach a certain stage, a certain level of spiritual progression, so that they can then comprehend and understand a new concept, adding to what their current state, there current being, has achieved at that moment in time.
None of this is sequential, there are many approaches to the growth of the consciousness. There are many aspects to obtain and develop. What we discussed with this level three, which it not a level, but an understanding, is that an important aspect to come to an understanding of now, is that of vibrational based manifestation.
This is not about creating an object in your hand, this is not about etheric manipulation, as that is an ability, a skill, a level of progression that is beyond, once you have mastered or come to understand manifestation it self, and after you have vibrationally changed enough, on an individual level, to be able to do that, based on your past spiritual progression.
This can be explained as the following - You will have a feeling, a knowing that you are the creator. You are the one who can manifest. This won't be about belief, it won't be about faith, it won't be about hope. You will have reached a stage where you will just manifest what you want to occur, without doubts, without thoughts creeping in to dissuade you. You will feel this inside you, inside your soul star, inside your being, inside your heart center. What do you want to bring into your life? What situations do you wish to occur in your future? You will have the power. You will have the control. 
This is not a common stage that humans will be at, this is a rare stage, so, the understanding of what this is and the ability to be and function at this stage is not possible for everyone. As we said earlier, you will either understand this, or you will not understand this information. While you can also learn about this through the material and teachings of masters on Earth, and who have previously been on Earth, in the end, this will not apply to everyone as it will depend on your state of being in this moment.
We feel that Laron is having an influence with how this is written out, as he prefers that we get to the point, that we do not hide or approach this situation from a direction of misguidance.
What we mean is that you will be at a certain stage in your experience right now where you will either get this, or you won't get this. You will either understand this, or you won't understand this. You can further explore this through other means, this is your choice, and this may help you.
Also understand that those who will not be ready to make the physical shift within the short term future, you can still make that shift at another point in time. Time may be linear, but once you return to where you are from, you will understand that time is irrelevant. There is no rush. There is no reason for you to feel less as a soul, less as a person for not being at a certain stage you may wish you were at right now. You will get to that stage at another time, if that is not your destiny or planned path within this experience. Do not worry your self. Do you stress. Do not be sad. You will be part of a new world here, a world you can help to manifest and to change. You can make a difference and you can impact the lives of many based on your decisions, your help and assistance with others. 
We would like to provide an analogy to help with the understanding of those hoping to, or wondering if they have reached this third stage which was touched upon recently. 
A boat at sea is adrift. There is no one on board. There are two oars which lay there by them selves. The waves are turbulent. This boat is going to reach its destination based on the currents which it floats upon. And the current the boat has been floating upon has changed from time to time, its lost its direction, its became slower at times, but the boat is always going to reach its destination, no matter what. 
A person suddenly appears in that boat. The weight of that person has made the boat heavier, and the boat may have been slowed down as it continued to float upon that current. That person decides to grab onto one of those oars and then starts rowing. This has caused the boat to go around in circles, but the person rowing does stop from time to to time, for the person to rest. This has delayed the boats journey. 
Another person suddenly appears out of nowhere upon that boat. That person grabs the other oar and starts rowing. But that person only uses the oar when the other person is using theirs. This helps to keep the boat going in a certain direction. But these two people are not continuously rowing. As the boat continues to drift upon that current, the current that will eventually bring the boat to its destination.
A third person appears out of nowhere. This person sits at the back of the boat and this boat happens to have a rudder. This person helps to stare the boat in the right direction, which happens to be the same direction the current is flowing to. But this person does not continuously stare the boat, he has to have breaks as well as he gets tired.
Over time, more people appear out of nowhere and fill up that boat as passengers, but, those people start to take turns with others on the boat, to help steer the boat and also to help with its momentum.
While that boat moves through the ocean there are whirlpools that come and go. These whirlpool lead directly to a similar destination to that of which the boat is traveling towards.
From time to time, that boat has the chance to enter one of those whirlpool and suddenly reach a destination. 
However, that boat will eventually reach its destination without entering a whirlpool
That boat is you. Those people represent many aspects of your journey in relation to your overall experience. From new knowledge you have obtained along the way, helpful and perhaps not so helpful, from the growth of your consciousness based upon your spiritual understanding and knowledge to other parts joining you temporarily, and also your guides assisting you along the way. There are cycles and shifts, represented by those whirlpools in the ocean, which you can enter but you do not have to enter them as you will reach that destination anyway, based upon your spiritual progression.
Returning to manifestation, as discussed earlier, there are visualisations and processes which you can use personally to assist, but this stage is more about the creation and manifestation of what you want in your future, and you should not have to spend too much actual time on doing this. This is the type of process, the type of situation of where you just place what you want out there, you feel it inside of you, you know it will happen, and it will happen. It is very quick. It doesn't require too much thought. 
We will leave this information with you and remind you that time is irrelevant. We understand life on Earth is a challenge, but you have already reached your destination, and this can simply be looked at as the experience that got you there, what you are experiencing right now."

In addition to the above information, I will touch on a few other areas which were specifically discussed within the session.

An area you can focus on inside your self is the heart center. The energetic vibration that radiates from that center is what you can tap into, and sense. This is a feeling. There are no thoughts, but only feeling into this.

As was mentioned, you will either feel disconnected, or connected at this stage. When you are feeling connected, this is the time to manifest. Initially you could look at this as like waiting for the moment in time when you feel that the vibration is highest to put in the manifestation intention, while other moments in time it may not feel right to do it then. If there is disbelief, if there is sadness, if there is a feeling that is not in resonance with the vibration required for manifestation, then this is not the right moment.

I believe this also relates strongly with thought forms and your thoughts being part of either the positive elements that occur in your future, or the negative. Take great care with what you focus on and think about, as even if you are at the stage of being very self aware, and self observant with what you do with your reactions, and actions in day to day situations, you also need to do the same with your thoughts. Positive thoughts are perfect, but positive thoughts in them selves are not going to manifest what you want, just by themselves.

Remember that this is new to those experiencing it for the first time here. As was said, the experience right now can be void of experience in relation to this. What does that mean exactly? You may feel empty in a sense, you may have felt a shift in a part of your being. You may have come to a new understanding, but of what you may not know yet. You will likely need some time to come to understand what all this means. To find that pattern which was discussed. Don't feel you need the answers to this right now. Take your time with it. Perhaps in a months time, look back on this information, look back on the fourth article of Lai's in relation to the consciousness levels. You may have a new outlook on what has been said.


Grace said...

Thank you, Laron...very pertinent and helpful information :) Many Blessings

podsmagi said...

"None of this is sequential, there are many approaches to the growth of the consciousness. There are many aspects to obtain and develop" This helps me Laron to understand something that happened to me about ten years ago.

I was going to go walking with some friends, but first they wanted to stop off and see someone. I went into the flat with them and sitting in a chair, in the living room, was an old black guy. I didn't real*eyes it before, but he was my friend's dope dealer. Hey each to his own. Weed makes me paranoid!

With a jolt of love, I recognised this dope dealer as a spiritual teacher of mine from a past life. I was overwhelmed at meeting him again as I knelt on the floor in front of him and asked "Do you remember me?"

Of course he didn't. In fact he was embarrassed at this tearful woman who was insisting he was a Master and teacher and that she loved him.

I could not believe that he did not remember me. I kept asking him over and over "you must remember me" I refused to leave him, so my friends literally dragged me out.

I can giggle about it now, but it really shook me. How could my Master and teacher be a drug dealer (and not a very pleasant personality) Dos this mean that all the effort I put into my own growth in this life could be wiped out in a future one?

I never saw him again...but it haunted me fora while.

the_mesmerizer said...

Laron this message is wonderful. I am learning and I have chosen to believe that I am ready to understand it and opened my heart to read it over and over. Thank you.

peterpan said...

this is great laron! it has reminded me that i am doing well as i am more aware now of how i have been and am manifesting my "future" which is really a present moment creation. especially in these last weeks and months there has been a quickening of what has been coming to me. also reminds me of drunvalo's heart creation process. i love the analogy of the boat as our self. either way, empty or full, it will reach its destination. question is how to discern if some oarsmen and tiller men (women too) will facilitate reaching it's destination.....

Laron said...

Pod, I guess some people may be thinking... how do you know for certain his essence, his consciousness, his spirit was the exact same consciousness as your teacher was back then? You will have your level of confidence around this answer. I have seen mistakes made by experienced intuitives, as some situations are not always black and white.

I think a possible explanation, which some people may not consider or realise, is that if they have a person come into their life with whom they resonate with so strongly, which they think may have been involved in some way, with them, in a past life, based on whatever reason that may be, a knowing, an insight, a vision, information from a past life regression, and so on, it is possible that this may be very true, to a degree.

The higher self of the consciousness, of the person being referred to, which sends out many sparks of it self, many individual consciousnesses, which then reside in the various centers above us, such as the center which governs/handles experiences/lives on Earth and other planets. It's possible that the soul up there, which was sent out from the higher self (I should really say an aspect of the higher self), is a separate soul to that which the consciousness in question directly comes from.

In other words, the hen house has a hundred chickens. A number of these chickens decide to leave the hen house and they go and start clucking and pecking around a pond, quite a distance away as they were getting bored in the hen house and wanted some adventure. One of those hens lays an egg, and that egg rolls into the pond, sinks to the bottom where the volume of water is heaviest. A separate chicken lays another egg, this one also falls into the pond. One of those eggs starts rising to the surface, a lot faster than the other egg. But, both eggs are from the same lot of chickens which came from the one hen house. There are more than just one hen house, but, those hen houses sit on the same Earth, and there is only one planet in the Universe with the identity of 'Earth'.

In this case, the hen house is the higher self, the hen is that soul aspect residing in the heaven/spiritual center for earth incarnations, the eggs are a spark, a part of our energy which goes on to have individual experiences. Earth can be looked at as source, where everything comes from.

Or otherwise, its like you say, this teacher from another experience simply decided to come in and play that role. He could be in disguise. It could just be another experience for him, from a totally different perspective.

Laron said...

PP, that discernment is likely to take more than one life to grow, to harness, to fine tune to a higher level. In some lives, the discernment may come easily, but then in others, it may be a lot harder as there are so many aspects involved. I also suspect that there is no sequence to this, it would come and go based on the life going on. The Astrology based makeup of the person will have a big impact. The actual time period, the location and setting, and so on, will have a strong influence.

It's not also very easy to focus on becoming a wise spiritual being when others around you are being set on fire at the stake and named as a witch or heretic, or when you are forced into the crusades to go and fight a religious war, or if you are a slave turned into a gladiator.. and so on... the time comes along in some lives, some experiences, where you have the opportunity to work on that side of your self.

Just because a person is living a life right now which may not seem spiritual, or the person may feel that they are lacking in that area in a general sense, this does not mean at all that the person doesn't already have a high level of progression up there at the next level, where the direct source of our essence here is from.

Another way to look at this, every single one of us is already a god, a creator being, we have already reached that level, even before we started trying to reach that level. Time... it brings in confusion and it makes us feel stuck and trapped, but... other parts of what makes us, us, are already there, if time is taken into consideration. This really is a game, in that sense.

A game where we have feelings, emotions, moods, and many senses to watch, examine and participate in the game with. This is what controls our experience of that game. If we were having a life on another planet in the Universe, we may not have the same senses, the same emotions, the same feelings that we have here. We may not even have free will in a number of those experiences, and our experiences could be set in stone while we think we have choices along the way of a particular experience.

But there are ways to help with discernment right now, and the quick answer there is simply to connect into spirit through enhancing your spiritual connection. This relates to eating healthy, living healthy such as keeping away from fluoride, toxins, chemicals, wi fi signals. Using crystals on your person, in your room, in your life. Daily meditation. Changing your thought patterns, moving away from negativity into a higher vibrational thought process. Etc.. once you clear your self in such ways, you start to feel and just know what is likely right and wrong. You don't need to listen to anyone, but when listening to someone you will just know if something feels right, or something feels wrong, and this will be more accurate based upon the state of your being in relation to all of these factors. This improves our connection to our guides, if we need guides at that point, and to the aspects of other parts of what makes us, us.

podsmagi said...

Hey Laron,

How kind of you to take time to give me an explanation. I am totally accepting of the experience as it was now....I no longer feel a need to understand everything and put experiences into their right framework. What IS IS

There was no doubt in my heart, it was instant soul recognition. I trust my heart wisdom......

Have a lovely break Laron.

Laron said...

Pod, sounds like me, I no longer feel those same needs to get right down there to find out the facts, as I just feel and know things now without having to ponder on them as much as I once did. My explanation may serve others looking in here.

And thanks Pod!

Ivan Lukačević said...

Last month i tried participating in a group healing and i took part by focusing on group outside of set time as it is too late for me. I didnt want to mention it because i wasnt sure im ready for it. Anyway, something very interesting happened which now corelates to this. I took my half hour to bind my focus to inner self and through it to Earth, Sun and Galaxy center. I got a visualisation of 2 pillars of energy flowing into my solar plexus/heart chakra. One came from Earth and was white light, kind of cut up into sequential full circles of energy which all were flowing towards me quite fast. The other came from, i presume, my higher self as it did not feel as coming from the Sun or maybe Galaxy. It was gold bright pillar, same appearance as one from Earth. Both were flowing in me and i suddenly got an immense rush, a surge of energy which was visualised as my heart center exploding in bursts of energy, like shock waves in hight of my heart to all around me. I have tried to focus the energy toward the group but i dont think i managed that very well. It was just too overwhelming and i snapped out of meditation with my heart pumping like crazy. Since then, that visualisation has kept coming to me with no trigger at all but without the energy surge and i have come to take it as my guides or higher self signal that it is a good time to send manifestation oriented thoughts and vibrations to the Source and my surroundings. Stay well everyone and KNOW it will be all alright! :)

Laron said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences there with us, Ivan.