Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Quick update about Lai's 4th and 5th QHHT sessions

I wanted to write up a quick article to report on Lai's fourth and fifth past life/in-between life QHHT based sessions that I conducted yesterday with him in Sydney. For those unaware, QHHT is the method that Dolores Cannon created and teaches, and also the method she used to obtain all the information throughout all of her books.

For those that have been following and are aware of Lai's past sessions which I have posted on transients here, you probably have been expecting even more important information to come through with any follow up sessions, especially after having such information came up in the third session about Jesus and Mary, Joan of Arc, the role the Pleiadians have played in human history and the detailed information around the shift in consciousness which included information on the ongoing delays and the confirmation around the time manipulation.

Some really important information came through yesterday in relation to many different areas and subjects, but most importantly, what really stood out was the information which discussed the shift in consciousness. I conducted two sessions with him yesterday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and in the afternoon session I dedicated a lot of time to the asking of questions relating to the status of the shift in consciousness, but not only that, I followed up with a number of answers, going down into the areas that were directly brought up and discussed, so that in the end a really good picture was formed that made a lot of sense.

This picture confirmed so much of what I have been personally saying on the site here in relation to the shift, including a lot of confirmations in relation to my article a few days back, 'The World is changing and the journey is what this is all about'. Most importantly though, a lot of info came through discussing the stages of spiritual development for souls on Earth and what stage people have reached at this point in time. I have had a number of people contact me lately based on them sensing a major shift in the energies and in their feelings of what is going on in the world, and in their lives, which connects directly up to some of the answers that were provided. Levels were given to the different stages of spiritual progression along with explanations of what each stage meant. What I mean here is that the discussion got into the spiritual progress of souls and explained that for those that can reach a certain stage during this time period right now, and up until January 2015, they will be making the shift when it occurs later on.

Yes, there are two parts to this which are separate to each other with relation to timing, but are all connected. This will be explained.

I could say a whole lot more, but then this article would become too long and you will read about it once I have transcribed the recording. There was a lot of advice given to help those who had reached the stage right now on how to continue their development from this point on. And this information is what I felt was critical to get out there to everyone, as this is what the shift is really about. The shift is a window, an opportunity for soul progression on an individual level and this is a very rare opportunity for those that have come into a life during this period of time. What makes this really rare is the the Earth is also making the shift right now as well.

One other thing I will mention in relation to that, is that there will be no more delays, we were told. September and October will be important months. It was confirmed that the global consciousness in relation to the spiritual progress, has increased enough now to a level that means that the actual physical earth changes which were required to occur, will not need to occur to the degree that were expected (i.e., the Global Coastal Event was a source providing us with some great information on what was expected in this regard, but it will never be this bad it seems, even though those main earth change events are yet to come). There was information provided on a time frame for the changes that are likely to occur, but for one of them, one of the larger changes, it may still be stopped, but in a positive way, not in a way that will cause any more delays.

Additionally I want to mention a few other topics of interest that came up.

  • I was doing some research earlier based upon the life of a being that Lai was shown. It was not an experience that he had any interaction with during the beings existence on Earth, but an example in relation to his life now on Earth and how he goes through certain feelings and experiences. I believe this being may have been either Bast or Sekhmet, which are Egyptian deities. Some really good information came up about this and I spent a good period of time covering it.
  • Lai was shown a past experience while planning for this life on Earth. This was a class of volunteer souls, and the class was designed just for volunteers. A lot of very important information came up that will be very helpful for volunteers out there to hear about this. I also spent a good amount of time on this. One of the topics covered was how volunteer souls have many more tough experiences in their Earth life in comparison to a standard Earth based soul which reincarnates over many lives. I found this really fascinating
  • I asked the question around my own past lives and if I had any 'imprints'. Imprints is a term Dolores Cannon gives for volunteer souls who take the memories and experiences from the lives lived of other Earth based souls, so they can more easily function during their life this time around, otherwise they would not have the ability to do what they need to do. An interesting answer came back and this information expands on what I have learnt through Dolores Cannon in regards to imprints. Some really great info here.
  • A number of readers sent in some questions which I got answered. I will be writing up and posting all the ones I had time to cover during the sessions. I put one of my own in around the CHANI Project, and the answer I got was really interesting, not long, but interesting none the less!
  • The topic of Nibiru came up and I jumped right in here and asked a lot of questions. It seems that Nibiru is playing a major role in this cycle and the changes going on, however, the role its playing is the opposite to what the public has been lead to believe. The role is very positive and connected into the spiritual consciousness shift, not into the Earth changes.

Well, that's most of what was covered, but there are a few other things I left out which I can't recall right now. I do think the information which came through within yesterdays sessions, is the most important so far in comparison to the past three sessions before that. I am keen to get the information written up on the shift, so I am thinking I will do two separate posts at this stage, with the shift based information first. It will probably take me around fifteen hours or more of work to write all of it up and put it together. I hope to get onto this ASAP.

On a personal note, which will be hard to put into words... it's a rare experience for a person to be able to facilitate these sessions and to talk directly with a collective consciousness, with Lai in a trance based state, which seems to be very unique(the grid beings/collective), and which I have been told I am a part of. I have found out personal based information throughout these sessions and I have had confirmations on certain things, including my life's purpose here. I have been told certain information which no one out there would likely believe, based upon my personal involvement in relation to the shift, and I mean not only what I have done here on Earth, but the other parts of me and what they have been up to. I have had some of these things confirmed by multiple outside sources which have had no connection to this situation.

It's a very special experience to be part of all of this for me, and to be able to help so many people and to know that I may just have been involved in some... rather impacting and positive changes. I am a very humble person, naturally, not by effort, so even though I know certain things, things I wouldn't bother telling many people since they would roll their eyes, give a big frown and not even understand or even consider what I am saying... I seem to remain humble about all of it. And I know what its like to be purely and truly humble, based upon a plant medicine experience while I was in Peru which some of you may have read about on here.

I know my opinion is important to some of you and you are probably wondering what my thoughts are around all of this information being accurate, since I am just the facilitator here, the messenger in a sense.

I believe that in the world today, the most accurate method of obtaining such information is through hypnosis based regression. But, the source being contacted is also a key element. A lot of methods don't go past the spirit world, where guides and councils of elders are communicated with in relation to finding questions. With QHHT, the higher self is usually the source for such information. Otherwise its a collective consciousness of multiple beings based upon the origin of the soul, and this circumstance usually applies just to volunteer souls from what I understand. These are also key elements to the technique, but there is one more key element.

Most regression methods do not take the client into a trance based state, where QHHT does. In my opinion, this enhances the vibrational connection and provides a direct connection to the source, so there is much less chance of information being... tainted from outside influences, such as mind interference, thoughts, beliefs (including religious) and so on. I will leave it at that, I think you understand my points here.

You can find Lai's past QHHT based sessions below,
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Thank you and Lai so much for doing this work. I feel like it is part of your purpose in helping to raise the consciousness of humanity. You both are so much appreciated.

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I feel an amazing emotion by reading your writing Laron. I thank you for facilitating the messages to us. Thanks to both of you.

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Great stuff. Looking forward to the session article.

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This all sounds wonderful! I feel like I have a million questions but I'm not sure where to even begin. I guess I'll just have to wait for the full article. I also agree that this blog and you facilitateing these messages is sooo important. Thank you!!!

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With deep gratitude to both Laron and Lai for all the hard work done, your volunteering to do all your assignments is outstanding. I would love to give and share any information ... freely on any QHHT sessions like L & L are doing but I have not been able to find someone near me to do that as I don't have a driving license. Am looking forward to reading your posts, Laron and Lai. Sending bright Reiki blessings your way.

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Thank you, Laron and Lai. I can't wait to read it :D

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I can't wait for the full article! The previous sessions have been great. Thank you Laron for collecting and sharing all the important information, it's an important job. I've really learned to like this blog and visit it seval times a day. :)

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Chomping at the bit with bated breath on the edge of my seat!!! ;p What a wonderful opportunity this must be, to take part in something so deeply significant... Much gratitude for this Laron <3