Friday, August 1, 2014

Missing items that reappear

Lyn over at Focus Sessions just did a reading on a question that a person asked about in relation to what happens to items that just disappear and show up at another point in time, right out of the blue.

I have a different answer to what Lyn had come through and I will share that here and then link to Lyn's reading once I am done.

I strongly believe that in those situations where an item has disappeared, and not because of us forgetting where we placed it and it's sitting somewhere or was knocked down somewhere, or if someone may have taken it, but it has actually disappeared from our existence here, that this is sometimes a result of our guides or a loved one that has passed on, manipulating the energy and vibration of that item so that we can no longer see it.

Why would they do this? There would be a number of different reasons as our guides play a larger role than many of us realise. One reason could be that that item may be related to a person that we recently lost who wants to make contact. It could be a sign that they are there with us. Another reason could be that we are not meant to have access to that item within that moment, the timing is not right, as that item may take us down the path of getting ourselves into trouble or changing the future in a way that is not meant to be changed.

Another example I always remember which Dolores Cannon spoke of, is that her tapes that she uses to record all her regression sessions sometimes go missing. She says they turn up years later and she knows that this is because the information on them were not meant to be written or spoken about until that time. I believe she has also asked about this with her sessions and got a similar answer. She has been told directly not to discuss some information until a later date, or not at all, but I also think the missing item situation makes a lot of sense here as well.

While we loose things all the time, on rare occasion an item is just gone, completely, and this is rare when it is actually gone for no reason we can understand, no matter how hard we search for it, this is when I think there is a much more interesting reason for it's disappearance... I don't believe there is as much randomness as most of us think there is in the world.

You can find Lyn's reading here where she talks about time slips in relation to missing items,

Have you ever had an item that just disapeared completely, with no sensible or sound reason, but later showed up again, out of the blue... which may relate to what has been discussed here? Let us know about your experiences via the comments here if you like.

Some people have items that appear, which don't even belong to them, and I think this also may connect in to some of the reasons why items go missing.


Fantastic Fox said...

Yes it it has happened to me several times and to my family members. Sometimes it's just impossible to find a certain thing and then it just somehow magically pops out of nowehere. Some people actually ask help from fairies or guardian spirits and they sometimes help to manifest the items back again, unless they are meant to be hidden. Of course sometimes we just forget things in the strangest of places.

Laron said...

That is an idea, ask for the item to come back!

"I want that blue pen, it was my favorite and no other blue pen will replace it, so please bring it back now!" =)

I know some people who have had feathers that appear out of nowhere in front of them.

I have heard many stories about Sai Baba (when he was alive) in India, produce items out of thin air including vibhuti. Some of these stories were first hand experiences from family members of mine who have had one on one meetings with him. If avatars can do this, so can guides I believe.

Some astral travelers have got to the stage where they can pinch a person while consciously astral projecting. They have been able to manipulate the physical environment in other ways... there are many bits and pieces of info out there which point towards all this making sense with relation to items going missing.

Tyche1 said...

It's happened to me as well. I had one item (a gift from my daughter) disappear for years and then it suddenly reappeared. I have no idea how it actually got there. Any more I ask for help finding the item. Sometimes, though, I think my guides are just having some fun.