Monday, August 4, 2014

Ocean X Team runs into some weather over the Baltic Sea Anomoly

On the 13th of July, 2014, Dennis Asberg did a video update on what was going on with the Baltic Sea Anomaly investigation.

Dennis mentioned in this update that they plan to take new samples when they return with their divers and to look at a hole they have found, among a few other things. The plan he said was to return in Summer. (Summer Northern Hemisphere, which is June 21 to September 23rd) He mentioned they have a lot of other projects and that they need to keep going with them so that they can make money to continue on with their work.

He mentioned that there are quite a few secrets in relation to the Baltic Sea Anomaly which he can not go into.

It looks like Ocean X Team returned to the Baltic Sea Anomaly very recently as Dennis Asberg posted this video below on YouTube four days ago.

The video shows the Ocean X Team's vessel running into some very bad weather, including lightning and a twister while over the site of the Baltic Sea Anomaly. 

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